Rainy Night In Georgia

Rainy Night In Georgia
The moon was covered with clouds, and the stars were all in hiding. Rain was pouring down again, which seems to be an every night thing lately! I was driving home, and was only a few miles away from home on this deserted two-lane blacktop road, when I came upon a car with the flashers on. I pulled up to the side of the car and rolled the passenger window down. The driver was a young lady rain soaked from head to toe; she rolled her window down. I asked if she needed help, and she said yes, her car had quit running, and she had no service on her cell phone. I told her in this area nobody has service, but if she wanted to, she could hop in and I would give her a ride to my house, it was only about two miles up the road. To my surprise, she accepted my offer.

When she got in she said her name was Wendy. I asked her why she wasn’t scared to jump in a car with a stranger? She just laughed and said she was more scared to be on the side of the road by herself. I drove to my house where my wife wasn’t home yet; she was still working when I left. I showed her the telephone and she made a call, then expressed dismay that her friend couldn’t come until tomorrow. I told her we had a guest room she was welcome to use until her help could get here. I then showed her the room, I also gathered up some night clothes belonging to my wife. She gave me a hug and thanked me, and then went into the guest room where I heard the water in the shower running.

I built a fire in the fireplace and started warming the place up a little. When she came out she hugged me again and said she wasn’t sure how she could ever repay me.

About that time I heard my wife Carrie say, “I bet he can find a way for you to repay him!”

Wendy then jumped away and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that!”

Carrie told her, “That’s ok! I meant it like that! And it gets pretty boring around here sometimes with just him and me, so I’m glad you’re here while this storm is going on!”

Carrie then walked over and gave Wendy a hug and when she did she started rubbing Wendy’s ass. Wendy put her lips to Carrie’s and started kissing her, and I could see them tongue kissing, and I could feel blood being pumped into the head of my cock just from watching these two kiss! This was getting hot! Carrie started rubbing Wendy’s ass, and when she did Wendy started doing the same to Carrie! Carrie then reached up and pulled Wendy’s gown over her shoulders and it fell to the floor reviling her full tits, and then I noticed her shaved cunt! And in my head I was thinking, two shaved cunts? In one house? And ALL to myself! It just doesn’t get any better then this!

I watched them get Carrie undressed, and then Wendy sat on the foot stool with her legs opened as Carrie moved in for her cunt. When Carrie started sucking and licking Wendy’s cunt, Wendy laid back on the chair, stretched out enjoying a great licking! I then quickly removed my clothes and got behind Carrie, who was very busy giving Wendy her cunt licking, and started rubbing Carrie’s cunt from behind; it was near dripping with love juice. I inserted two fingers and I heard her moan really loud and I guess Wendy must have enjoyed the moan on her cunt because she let out a moan also! I continued to diddle my fingers in and out and around Carrie’s cunt, I could feel the wetness getting more intense and the walls of her cunt opening up as she started moaning. Her moans almost turned into a scream from the orgasm she had, causing a chain reaction so Wendy started moaning heavy and they both came at the same time!

Wendy sat up and gently pushed Carrie to the floor and got between her legs and started working her cunt over! I was feeling left out, so I got behind Wendy and slid up as close to her as I could and started inserting my cock into her cunt as she was sucking and licking Carrie’s Cunt! I began pumping and I heard the girls moaning. I started pumping harder and then I felt the exciting chill of my cum building up, as it slowly worked its way from my balls to the head of my cock, I then exploded inside Wendy’s cunt, and about the same time, Carrie came from Wendy licking her cunt.

After Carrie got through cumming, she motioned for me to back away, and she turned Wendy around and started sucking my cum from her cunt. This made Wendy cum with load moans and near screams! Carrie told me to get her Bag of Joy, which contains all her sex toys; I retrieved it as Carrie continued sucking Wendy’s cunt. Carrie reached in and got out her favorite purple dildo, sat on the floor and started inserting it into her cunt, she looked at Wendy and said you wanna help fuck me? Wendy got down and started working the dildo in and out of Carrie’s cunt as if she was well experienced at this type of love making! I was pretty much spent so I just sat and watched as the two girls went through the night fucking, sucking and cumming. I would join in when I could! But I guess I’m no porn star, and can’t stay hard for eight hours straight! But I sure enjoyed the show! But I sure can’t think of a better way to spend a Rainy Night in Georgia!

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