Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

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You wake up to the smell of pancakes and bacon, and open your eyes only to see an empty bed. You frown, but know that I’m in the kitchen cooking. You don’t bother to put your shorts on, hoping to give me a good surprise. You walk into the kitchen and I look up from the stove. “Good morning, handsome!” I smile and my gaze moves down your naked body. I glance back up at you, bite my lip, and turn around to show you that I’m wearing nothing under my apron. You chuckle and come up behind me, pressing up against me and running your hands down my sides. I turn my head and moan into your ear, pushing back against your warm skin. You kiss my cheek and leave a trail down to my shoulder, all while your hands move down to my hips and across my stomach, pulling me as close as you can.

I can feel your cock harden and press on my ass, and I grind back on it. You growl into my neck and bite me softly. “Baby…” I can barely get the word out before you turn me around, pick me up, and set my on the counter. I spread my legs and wrap them around you, pulling you into me. I can feel the electricity in the air between us, both wanting the other; needing to be touched. Your hands wrap around my waist, tickling the bottom of my spine, and I squirm a little. “That tickles,” I pout. You look at me and grin. “Good.”

Your hands move to the front of my body, fingertips tracing my curves from my collarbone down to my belly button. I can’t help but gasp when your fingers begin to softly move over the outside of my pussy. They run up and down my pussy lips and then up to circle my clit, teasing me. You slip a finger into my pussy and slowly move it in and out. I move my hips to feel you deeper inside me. “Mmh, baby, your pussy is so wet.” You kneel down and lick my clit, and I moan. You start to suck on my clit as your finger moves in and out of me faster and harder. My eyes close and I let my body lose control to your touch and command. Your tongue slips inside my pussy, tasting my juices. You can feel me get closer and closer to orgasm, so you slip two fingers in and finger me hard. You can feel my pussy tighten but don’t stop. My back arches and I grab your hair, my hips bucking and my senses on fire. I moan your name as I cum, and you feel it dripping down your hand. As my body is still shaking, you lick up my juices, wanting to taste all of me. “Fuck…baby…god that feels so good. Mmh, just fuck me already.”

I slide off the counter and you turn me around and bend me over, spreading my legs and holding my arms behind me. You tease my pussy with the head of your cock, rubbing it around the outside of my lips. I arch my back, trying to feel you inside of me. “Please, baby. I need it…” As I beg, you slam your cock all the way inside of me and start fucking me hard. You can feel my pussy grabbing at your cock, trying to keep you inside me. I moan and you lean over my body and whisper in my ear, “Shh, darling. Not a sound.” With every thrust into me, my body shakes and writhes. You can feel my body tensing up, so you slow down before I can cum. I open my mouth to protest, but remember that I’m not allowed to speak, so I just press my ass against your hips, attempting to let you know I wanted more. All you do is slow down more, watching my glistening body writhe as the passion builds up. I feel as if I could explode, and just when I can’t take it for a single second longer, you drive your cock into me as hard as you can and fuck me senseless. I cum over and over on your cock, and with orgasm, you fuck me harder and push deeper into. I lose count of how many times I came, and keep riding the waves of orgasm.

I can’t help but scream your name as I cum over and over, and just as I feel that I can’t take anymore, you groan and cum inside me, filling my pussy. We stay there for a few seconds, just breathing and coming down from the high. You lean over me and kiss my cheek, then whisper in my ear, “You know I’ll have to punish you later?” I squirm underneath you, and you chuckle. “Darling, you spoke when I told you to be quiet, and you burned breakfast!”

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