Fundraiser at a mansion in the Hills

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“Another Friday night – another fundraiser…”, I thought as I drove to Ted’s
house. I was starting to become accustomed to going to these events even though secretly I hated them. I guess I kept waiting to go to one that turned out to be more than the usual boring old black tie party with the same old tired drinks and mingling. I didn’t mind helping out with a charity but I
really hated the feeling of obligation that I’d grown used to feeling whenever
I got those phone calls that always started off with someone telling me how
impressed they were at all of my charitable donations and asking me if I were
free the next weekend.

I suppose I should have been more open to going to those events but I was
really just a lonely man. I was looking for someone to spend time with and
those events were full of older women and married couples – neither were my
type. Since Shannon a couple of years earlier I just hadn’t been able to find
someone that I really clicked with either sexually or personality-wise. The
sexual part was very important to me as I was a very sexual person – but I
also believed that chemistry starts with how good of a friend the woman can
be. I hadn’t found anyone that I wanted to spend time with yet.

I pulled into the circle of Ted’s home on a hill overlooking the valley. He
was CEO of a medical supply company and had done very well for himself with
his 23 year old former model wife and his 6,000 sqaure foot mansion both
proving it. He was a nice guy and a good friend to all and I was happy to
help him out no matter how tiring it became.

“There he is!”, yelled Ted gleefully from the front door as I handed the keys
and a few bills to the valet. His wife smiled curtly next to him as she
looked both absolutely stunning and disinterested at the same time.

I smiled as I walked up to him, hand extended. “You know you really are
letting this place go. How about you letting me have the East Wing and I’ll
do your gardening and pool work. You’ll still have plenty of room for you and

He laughed heartily. “Knowing you – you mean that, too.”

“Hey – anything has to be easier than running my company.”

“True, true… Well – come on in!”, he said as we walked to the door.

Upon entering I surveyed the landscape. Yep. Just as I expected – the same
people. The same food. The same atmosphere. The same everything. I wanted
to sigh and hang my head in disappointment but I just forced a grin and said,
“WOW! This looks great! I think you’ve topped yourself this time…”

“Nah! You always say that but I’m sure you get tired of these things, huh?”

“Of course not – I always love helping out. I think I’ll mingle a bit, OK?”

“Sure – just don’t run off too far. I want to get you to say a few words
towards the end if you could.”

With that I was off. Which corner was I to hide in for the next little while?
The buffet area was full. The pool area was full. It looked as if I might be
able to get lost around the piano so I moved that way, stopping ever so often
along the way to shake hands and trade the same old tired cliches.

I grabbed a drink and tried to fade into the noisy background of requests for
the pianist and loud conversation around me. All of a sudden, there she was.
She came in through the front door and stopped at the top of the stairs as if
surveying the room. Almost immediately the noisy din quieted audibly to a
mixture of “Oooohs” and frantic whispering as people tried to find out who she

I knew I’d never seen her before – I would definately have remembered that
meeting. She was tall – probably 5’10” in her 4″ strappy heels. With her
hair up and her long, red formal gown she was as perfect a specimen as I’d
ever seen. With full, rich ruby lips and that low-cut gown showing off what
had to be her DD breasts she was the very definition of a knockout.

I tried not to watch her as she came down the stairs and spoke with a few
people. I tried not to watch her as she walked over to the buffet and ate a
couple of bites of fine caviar. I tried not to watch her as she slithered
seductively over to Ted and obstensibly thanked him for inviting her to the
fundraiser. It was worth it to see the look on his wife as she realized that
she had just been severly upstaged in her own house.

But I could not help but watch her as she glanced around for a moment and
slipped out the back door towards the pool. I casually made my way over to
the door and stepped outside into the cool night air. I didn’t see her around
the pool but I knew that Ted had a small deck on a plateau down the hill from
the pool that wasn’t visible from the house. I figured that if she wasn’t
there I’d just hide out there for a little while just to get away from

I slipped around to the stone pathway leading down to the deck and made my way
down the hill. As I came around the corner of a hewn stone wall I saw her
sitting on the deck with her head down. I cleared my throat as I walked up to
her so as not to startle her. “Excuse me – it’s much too nice a night for you
to be down here by yourself. May I join you?”

She looked up with a smile. “Sure – that party is way too much for me right
now. Way too crowded. I’d rather sit out here for a while.”

“Yeah – I’m not a big fan of the crowds either. I’d rather sit around with a
few friends and swap stories than to try to fake being excited at a larger

“Yeah – yeah – me, too. I’m sorry… I don’t even know your name…”

“It’s Chris. And you are?”

“I’m Alexis.”, she said as she extended her hand. I kissed it softly as she
continued. “My uncle is best friends with Ted and he invited me to this thing
tonight. I’m pretty new in town and don’t know a lot of people, so I was
hoping to see some friendly faces in there.”

“Sometimes the faces just meld together, huh? Those are good people in there
but it probably can be quite intimidating for someone that doesn’t know
anyone, don’t you think?”

She smiled as she replied, “Quite intimidating to say the least. Now.. if I
had someone to introduce me to a few people then it might not be so bad, huh?”

“Yeah – but where are you going to find someone? I mean – you don’t know
anyone, right? Where oh where…”

“Arggghh! Are you going to make me ask you?” she said with a delicious grin
on her beautiful face.

I stuck my tongue out at her as I replied in my best high-pitched southern
drawl, “Maybe – a girl likes to be asked once in a while!”

She laughed heartily at my clumsy attempt at humor. Man, did she EVER laugh -
a perfect laugh to match the perfect woman? Nah – I’d eventually find out
that she had 6 toes or was just out of prison or…

“Well? I’m waiting!”, she said as she stood up and extended her arm. I
cradled her arm in mine and we walked back up the hill to the party. We spent
the next hour walking around as I introduced her to everyone I knew. I
enjoyed the whispers and stares from everyone as I felt like I’d just become a
celebrity for having walked back into the party with her.

Eventually Alexis whispered to me that she’d like to get some fresh air. We
walked out the side door away from the pool and into Ted’s courtyard. I led
her over to the fountain that bubbled happily there and we sat down on the
bench to take in the stars and the peaceful night. “Are you cold?”m I asked
her as I took off my jacket and put it around her shoulders.

“Maybe a bit – thank you.” She licked her lips
a bit as she crossed her legs
towards me. “So – what’s your story? Single?”

“Yep. Very single. I keep meeting Hungarian women who can really cook but I
have a thing about being with women who can snap me in half!”

She giggled as she said, “Well, I c
an’t cook and I don’t think I could beat
you up – so what chance do I have?”

“I’d say you’ve got the best chance of anyone I’ve ever met”, as I took her
hand and kissed it lightly. It was difficult not to push her as I was
sexually charged from her gown and the seductive way she carried herself. She
seemed to exude sexuality and I got the sense from her that she could devour a
man whole if she wanted to as she knew what she looked like and could use it
to her full advantage.

“Hey – that was good. You say that to all the pretty ladies”, she said as she
batted her eyes in mock innocence.

“Oh, no ma’am. You’re powerful good-looking – and I’m powerful drawn to you -
I ain’t never felt like this before!”, I said gruffly in my best Yosimite Sam

She cackled as she replied, “I do declare – I think this young man has taking
a likin’ to little ole me…”

I loved the way she carried herself. I loved the way she looked – the way she
smelled and tossed her hair as she turned her head. She was amazing. I
decided to take a chance. I brushed her hair back from her face with one hand
as I clutched her hand with the other. I kissed her hand again as I said
softly, “You are just too much – just amazing – just so… perfect. How are
you not here with someone? If you were with me I would want to go wherever
you go…”

“Just lucky I guess. I… don’t do well with relationships, I guess. I tend
to… well… be a little bit short-term. But, you… I’ve really enjoyed
this evening.”

“Well, thank you – but what do you mean short-term?”

“I… I… guess I have a bit of an addictive personality…”, she said

Well – there it was. She must have some sort of substance abuse problem or
some strange quirks for her to say that. My heart fell as I asked, “What do you mean?”

“I like… certain things. A lot. And long-term relationships haven’t been
one of the things that I like a lot.”

“What do you like?”

“I guess – well, I guess I’ll just come right out and say it…” She leaned
close to me and placed her hand on my thigh. “I’m kind of addicted to sex. I
guess you could say I’m a nympho…”

THAT is not what I was expecting – I had to play this very cooly. “You say
that like it’s a bad thing – I kind of have those same tendancies. Just don’t
enjoy relationships as much as sex. Tend to put sex above other things when
first meet someone – that sort of thing. Sound familiar?”

“Yes. Yes it does. It really does sound like what I feel a lot of times.”
She traced a tiny circle on my thigh as she moistened her lips again and asked
me, “What do we do now? I saw you as I came in and hoped I’d get a chance to
meet you tonight. I’ve really been thinking about going somewhere else where
we can get a little more acquainted…”

“Why do we have to go anywhere? That’s a big house in there…”

“Yes, but all of the doors leading to the other side of the house are locked.
Plus I don’t want to get in trouble.”

“Trouble? What could happen? No one will be in there – all of the staff are
helping out with the party – and I know how we can get in there. The service
entrance is never locked and we can go through the kitchen to the back steps.
Trust me – there’s a lot of trouble to get into up there but no one will find
us. Have you ever screwed someone anywhere you weren’t supposed to be?”

“Oh, yes – I just – I mean, my uncle and…”

I pressed my finger up against her lips. “Sssshhhh… don’t worry about it.”
I cupped her breast with my loose hand and slid a finger inside her gown to
brush against her nipple. She moaned softly as I held her chin and pulled her
towards me. We kissed each other for what seemed like an eternity as we
explored each other in the darkness. When we couldn’t stand it another minute
I stood up and took her hand. “This way…”, I said softly.

She stood up and we walked around the corner of the house to the servents
quarters. Alexis slipped off her heels as we slipped in the door next to the
kitchen and, as I expected, no one was around. We walked quickly to the back
stairs and slipped up them quietly. On the second floor she stopped for a
moment to put her shoes back on and we walked down the main hall. I knew
where the main guest room was and we headed in that direction. That room was
a full suite with a living area and a grand bathroom and bedroom with a giant
four-poster bed. “In here…”, I whispered.

We slipped inside the room and I walked over to the window to close the
drapes. I turned around and Alexis was standing with her back against the
door and her arms over her head in a ridiculously sexy pose. She slithered
over to me and we clutched each other in a mad embrace. We kissed
passionately as we melted into each other slowly. Eventually she pushed me
down on the bed and said, “I’m going to make sure you never forget this
night…” I was pretty sure that night was already going to be tattooed on my
brain but now I wondered just how magical it could get.

She begin to slowly slip out of her gown. She slid one strap off her shoulder
and then another as she danced to no music at all. She knelt down in front of
me and unzipped my pants as she slipped my cock out of them and into her
wanton mouth. She was an expert as she gave me the best blow job I’d ever
had. I leaned my head back in ecstacy as she brought me to the brink of
climax again and again before slowing down and prolonging her pleasure.

“Now your turn…”, I said as I stood up. I took her hand and lifted her to
her feet before picking her up. She wrapped her legs around me as I kissed
her and turned around to lie her gently on the bed. I spread her legs and saw
that she was wearing no panties as I began to slowly lick her sweet pussy lips
and tease her by occasionally brushing against her clit. I eventually began
lapping at her firmly and took her clit into my mouth as she began to come
while I quickly flicked my tongue across it as I filled her dripping wet pussy
with my fingers. I felt her convulse over and over as I continued to work
over her clit and thrust in and out of her.

Finally she began to calm down a bit and sat up on the bed. “I want you to
fuck me now. I want your big cock inside me now. Please?”

I was more than happy to oblidge her as I removed my tux and she slipped off
her gown. We spent the next hour fucking like animals in every position we
could think of. I came quickly as she had nearly swallowed my load before.
Then I settled in and reamed her for all I was worth as I took her from
behind. She then wanted to ride me while facing away from me and then wanted
to go to the missionary position for a while. She came a few more times and
then finally I could stand it no longer and blew one last load on her as I
pulled out of her. She sucked the last few drops from my quivering member and
I collapsed next to her on the bed.

“Wow… you’re simply amazing.”

“You were, too lover. Mmmm… I’ve been waiting since I moved out here to
get fucked like that. You were just awesome…”

She got cleaned up and we spent the next few minutes kissing and getting
dressed to go back down to the party. We snuck down the stairs and back
outside to the pool area. “Where have you BEEN!”, yelled Ted. “I’ve been
looking all over for you! I wanted you to stand with me and say a few words,

Argh! I forgot! “Of course I remembered – I was just getting to know ALexis
here. I understa
nd that you already know her?”

“Yes – she’s my buddies little niece. She’s an angel huh?”

“Oh, she’s an angel alright. Fluttering down from heaven – I’m glad I got to
catch her tonight.”

Alexis blushed slightly as we walked back inside. She stood nea
r the front
of the group as I walked up to the podium with Ted. He spoke for a few
minutes about his passion for tonight’s environmental cause and then I took
the podium at his urging.

I took a moment to look at Alexis as she grinned ever so slightly.

“You know – these benefits can be so boring.” A few gasped in the crowd as I
continued. “They can be so much of a pain to get to and they take time out of
your free time that’s usually too little and precious to begin with. But it’s
all about the cause, don’t you think? Ted’s passion for Glendale Park is
palpable and I hope you all feel it tonight. He’s put a lot of time and
effort into trying to get that piece of land restored because it’s the right
thing to do. I know I’ve enjoyed tonight – haven’t you?”

Everyone responded with light applause as I had a devilish idea…

“We face a lot of challenges in getting this done. But these are challenges I
want to mount myself, are you with me?” Alexis was grinning now as I
continued. “No matter how hard it is – no matter how long it takes, I want to
mount this challenge. I want to drive it hard and fast and make sure that
they know that I’ve been there. And when they vote on restoring that park
it’ll be the best climax in the world.”

Everyone clapped amid a chorus of people yelling “Here here…” and
“Attaboy…”. I glanced to look at Alexis but she wasn’t there. Where could
she have gone? I stepped away and shook Ted’s hand as I tried to figure out
where she…

Wait a minute. I knew *exactly* where she was.

Twenty minutes later I opened the door to the bedroom I had been in with Alexis.
I slipped inside and closed the door softly behind me. Lying on the bed in
her gorgous red gown was Alexis. “I knew you’d come back… I’ve got a
surprise for you…”

“What’s the surpr… HEY!”, I cried as I felt a pair of hands begin to rub my
shoulders. I wheeled around to see a beautiful young woman wearing a lacy
animal print bra and thong set and a pair of towering black heels.

“I heard you fuck like a stallion. You wanna go? You wanna take both of us

Alexis came up from behind me and wrapped her arms around me. “This is Tanya
- my roommate. I called her when you got to the podium and told her to throw
on something sexy and to meet me at that service entrance. I knew you’d
come back and I kind of thought you might be interested.”

Tanya stepped forward and pulled out my suddenly stiff cock and took it into
her mouth, moaning softly. Alexis walked around and began to kiss me as I
reached under her gown and slipped a finger inside her sopping wet pussy. She
let out a muted cry as I pushed my thumb inside her pussy and pushed a wet
finger inside her ass and ground them together while Tanya worked over my big
dick. We moved over to the bed where I repeated my move on Alexis as she and
Tanya ganged up on my cock and both began sucking me off. I kneaded Tanya’s
perky tits as she moved up and sat on my face and moved aside her thong so I
could lap at her sweet pussy. Alexis came violently with my fingers inside
her and she straddled me and began to ride me as Tanya turned around to face
her while still sitting on my face. She began to kiss and fondle Alexis as
I started massaging her pussy with my tongue and fingers.

Tanya and Alexis began to come at the same time and it was just too much for
me as I blew another load, this time inside Alexis. I sat back as they began
to 69 each other as I attempted to recover from the nights events. After a
while I entered Tanya from behind as Alexis was licking and sucking her pussy
violently. Alexis began running her tongue around my balls and my ass while I
pounded Tanya with all my might. We continued to switch around and fuck each
other senseless for the better part of the next two hours. Finally exhausted,
we laid around and giggled to each other for a while before getting dressed
and sneaking out to our cars.

I kissed them both as I told them that I definately wanted to see them again.
Alexis just flashed me a devious smile as she turned and kissed Tanya deeply.
She turned back around and said, “You’ve passed the first test. You’ll see us
again alright. Give me your number…”

I scribbled my number on a piece of scrap paper and gave it to her. “You both
were just unbelievable tonight. Just… wow…”

Tanya rubbed Alexis’ ass lightly as she replied, “Yeah – you were too, lover.
We’ll call you soon. Just be prepared…”

Be prepared? What could that mean? They got into their cars and drove off
blowing kisses to me. I smiled and waved and sat down on the hood of my car.
What could they mean? I just knew I’d had the experience of a lifetime that
night. I’d do anything – ANYTHING to see them again, I was sure of that.

What an amazing night…

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