Where’d Ya Park The Car

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Where’d Ya Park The Car? Posted on 03/10/2010
The first hardcore photoshoot

Happened mid summer in 2007, Morgan Mae and I had never met before but we were both familiar with each others photos and had talked on the phone, she told me she was excited.
That year lazerbunny headquarters was in a space that overlooked downtown center city Philadelphia, with 10 foot windows overlooking the suits as they would walk in a row, and sometimes you would see one break away or walk against the grain of traffic. It was then, that you would see the others break their downward stares to take notice of the rogue wave.

Pinky Lee visited that morning, bursting in with her bike and her eyeliner smeared across her face. She is very fast on her bike, it’s as if she is still continuing the fast paced movement for at least 7 minutes after her ride is over.
I told Pinks that Morgan Mae was due for shooting that afternoon, she was excited. “Have you ever seen her get fucked in a scene?” she asked. “Nope.” I said, and then thought that was odd. Pinky always has the dish on all the gossip, she’s like a retro switchboard operator that knows who’s who and what’s what by little pieces of information picked up “here and there”.

Here and there for Pinky Lee meant, between shoots..some gossip and whatever she felt like blowing the story out of proportion with details that were questionable; but usually included vaginas so I was more open to hearing them.
“You know Morgan Maes first scene was a Hardcore Double Penetration scenen when she was 18?” she blurted..and looked at me with her wide eyes, awaiting something like a gasp, or a hard on to emerge from my pants in satisfaction of this thought. “No, I didn’t.” furthermore, I needed coffee and it was only 10am. “Yeah it was her birthday present to herself, she was still in high school I think, it’s on facial abuse.”

Again, the “look” from Pinks was that of “I know this is awesome, you know this is awesome.. isn’t that awesome?”
Yes, it is awesome. And it was awesome, and it will be awesome forever.

I got coffee, about half way through the cup and a few cigarettes later, it hit me. If in fact, that were true.. the happy little silly girl that has a kind of school girl appeal is a genius. Later that day, she pulled up in her little pink car decked to out with Hello Kitty everything.. seat covers, stereo face, console covers, liscense plate cover. Everything.
Morgan Mae emerged from the car..and before we even left the parking garage she was unzipping my pants in the Stairwell To Heaven.

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