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It was the 4th of July block party and it seemed like the whole half of the city was on that little ass street ! LOL I got lost in the crowd when everyone started going crazy when Ayy Ladies came on and I somehow bumped into you. It had been a year since we had last saw each other and you’ve changed- in a good way. You’re shirt was off because you had been in a water balloon fight. You asked me to join since I had on a bikini under my white T-shirt and shorts, so I said sure. I stripped down and the war began. I GOT SOAKING WET ! You offered for me to go into your house to dry off and I accepted. I went into the bathroom to look for the towels when I heard the door shut and lock. I turned around and there you were, with this lustful, crazy look in your eyes I had never seen before. And on the low, I kinda liked it.  You pick me up and put me on the sink. Amazingly, in one quick motion, you take off my bikini top and began to suck on my nipples. Simotaneously, you had pulled my bottoms down and was fingering me with two fingers……HEAVEN! I was trying to keep my moans down because there was people downstairs cooking and stuff, but he could tell I was going to cum. “Hold it!” he whispered, so I did. By then I was soaking wet so he pulled his 9” dick out and pushed it in with one hard thrust; I was going to scream but you kissed me so that I would be quiet. We fucked for like 10 minutes until you pulled out and came in the toilet. I put my bathing suit back on and opened the door. “Nice seeing you again, Jay” he said. I turned my head and said “Same here”, winked, and walked out.

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