Genie In My Bottle Ch. 03

The next day Marissa was once again in drama class. She was shocked as so were the other students seeing that Ashley and Dylan were not sitting together. Dylan sat across the room far away from Ashley. Marissa noticed that the pretty cheerleader kept eyeing Dylan but Dylan didn’t respond. Then she’d stare at Marissa with fury. Marissa sunk into her chair but deep down felt somewhat satisfied that she’d pissed Ashley off.

Gene knew Dylan would soon fall for Marissa. He noticed Dylan staring at her with lustful eyes. He’d made sure that Dylan’s cock would get hard anytime he saw Marissa and get soft when he saw Ashley. It was a mean and deceitful trick, but he had to do it for his mistress. Right now he’d managed to make Dylan get hard over Marissa and he knew it since Dylan was trying to hide his hard on by pulling his long t-shirt down.

As soon as class was over, Marissa was rushing out when she heard a male voice call her name. She turned and blushed. It was Dylan.

“Marissa right?” He said as if he was shy.

She nodded. “Y-yes that’s me.”

“Hey look tonight I’m playing a big game against one of our biggest rivals, but what do you say tomorrow night you and I go out and maybe go to a movie or get something to eat?”

Marissa stood there speechless. Dylan searched her face for some kind of answer. “Is that a yes or no?” He said playfully.

She felt so dumbfound. “Uh it’s a yes!” She yelped.

He laughed quietly. “Oh Ok then you live in the apartments down in the east right?”

“Yes. Apartment 210,” She responded quickly.

“Alright I’ll go pick you up tomorrow say around eight?”

She nodded and remained astonished. She watched him walk away and waited until he was completely out of sight before she did her victory dance. Gene crossed his arms and smiled. She looked so cute dancing.

“Well looks like your wish is coming true Marissa.”

She stopped dancing and threw her arms around Gene. “Yes! Thanks to you, you wonderful genie!”

She kissed him on his cheek sending sweet sensations all throughout his entire body. “Well I wonder how you’ll thank me when Dylan does more than just ask you out.”

She giggled. “Oh Gene your too much!”

Damnit why did I say that? Gene asked himself.

Later on that day Marissa spotted her friends. “Camille! Giovanni!” Marissa squealed catching up to her friends.

They both turned around. Camille saw the look once again on Giovanni’s face when he saw Marissa. His face glowed and his gorgeous smile appeared.

“Hey guys. Where were you all going?”

“No where special just heading off towards the library for our research on a bio paper.” Giovanni responded with his brown eyes dancing as he stared at Marissa.

“Oooh guess what? Oh you’ll never guess! Dylan Fulton just asked me out for Saturday night!”

Giovanni’s smile dropped and Camille’s grin widened. “Oh is that so?” She asked sarcastically knowing it was eating Giovanni.

“Yeah! Oh Camille I’m so happy! I feel so good right now!”

“I’m sure you do,” Giovanni said mordantly.

“But Marissa, what about Ashley?” Camille dared to ask.

Marissa frowned. She had forgotten all about Ashley. What if Dylan was asking her out just so Ashley could do something mean and despiteful to her? Gene knew Marissa was worried.

“Well I suppose they broke up. They weren’t sitting in class together today and he completely ignored her when she walked by him today after class.”

“I hope he isn’t planning on doing anything mean to you,” Camille said concerned.

Marissa had spent most of her Friday night trying to catch up with her schoolwork while Gene assisted her on the difficult work. It was good to have a genie to help you work out tough history essay questions. That night Marissa went to bed thinking of her big date with Dylan. She had no clue what to wear, but then again she wasn’t worried about it since she knew she had Gene to help her out with that.

Saturday had arrived and Marissa woke up with her heart racing. “Gene! Gene!” She yelled out.

Gene was fast sleep in his bottle and was awakened by his world moving. He looked up and saw Marissa’s eyes looking down at him as she viciously shook the bottle. He got up with a headache. All night he kept hoping that maybe deep down Marissa wouldn’t go through with this date.

“Geez Marissa no need to wake me up so violently.” He closed his eyes and within less than a second he was there standing in front of his goddess.

“I’m sorry but I need your help. I don’t know what to wear tonight or how to fix my hair.”

Gene looked at the clock that was on Marissa’s nightstand and frowned. “Marissa it’s only 9 in the morning you’ve got all day to decide what to wear.”

“No it’s just that I was hoping you could help me. You know like you did yesterday?”

He smiled and quickly ran his finger on her lips. “You know I’m gonna help you.”

“Oh good! What time do you think I should start getting ready?”

Gene shrugged. “Hell with my magic you can get ready a minute before he picks you up.”

She shrilled and ordered Gene to go back to into the bottle to finish his sleep.

Finally it was only an hour before eight and Marissa’s felt butterflies in her stomach. This would be her actually first date. She knew it was pathetic but all her life she’d never been smooth around guys. She was always clumsy and considered just “a good friend.”

Gene was ready to assist his beautiful mistress with any of her wishes. He had already had in mind what she was going to wear and how to fix up her hair. She’s going to look so stunning but he knew that even without all that makeup and hairdo she was gorgeous anyway.

“Ok my lady, you ready for your wardrobe, makeup, and hairdo?” Gene asked playfully as Marissa stood in the bathroom.

She shook her head fast. “Yes! I’m so ready! Make me over darlin’.”

Marissa closed her eyes and within seconds she looked in the mirror and her mouth almost dropped when she saw herself. Even she didn’t recognize her own face. She looked so stunning! She wore a black dress that went just above her knee with long sleeves for the chilly night. Some black strap high heels complimented the dress and she blushed when she looked down her dress knowing Gene put on a sexy black lacey bra on her and she felt the matching thong. Her hair was put up with a few curls hanging down and her makeup was flawless.

“Gene! You have outdone yourself! I look like an actress!” She squealed.

“Yeah, you’re Natalie Wood.”

She blushed more. “Oh Gene thank you!” Once again threw her arms around him.

Camille was in her own apartment that evening. She felt tears of sadness run down her pretty face. She knew how much Giovanni had hurt known that Marissa was going out with Dylan. She only wished she had enough guts and courage to tell him how she felt about him. To tell him that there is someone who loves him and worships him the way he deserves to be.

She fell back on her bed and sobbed quietly. She closed her eyes and suddenly heard a knock at her door. She dried her eyes and walked over slowly hoping it wouldn’t be one of her pushy ex-boyfriends. A smile was formed across her face when she saw it was her one and only Giovanni.

“Hey what brings you here?” She asked as she opened the door.

Giovanni looked somber. “I need to talk to someone Camille. I feel so upset knowing Marissa is going out with that jerk.”

Camille felt a slight disappointment that he was there to talk about Marissa but she didn’t care. Just to have him there with her was all she needed. No matter what they ever talked about, she loved his company.

“Come on in I was just here alone and going to watch a good movie on TV if you wanna stay here for a w

Giovanni shrugged. “Yeah ok. It’s better than being alone.

They both laid on Camille’s tiny bed so close and Camille felt her heart racing. She wanted to jut reach over and kiss him and tell hi
m how much she loved him but instead she listened to his frustration the way a real friend listens.

It was fifteen minutes past eight and Marissa was pacing the room feeling almost embarrassed that Dylan hadn’t shown up. Gene watched her and his heart went out to her. That bastard better have not stood her up. I’ll really mess him up. Gene promised himself.

“He’s probably just running a little late Marissa. Don’t worry look just have a seat and calm down.”

She almost felt tears in her eyes. “Gene if he stood me up I don’t know how I’d be able to face him again.”

“Well maybe he had a family emergency. That happens you know. Or he could have gotten himself into a mess. You never know.”

Gene stood behind Marissa massaging her shoulders calming her down. She smelled so nice and her body looked incredible in that little black dress. “Mmm thank you Gene. That feels good.” She closed her eyes enjoying his massage.

He got closer to her and rubbed her neck and the sides of her arms knowing this was easing her mind.

“I see you’re going out with that floozie!” Ashley cried out while she and Dylan argued as he was on his way to pick Marissa up.

“Ash, please don’t start this. You and I have already been having problems and you know it.”

“That doesn’t mean that you should just leave me right away for some cheap slut.”

“Look she isn’t a slut OK? You don’t even know her.”

“No You don’t even know her.”

“Look Ashley I’m already running late OK? I’m sorry you’re upset but we’ll talk about this some other time.”

With that he walked away from his ex-girlfriend leaving her speechless and sobbing.

“Ah! There is a knock!” Marissa shrilled quietly when she heard a loud powerful knock on her door.

“Well go answer the door silly.” Gene replied laughing at her.

She took a deep breath and fixed her dress. “Oh Ok here we go!”

Gene stood there looking at Dylan and Marissa. They didn’t seem to match as a couple, but she wanted him and there was nothing Gene could do about that. At least not without magic.

“Wow! You look… oh man you look so hot!” Dylan said when she laid his eyes on Marissa.

She felt her face turning red. “T-thank you. You look really nice too!” She stared at him closely. He was wearing some navy blue slacks and a black button up shirt and some black Doc Marten boots.

“Listen I’m sorry I was late I had to stop and get some gas.” He lied.

She shrugged. “That’s OK. You are here now.”

“So you ready to go?” He asked offering her his arm.

“Yes, I am.” She held on to his arm and closed the door behind him leaving Gene alone. He felt Marissa needed privacy tonight in case things took a different direction. Besides, he wasn’t going to just sit there and watch her let this Dylan guy feel her up.

“I just don’t understand why she won’t give me the time of day. I mean I treat her good, I make her laugh and still nothing,” Giovanni complained as Camille softly stroked his curly hair.

“Well maybe you’re trying too hard don’t ya think?”

He looked at her strangely. “So a guy can’t try too hard? I thought you girls liked attention.”

She laughed. “Well yes we do but only when it’s convenient for us. Look Marissa obviously just sees you as a friend. I know it sounds terrible but she does. Maybe you should explore your other options?”

He frowned. “Other options? What options? No girls like me. I’m a geek Camille. I’m into science, I like collecting action figures and I love watching old sci-fi shows.”

“Well some girls won’t care about that. Some girls might find that irresistible.”

He laughed. “Yeah right like who?”

She bit her lower lip and didn’t respond. She felt like yelling out, Like me damnit! I’m so in love with you! But instead she changed the subject and could only hope he’d see for himself how much she loved him.

Marissa and Dylan had gone to a quiet little bistro downtown. They ate dinner and chatted a while. Marissa tried to ignore the fact that their conversation was somewhat dull. She just loved looking into his gray eyes and seeing how sexy he was.

“Yeah so now I only hope to play for a professional football team when I get out of college.”

“Well what are you going to do if you don’t make it?” Marissa dared to ask.

He looked puzzled. “Not make it? Oh well I’m gonna make it. You watch and see.”

A little stuck up, but maybe it’s just me. Maybe he just has confidence. Marissa said to herself.

“So what do you like to do in your spare time?” Dylan asked curiously.

Marissa knew her pastime activities wouldn’t interest him one bit. So she lied. “I like to go nightclubbing, play basketball, hang out with friends, you know that sort of thing.”

He smiled. “You like nightclubbing? Hey maybe we can go to a nice little club I know of.”

She cringed at the thought of nightclubbing. It was always a bunch of college kids getting drunk and stupid. She’d only been to a nightclub once and that’s all she could handle. And at times she’d heard other college kids talk about how they went clubbing and how the girls got naked for them.

“Uh yeah sure.”

He had a satisfactory smile on his face the whole time. After dinner, they headed off to the nightclub Dylan had been talking about. It was still early around ten that night. The nightclub was nice but the people in it were loud, obnoxious, college kids who probably didn’t have one intelligent thing to say. Marissa looked around feeling almost overdressed for this club. Most girls were dressed in tiny short dressed or tight tips with tight jeans.

“Nice place huh?” Dylan yelled in her ear over the loud music.

She nodded. “Yeah. Nice.” She lied.

They stepped over to a nice little table towards the back of the club. A skinny little waitress with jet-black hair wearing short hot pants came over to take their orders. “Hey handsome! You are back here again?” She asked in a flirty voice.

Marissa saw Dylan blush. “Yeah I am. Can you get us both some mudslides?”

She winked and nodded giving Marissa a dirty look. “Sure thing handsome.”

She walked away and Dylan turned back to Marissa. “So do you know a lot of people here?” Marissa asked.

“I used to be a regular here. But most of my ex-girlfriends didn’t like the fact that I came here.”

I don’t blame them. Every girl here has her eyes on you.

Marissa waited for the drinks to arrive. She wasn’t much of a drinker so she figured she’d just sip her drink very slowly. Dylan drank three mudslides before she could even finish one. It was hard to talk over the noisy atmosphere. She felt his hand on her knee and he gave it a small squeeze smiling at her.

“You wanna dance for a while?” He asked in her ear.

Bumping and grinding was not her idea of dancing but she figured why not. They headed off to the now crowded dance floor. Marissa was afraid she’d look ridiculous dancing she since had two left feet. Everyone was not really dancing but more like making love on the dance floor! Dylan looked deeply into her eyes and pulled her close to him. Their bodies glided together and he moved slowly rubbing his hardon on her leg. Marissa felt trapped and knew there was no way out of this erotic dance.

Dylan leaned down to kiss her. At first Marissa didn’t open her mouth. Her lips were tightly shut and she felt Dylan’s tongue licking on them. It took a while, until finally Marissa gave in and parted her lips inviting Dylan’s tongue in her mouth. She massaged her tongue against him slowly. It was a long wet kiss and she could now feel Dylan slowly picking up her dress from behind.

The DJ was playing a remix of Bjork’s “All Is Full Of Love” which set the mood so well. Marissa was losing herself in pure bliss. Her pussy was
slowly getting wet from feeling Dylan’s hands all over her. She felt him turn her around and wrap his strong arms around her. His hard cock was rubbing hard on her ass. Her dress was picked up almost to her waist by now

Marissa looked around and saw everyone dancing so erotically. Dylan’s hands crept into her dress touching her breasts and rubbing on her nipples. Marissa began to moan which couldn’t be heard through the loud music. Dylan kept rubbing himself hard on her ass up and down and pinching on her nipples. One hand slipped down to rub Marissa’s cunt. She let her body grind on his hand feeling such incredible sensations.

“Oooh fuck! I’m gonna cum in my pants!” Dylan whispered in Marissa’s ear.

Marissa closed her eyes and felt him tighten up. He shuddered a few times until he let go of his strong hold that he had on her. She could vaguely feel some warm wetness on her ass. He was breathing hard and kissing the back of her neck. Marissa felt herself blushing and turned around to meet with her lover. They shared yet another sexy long kiss while everyone else kept dancing around them.

* * *

It was almost three in the morning and Gene was worried sick about Marissa. He only hoped nothing bad had happened to her. He was pacing the room until he heard the door slowly open up. Marissa was walking in slowly thinking he was fast asleep.

“It’s about time!” Gene yelled out.

“Ah! Oh Gene! You scared the hell outta me!”

“Well what’s going on? It’s only your first date Marissa.”

“Gene, calm down, we were just out dancing. It’s ok.”

He took a deep breath and flopped himself down on the bed looking up at her. “Well? So how did it go?” He was almost afraid to ask.

She sighed and sat next to him. “Well we didn’t have much conversation. I mean we did chat some during dinner but at the night club it was hard to talk over the loud music.’

“So you all dance all night or what?”

She blushed. “Yeah practically.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well he got kinda kinky with me on the dance floor.”

Gene raised one of his eyebrows. “Oh?” A twinge of jealousy already hit him.

Marissa explained what had happened on the dance floor and Gene just got more upset each time she went into detail. He wanted to be the one grinding up against Marissa’s ass; touching her soft skin and kissing her luscious lips.

“We’ll it’s been such a long night. I’m gonna go to bed now Gene. Gene didn’t respond and disappeared into his lamp. Marissa felt something was bothering Gene but she just ignored it. After all he wasn’t human. He’s just a genie. She kept reminding herself.

* * *

or the next few days Marissa and Dylan were together almost all of the time. Gene watched in envy and felt he was slowly losing his mistress to some guy with no sophistication to sweep his mistress off her feet. It was hard for Ashley to not see her boyfriend sitting with this new girl. She felt so upset but just let it pass. After all Dylan obviously had his eyes set on her but she knew once Dylan got tired of this girl he’d come crawling back to her and she wouldn’t take him back. Never.

After Drama class one afternoon, Gene caught up with Marissa and they talked in a private little corner behind the drama building.

“Marissa I finally get you alone!” Gene said breathlessly.

Marissa looked at her watch and then back at him. “I’m sorry Gene. Its just being around Dylan is so new and exciting!”

“Yes I know but you’ve not been talking much to me and I know Giovanni and Camille miss you too.”

Marissa fidgeted. “I know. Look we’ll hang out some tonight OK? I promise. I have to get going now Gene. I’ll see you back at the apartment?”

Before Gene could say anything, Marissa was already walking away.

Gene was startled when he heard the door open loudly late that night. It was past midnight and Marissa was walking in the door. He heard noises though. It sounded like someone was with her. No it can’t be. She would never bring Dylan while I’m here would she? Gene thought to himself.

He laid on his bed in his bottle just hearing loud smacking noises that sounded like hard kisses. Damit she did bring him here. Oh man I have to listen to all this?

“Mmmm you kiss good,” Dylan rasped as he kissed Marissa’s neck.

Marissa tossed her head back and closed her eyes. His kisses were slow and sweet but yet she almost didn’t feel anything besides his erection on her leg. His hands were running up and down her green button up top and slowly unbuttoning it. Marissa moaned softly against his ear and he pushed her down on her bed.

“I’m so hot right now Marissa. Oh fuck I’m hard! Look!” Marissa looked down and saw the huge bulge on Dylan’s cock. He grabbed her hand and guided it towards his pulsating cock.

Marissa gasped. “Ooh my!” She blushed.

“Are you ready for it Marissa?” Dylan asked sounding so anxious.

Marissa felt scared. It would be her first time and she didn’t quite feel ready. Not tonight at least. “No not tonight Dylan. I’ve actually gotta go to bed soon.”

Dylan didn’t listen he started to trail kisses down Marissa’s chest and pulling her bra off. Marissa wanted to push him off her but still liked the way his fingers felt running down her body. His mouth reach for her nipple and sucked hard on it. Marissa squirmed a little and let out a soft moan.

Gene could hear her moans and frowned. This was not only pissing him off but hurting him as well. Marissa knew damn well that he was in the room and here she was messing around with this nasty bastard.

“Oh Dylan no please. I really must get to bed,” Marissa said weakly.

“You got me so hot right now. So fuckin’ hot!” Dylan said in a husky voice.

He was on top of Marissa holding her arms down and sucking on her tits. Marissa tried to struggle beneath his strong body but was unable too. “No Dylan please not now.”

Gene heard his mistress trying to stop this creep and he just wouldn’t stop. Gene did his famous nod and suddenly Marissa heard Dylan snore. She opened her eyes and there he was snoring loudly on her chest.

“So is he always this aggressive with you?” He asked now standing above Marissa.

Marissa rolled her eyes. “Gene now is not the time to ask about that. Can you help me get him off me?”

Gene pushed Dylan off Marissa and got a quick glimpse of her breasts. She looked down noticing he was staring and blushed quickly covering herself up.

“I don’t know why you’re covering yourself up. I’ve seen you more naked.”

She got up and sighed. “Gene, Dylan wants to go all the way and I want to but something keeps stopping me.”

“Maybe you’re just not ready Marissa.”

“Why wouldn’t I be ready? I’m 20 years old! Probably the only 20 year old virgin alive!”

Gene put his hands on her shoulder and looked deep into her eyes. “You know that’s not true. Marissa you have to wait for the right time. I mean if this guys is coming on too strong let me know so I can do something about it.”

Marissa smiled. “Oh Gene you’re so sweet trying to take care of me.”

“Well you are my mistress and I must do anything I can to keep you happy.”

“You always make me happy Gene. Just having you around has been the best time of my life.”

He felt his heart racing wanting to kiss Marissa but she looked away and stared at Dylan. “Look now he’s all passed out. Can you wake him up and just make him go home?”

“I can do better.” Within seconds Marissa saw Dylan disappear.

“Where did he go?”

“He’s in his own apartment sound asleep.”

“Oh Gene thank you.” She hugged him and all he could do was think of kissing her hard.

Marissa and Camille sat around in Marissa’s apartment going over some English notes for their lit test.

“Ok so what chapter is that on?” Marissa asked frustrated.

“I can’t remember. Oh Jesus let’s just take a break. All this 18th century literature is wearing me out.” Camille replied.

ou want a soda?”

“Yeah sure.” Camille watched Marissa closely. She wondered if she had any clue how Giovanni felt about her.

“Marissa can I ask you something?”

“Here you go,” Marissa said handing Camille her soda, “what
did you wanna ask me?”

“Well, how do you feel about Giovanni?”

Marissa laughed. “How do I feel? You mean if I like him or something?”

Camille nodded.

“No. I mean I love him as a friend but that’s about it. Why the question?’

“Well because you know he’s crazy about you right?”

“Well I’ve suspected yes. I just hope he doesn’t say anything because I have no feelings for him at all.”

“Yeah I know you’re all into Dylan Fulton.”

Marissa looked down. “Yeah I am.” She didn’t want to admit that Dylan was nothing like she fantasized he would be.

That evening Marissa and Dylan would be going out and eventually chilling out at either her place or Dylan’s place. She knew he hadn’t stopped being aggressive with her. She had thought about it carefully and decided to go ahead and give herself to him. After all, he’d been her dream guy, her fantasy.

“Gene!” Marissa called out from the bathroom.

No answer.


“Sorry I was napping,” Gene answered cheerfully. “What can I do for you mistress?”

“Gene I need something to wear again and make it something really sexy. Tonight’s the night.”

“The night? For what?” Gene asked puzzled.

“I’m gonna have sex with Dylan.”

Gene’s blue eyes widened. “What? Are you serious? I mean are you sure?”

“Yes why not? I mean I like him a lot and -“

“You like him? Aren’t you supposed to love him?”

“Love him? Yeah right. Who believes in love anymore Gene?”

“Well I thought you did. I mean you watch all those old movies that portray true love.”

“Yeah well that’s only the movies Gene. This is real life.”

He watched her blue eyes looking so sad. Just like Natalie Wood’s in Splendor In The Grass. He knew he was no one to tell her what she can or cannot do. If it was her wish to lose her virginity to this guy then he could only make it come true.

“Very well then Marissa. What kind of outfit you want?”

That night Marissa and Dylan had decided to go to a new coffee shop they had in town. It was filled with local college students. It was loud, noisy and made Marissa cringe.

“Nice place huh?” Dylan asked.

Marissa nodded weakly and looked around. Her heart sank when she saw Ashley Thompson looking right over at them. She was with another tall handsome guy. He had his arm wrapped around her but her attention was clearly on Dylan and Marissa.

“Dylan can we please leave?” Marissa asked quietly.

“Leave? Why? We just got here.”

“Yes but your ex is over there and she keeps looking at us.”

He looked over and saw Ashley staring. He turned back and put his arm around Marissa. “Ah forget her. Besides she with her own date. That guy is real loser too. He dropped out of the football team cuz he couldn’t handle the pressure.”

They stayed at the cafĂ© for a good while and left after Ashley and her date were already gone. It was late already and Marissa couldn’t wait to get over to Dylan’s place to finally become a woman. Finally she’d be able to see what all the fuss about sex was about.

Gene was furious. He paced the room back and forth. He realized he’d been doing that for over half an hour. He couldn’t believe Marissa was actually going to go through with having sex. It’s her business. You need to just stay out of it and just grant her all her wishes damnit he kept saying to himself.

He suddenly felt so heartbroken that he too wanted to do something naughty. It was time to become visible for once and go out in town. He needed sex too, and he was going to get some. Maybe not with his dream girl but at least he wouldn’t be alone thinking of Marissa.

The little bar downtown was filled with gorgeous women. Gene found himself gawking almost every woman that entered the bar. He let his eyes wonder for a while until he spotted two sexy women sitting in the corner of the bar. The looked in their late 20’s. One was tall with shoulder length brown hair and the other was a little shorter with long blonde hair. Both could have passed as models. Gene smiled deviously and walked over to them. He had put on a nice black and white suit and seem to be the only overdressed man at the bar.

“Good evening ladies,” Gene said with a smooth voice.

The girls blushed and giggled. “Hi there.” The blonde one said.

“What are your names?” Gene asked taking turns to eye them.

“I’m Elizabeth and this is Rachel,” The brunette answered.

“Well hi Elizabeth and Rachel. I’m Gene.”

They giggled again and Gene sat with them starting a conversation. Pretty soon he’d managed to sweet talk them to going back to Marissa’s place. It was his turn to get lucky.

Marissa and Dylan were busy making out on Dylan’s bed. Her white blouse was already off and her black skirt was above her waist. She felt Dylan slowly taking off her panties as he sucked on her breasts.

“Mmmm,” Marissa moaned softly.

“You like that? You like getting your tits sucked?” Dylan rasped.

Marissa just kept moaning and she finally felt her panties fall to the ground. Dylan began to rub her pussy and she jolted at first feeling a guy touch her for the first time. It felt good but for some reason still didn’t feel right. All she could do was think of Gene. She never felt this way around him. Could she be in love with Gene? No way! Impossible! Marissa opened her eyes and caught Dylan looking at her.

She put her hand over his and bit her lip. He looked at her confused. “What’s wrong?”

“Dylan as much as I want to do this, I can’t.”

“What? Why not?”

“It just doesn’t feel right. I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? But don’t you know how hard you get me? I’m so hot right now, I need your pussy.”

Marissa frowned. “I better leave. Please just take me home.”

Dylan’s eyes showed fury now. “No. You’ve been teasing me too much. You’re going to give it up.”

Marissa felt anger now. “Damnit get off me! Now!”

She continued to struggle and finally just had it. With her knee she managed to knee Dylan right on his balls. She felt him weaken and fall to the floor. Quickly she got up and put her clothes back on. She ran out of the apartment building and ran home. She need Gene now more than ever.

Gene looked down and saw the blonde and brunette taking turns sucking on his cock. While one girl sucked the other girl licked his balls up and down making him feel so damn good.

“Hmmm yeah! Ooh you both give good head! I’m gonna cum so fuckin’ hard!”

“Shoot it in our faces,” The brunette called out.

Gene had his hands on both of their heads and his eyes closed tightly. It was almost time. He could feel his cum rushing out of his balls and out of his dick.

“Arrrhhhh yeah! Oooh fuck! I’m gonna cum. You cum sluts! I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!”

Both girls gathered around ready to be splattered with cum. Gene jerked his cock off and as soon as the first splash of cum hit the blonde’s face, he heard the apartment door open hard. He gasped seeing Marissa standing there looking shocked.

“Mmmmggghhh!” Gene moaned. He couldn’t stop his cum from splattering all over the girls’ faces. The girls giggled with each drop but he just tried to stop.

“Gene!” Marissa yelped and the two girls turned around and screamed with their cum covered faces.

“Marissa, wait!” Gene called out trying to put his pants back on.

Marissa felt tears come out of her eyes and walked out slamming the door behind her. She felt such a huge twinge of jealousy having witnessed Gene with those two girls. How could he have done that to her? She ran and ran going nowhere. Damnit she was in love with Gene. Hated to admit it but she was.

Gene felt so guilty. He felt shameful and evil. He never intended for Marissa to come earl
y or to catch him being blown by the two women. Now he was going to have to look for her and make her understand that he loved her. He had to tell her. It was time.

to be continued…

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