Wife Enjoys Nude Sunbathing in Public Part Three

…Continued from Part 2

“Ah fuck, atta girl,” he gasped with pleasure. “I thought you would never cave in and grab that thing.”

“Oh, you like that?” she purred sexily as she started pulling on his swollen member.

“Dorothy!” exclaimed Bob in shock. “What’s gotten into you?”

“I don’t know, honey,” she said apologetically, tugging away on this other guy’s cock the entire time. “I just … Jesus, he’s as hard as a fucking rock. And it’s purple for Christ’s sake! I mean, who has a fucking purple penis?” She laughed weakly, averting her eyes from the stunned expression on her husband’s face, as she continued to work the frat boy’s tool.

The frat boys laughed raucously and crowded in closer. “This is awesome!” muttered the guy who was jerking himself as he watched.

The leader looked over at Bob and said, “Pardon me, Bob,” and he swung a leg over Dorothy so that he was straddling her with is cock in her face. She just broke out laughing hysterically.

“Oh my God, you are really going for it!” she exclaimed happily.

“Care to suck a purple penis?” he asked casually as he reached behind him and started exploring her twat with his fingers. Bob looked on in dismay as his wife hungrily thrust her hips upward in response to the frat boy’s fingering and simultaneously took his cock into her mouth and started sucking it urgently.

“Man, look at your wife going to town on Joey’s rod, Bob,” said one of the frat boys with a laugh. “It’s like she hasn’t had a dick in ages.”

“Shut the fuck up,” said Bob numbly as he looked on in shock.

“Ok, that’s enough, honey,” said Joey pulling his thing away.

Dorothy gripped it and didn’t want to let go. “I want more,” she pleaded. Her eyes shining with lust.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to put it in you now,” he said tenderly. The frat boy turned and gave Bob a cocky smirk as Bob sat staring open mouthed at the site of his wife refusing to let go of this douchebag’s penis. Then the frat boy deftly squat-thrusted into a missionary position and dropped down between Bob’s wife’s legs. He grabbed his dick and nudged the head gently between Dorothy’s labia, moving it up and down her slit to get it lubricated. “She’s real wet,” he told Bob confidentially.

“Don’t tease,” whined Dorothy, her cheeks flushed and eyes burning with lust. “Put it in me,” she begged, avoiding her husband’s glare guiltily.
The cocky frat boy thrust his hips down, smoothing plunging his stiff prick into Dorothy’s hot sodden snatch. She gasped with pleasure and wrapped her arms around his back eagerly.

“See, you like that, don’t you?” he asked her.

“Yeah, it’s real hard,” she admitted, her wits dulled by lust.

“Take that!” he grunted as he started pumping his thing in and out of Bob’s wife. She clung to him making little whimpering sounds of passion. He turned to Bob and panted, “Oh man, your wife’s pussy is so fucking tight, it’s awesome!” Bob couldn’t take any more and jumped up. Bob was about to give the frat boy a kick, but one of his buddies intervened.

“Hey, I know how you must feel,” said the frat boy sidekick interposing himself between Bob and the fornicating couple. He continued in a surprisingly compassionate tone. “But you should just let him do her at this point. Look how into it she is.”

Bob paced back and forth in frustration as the leader drilled his wife on the blanket they laid out just an hour before. A group of teenagers was gathered on the path watching in fascination. Suddenly Bob’s wife cried out in ecstasy as she entered the throes of climax. Bob looked over to see the frat boy pull out and spill load after load of hot sperm all over her soft white belly. She jerked his cock to help him finish and looked over at Bob with an apologetic expression. ”Sorry honey,” she said to Bob with chagrin.

Just then the guy jerking off while he watched knelt down by her side and shot a load right into her face.

“Jesus christ!” she said, punching him in the gut angrily. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

The guy fell back on his ass laughing. “What? Are you going to get all picky now? You just fucked my buddy without even knowing his name.”

“I didn’t know his name, but he had the balls to whip his junk out and take control of the situation. You’re just a fucking peanut in the gallery, jerking your pud,” she replied angrily, wiping his cum from her face. “I don’t want your fucking jizz on me.”

All the frat boys laughed uproariously at this and the leader got up and gave his buddy a swift kick in the ribs. “She told you off, Patterson. That was epic. I love this lady.” He went and found his shorts and pulled them on. “Ok, we are out of here,” he said, bending down to give Dorothy a kiss on the cheek. “See you later gorgeous, thanks for the shag. You were amazing.”

“You too, purple penis man,” said Dorothy with a laugh.

Joey turned to Bob and held out his hand, “Hey, no hard feelings, huh, bro?”

Bob just slapped his hand away in anger and turned his back on him. Joey shrugged his shoulders and helped Patterson to his feet.

“That kick really hurt, bro,” complained Patterson.

Joey just punched him in the arm as hard as he could in response.

“Ow, what was that for?” yelped Patterson.

“That’s for taking liberties with my woman,” said Joey with a laugh as the group walked away. Bob gritted his teeth in anger that this douchebag was calling Dorothy “his woman.”

Just at that moment a policeman pushed through the crowd of teenagers and strode casually over to where Dorothy was laying, naked and covered in cum.

“Hello, officer,” she said laconically. “Can we help you?”

“You can help everyone by putting some clothes on. I’m going to have to take you two in for public indecency,” said the policeman, shaking his head sternly.

“Oh, I don’t know her officer, I was just passing by,” said Bob, thinking quickly. As he walked away he heard Dorothy screech in complaint behind him. He only felt a little guilty about it. Maybe she deserved a night in jail for cheating on him like that.

The End


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