Genie In My Bottle Ch. 06 (final chapter)

Ashley Thompson headed up to the third floor of the library. Earlier that day she’d gotten a mysterious note that touched her heart. It must have been from a secret admirer. She smiled as she head upstairs. It was already dark outside and not many students were there. She stood by the poetry section just as the letter ordered her to.

Her red hair was up in a ponytail and she wore her little green low cut sweater and a short blue jean skirt. She felt nervous as hell until she heard a familiar voice. She turned to see Dylan standing in front of her. His eyes looked sad and yet he seemed thrilled to see her. He wore his baggy blue jeans and a black sweater.

“Ashley? What are you doing here?” He asked.

She hesitated to answer him. “I-I’m waiting for someone.”

He looked at her suspiciously. “Yeah? You received a letter too huh?” He showed her the small white note with dark print that matched the same one she received.

“Dylan is this some sort of joke?”

“What? No you tell me. I mean you get me up here all alone for what?”

Ashley felt tears almost come out of her eyes. “Dylan you think that I set this up? No way! That last thing I wanna do is be alone with you.”

He loved the way she looked when she was upset. She was so damn cute. “It doesn’t matter who set this up. I’m glad you’re here.”

Ashley’s frown disappeared. She looked into Dylan’s eyes and moved closer to him. “I’ve missed you so much. Don’t ever toy with my emotions again you big jerk,” she said smiling.

He put his arms around her and they kissed. Their tongue roamed in each other’s mouths while Dylan’s hands moved up and down Ashley’s gorgeous body. She felt so good and warm. “I’m sorry about everything Ashley. I love you and I’m never going to leave you,” Dylan whispered.

She looked into his eyes and smiled. “Dylan take me to your place now!”

He did just that.

Gene watched the young couple practically run out of the library holding hands and laughing. He knew his job was done. Well almost done. He thought of Marissa the beauty he was in love with. It was time to show her how much he loved her.

“Gene! You took so long! Did Dylan and Ashley make up?” Marissa asked curiously.

Gene nodded in satisfaction.

“Oh you’re the best!” Marissa ran to him wrapping her arms around him and kissing his cheek.

“Now let me take you out tonight. I haven’t taken you out on a proper date my love,” Gene said softly stroking Marissa’s hair.

She beamed. “Ok. What did you have in mind?”

He nodded. “Uh-uh! I’m not telling you. It’s a surprise.”

Marissa felt her heart beating fast. “Ok well, I guess I should get dressed then.” She eyed Gene for assistance.

“I have the perfect outfit for you my dear,” Gene said doing his famous nod. Marissa looked down and saw herself wearing a long gorgeous spaghetti strap silk dress.

“Wow this dress is beautiful!” Marissa exclaimed.

Gene nodded once again filling Marissa’s hair with big silky curls. Shiny pins secured her hair from getting in her face. She looked like an angel. An absolute angel!

“Ok close your eyes, I don’t want you to see me get dressed,” Gene teased.

Marissa laughed and turned around. She felt a soft warm breeze and heard Gene finally speak. “Ok you can turn around.”

Marissa turned to see Gene wearing a black and white tux, which made him look even more handsome than ever before! His shoes were black and shiny and his jet-black hair was slicked back.

“Gene! Wow! You look gorgeous!” Marissa squealed.

He offered her his arm and she accepted. “Now my love, let’s go.”

They walked out of the apartment together off into where the night would take them.

Once outside, Gene cupped Marissa’s face. “Now tell me where you would like to go. To a dance? To a restaurant?”

Marissa smiled. “How about both?”

He laughed and agreed. “Close your eyes Marissa and we’ll be there in a few seconds.”

She closed her eyes still feeling the warmth of his hand on her face. She opened her eyes a few seconds later and found herself sitting at a table with candlelight and soft music playing. She looked around and Gene was nowhere to be found. She was in a room filled with strangers eyeing her. She felt nervous and looked desperately for Gene. Just as she was starting to get worried, he was there standing in front of her holding a dozen of the reddest roses she’d ever seen.

“For you my darling,” he said handing the roses to her.

She stood up taking the roses and smelling them. The smell was special. Not just of a rose, but of something else. Something so beautiful.

“T-thank you. Gene they are beautiful!”

He touched her face softly. “They are for you. I love you.”

She put the roses down and put her arms around him. “I love you too. I love you with all of my heart.”

He kissed her cheek softly and offered her to have a seat. “Let’s eat first and then we’ll do some dancing.”

She was speechless. She sat down and then the waiter came offering them the specials for the evening. They both had salad, steak and red wine. For dessert they agreed on delicious chocolate covered strawberries. The people around them couldn’t keep their eyes off them. They were a sexy couple indeed.

After dinner Gene offered his hand to his sexy girl. “Care to dance now?” He asked in a sexy voice.

Marissa took his hand and they walked out to the small dance floor. There was an elderly couple slow dancing to “Strangers in the night” from Frank Sinatra. The band that was playing that night was doing a hell of a job.

Gene took Marissa in his arms and held her tiny body against his. She smelled so wonderful and felt so beautiful. She was his dream come true. They danced slowly and so close. Marissa loved the way he made her feel, so safe. They finally danced to the fun tune’s of Tony Bennett’s “Stepping out with my baby,” which was the last song of the night.

“Are you ready to go back home?” Gene whispered in Marissa’s ear.

She nodded and once again they were whisked away by Gene’s magic.

* * *

Back at the apartment, they kissed with hard and passionate kisses. Gene couldn’t wait to finally be able to make love to Marissa.

He held her against him and stroked her pretty face. “Now my love, it’s our turn to share our moment.”

Marissa looked nervous but she was ready. “Yes it is our turn. I love you Gene.”

He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him. “I love you too. I want to share my life with you Marissa.”

She wasn’t sure if it was a marriage proposal or an invitation to his heart. She just wanted to be with him more than anything. She’d waited for the perfect time and the perfect guy and now it was all there for her.

Gene kissed her lips softly as she anxiously wanted to put her tongue in his mouth but he continued to tease her by shutting his lips tightly. She groaned in agony. “Take it slow sweetheart. We have all the time in the world.”

She sighed. “Gene I just want you in me so bad! I’ve been wanting this for a long time.”

He said nothing and just carried her over to her bed. He lay her down and her big brown eyes searched his blue eyes. He slipped her shoes off and slowly lifted her dress up exposing her creamy thighs. His hands gently caressed her smooth legs. Gently, his hands we up to her firm thighs and stopped until they reached her little white silk panties. Marissa’s heart was racing as she felt Gene begin to slip her panties off.

He looked at her shaven pussy, which was soaking wet. Marissa never took her eyes off him and let him look at her and admire her. He licked his lips and his eyes met with hers.

“You look so delicious my love. I can’t wait to taste you,” Gene ra

Marissa took a deep breath and waited to be tasted. She’d never experienced oral sex and now she couldn’t wait.

Gene moved between her legs and spread her lips open getting a nice view of her swollen pink c
lit. Marissa’s eyes closed and she moaned as soon as she felt Gene’s long tongue begin to caress her clit. He moved his tongue slowly with soft and gentle strokes. Marissa’s little body squirmed on the bed and her moans intensified.

“Mmmm oooh Gene! It feels so good! Do it faster Gene. Please!” Marissa begged barely being able to talk.

Gene kept teasing her with slowly strokes. His hands reached up and slowly pulled the straps of her dress down to let her beautiful breasts be exposed. Her nipples were erect and she began to touch her breasts enjoying the feel of her lover’s tongue between her legs. He lifted her body up and slipped her entire dress off her.

Marissa was shaking from so much pleasure. She opened her eyes to look at him staring up at her. He spread her pussy lips wide open and showed her how he was licking her. His tongue moved now faster making Marissa gasp in sheer delight.

“Ahhooohh God! Gene yes! Lick me like that! Ooooh this f-feels so good!”

Gene was moving his tongue so fast now and he stopped for a minute and clamped his lips on Marissa’s clit. That did it all. Marissa bucked her hips but then she began to quiver violently. She was cumming. She was cumming so hard!

“Mmmggghhhhhh! Oooh my God! I’m c-cumming! Oh Gene!”

Gene’s cock twitched hearing his lovely girl cum. Her moans were so childlike and innocent. Her juices escaped and slid into his mouth. She was so delectable. He slurped up her juices and moved up to kiss her. They shared her taste in each other’s kiss. Marissa was breathless holding her lover. She looked up at him and smiled.

“See what you did to me? Now I’m going to return the favor you my wonderful genie.”

Gene smirked wickedly and stood up. Marissa watched him take off his jacket and shirt revealing his hard chest and stomach. His shoes and pant pants came next and as soon as she knew it, he was completely naked. He looked like a god. His cock was hard as a rock and sticking out ready for her to suck on it.

Marissa sat up and stared at Gene’s huge cock. She could already smell his masculine scent as his precum dribbled out of his cock. She looked up at him for guidance in this new experience she was going to do for the first time. He stroked her face and aimed his cock at her lips.

“Take it in your mouth and suck on it slowly and gently,” he said in a low voice.

Marissa felt his cock enter her mouth so nicely. She managed to get most of his cock in her mouth.

“Ok now tighten you grip on my cock with your lips. Ah yes like that! Oh baby like that! It feels so good!” Gene wailed feeling her luscious lips gripping his throbbing cock.

Marissa got a good hold of his cock and felt him move her head back and forth. She couldn’t believe she was finally sucking a cock. Such a nice delicious cock too! The soft taste of precum was filling her mouth and she couldn’t wait to milk out his cum, to swallow it down.

“Hmmmggh yeah! Oh baby, keep sucking me. I’m gonna cum so hard!”

Gene’s breath was heavy. His hard chest heaved from the excitement of finally being able to share something so deep and intimate with the woman of his dreams. Her big brown eyes looked up at him with passion and love. Her mouth felt just wonderful wrapped so nicely around his throbbing hard member.

“You’re so beautiful. You are the reason I exist you know that? Marissa baby, oh God you are making me feel so good right now! Keep moving you’re mouth like that! Yes!”

Gene tossed his head back feeling his pulse race and heart pound. His balls were on fire and now he was ready explode. He felt his first shot of sperm shoot out furiously into his lover’s mouth. He looked down and saw Marissa flinch at first having her first taste of cum. But she kept going. Her lips smacked harder on his long shaft and he pumped more and more cum out filling her beautiful mouth with his spunk.

“Oh! Yes! Ahhhggghhh baby! I’m cumming! Swallow it love. Please drink it!” Gene’s voice was raspy from his excitement.

Marissa did swallow it all. The taste of Gene’s tangy male juice was lingering in her mouth. She waited for him to finish and then she slowly took out his still hard cock out of her mouth. She smiled up at him and blushed. He stroked her pretty face as he tried to recover from his intense orgasm.

“Wow! You were incredible Marissa,” Gene said breathlessly lifting her back up and planting a long wet kiss on her lips. They kissed hard and wet kisses.

“Gene, I’m so ready to have you inside of me. To feel you open me up,” Marissa whispered lovingly in between kisses.

Gene was breathless. Not just because he’d came, but because he stared at this beautiful angel in front of him. She was begging him to take her purity away. He wasn’t going to turn that down.

“Lay down sweetheart,” Gene ordered.

Marissa did that but as her naked body hit the bed she felt nice cool sheets of stain touch her naked skin. She looked around and saw the bed was covered with dark blue satin sheets and the room was lit with soft white candles.

“The room looks beautiful,” Marissa cooed.

Gene joined her on the bed and knelt before her. He had his hands on her knees and slowly spread her legs apart. Marissa bit her lower lip watching and anxiously waiting for her lover to enter her.

“I’m going to be gentle with you Marissa. This is your first time and it might hurt some,” Gene warned sweetly.

Marissa nodded and felt her lover inch closer to her. She gasped as she felt his cock trying to enter her tight little opening. Gene pushed his cock in more making sure Marissa didn’t sure discomfort. He saw her face but she was just glowing with love and adoration. Gene now had the head of his cock inside of her and with her wetness; he managed to move in now more easily.

“Oooh yes! Baby you feel so good! So warm!” Gene moaned.

Marissa smiled and put her arms around him. She thought it would be painful but it wasn’t. It felt so wonderful! She could feel him inside of her. Deep inside of her. He began to move in and out of her slowly deflowering her. Her legs wrapped around his waist and their lovemaking began.

Gene moved inside of her slowly making sure she got used to the feeling of his cock in her. She was so tight and warm, he never wanted to exit her. Their eyes were locked on one anther’s the entire time. They moaned together showing each other the pleasure they were receiving from one another.

“This feels g-good Gene!” Marissa whispered.

“Yes it does. So good baby!” Gene replied now moving in and out faster.

“Ah! Yes! Do it fast like that! Mmmm!” Marissa exclaimed.

Gene was now sliding in and out of his beautiful lover fast. She felt so tender and beautiful. He wasn’t sure if it was going to be safe to finish inside of her. He wondered if that would produce another life or if his sperm was of a different kind that couldn’t make life with a human girl.

“Baby? You want me to cum in you?” Gene asked sincerely.

Marissa sighed. “Yes! Gene I want to feel you cum in me!”

Gene pumped her harder now and it felt as if he was going to explode gallons of cum inside of her.

“Get ready to feel me cum Marissa. I-I’m gonna c-cum!” Gene said in heavy breaths.

Marissa felt her body jolt at first. A rush of excitement ran all through her when she felt a hard shot of sperm shoot inside of her. She squeezed her pussy on Gene’s cock milking him and then she realized she was having her own orgasm. She gasped and trembled underneath her lover.

“I-I’m cumming with you! Oh Gene!” She wailed.

Both lovers came together. The room was filled with her scent. After cumming Gene collapsed on the bed next to Marissa. He touched her face as she smiled.

“That was amazing,” she said softly.

“Yes it was. It was with you what else can I say?” He rep

Marissa touched her flat little tummy. She grabbed Gene’s hand and placed it on her tummy. She looked deep into his eyes. “You know we might have created a life tonigh

He nodded and rubbed her belly. “Yes I know.”

“How do you feel about that?” She asked curiously.

He kissed her lips softly. “I feel so much joy you wouldn’t believe how happy I feel.”

They fell in a deep sleep that night.

* * *
~5 years later~

“Junior! Come here! Let me get your shirt on!” Marissa called out to her son.

Gene and Marissa did end up with a child. A strong and healthy beautiful child. They named him Gene just like his father. He had his father’s eyes and mother’s hair. He was a hyper little boy but they both loved him to death.

“Junior right now! Go to your mommy,” Gene said sternly.

The little boy smiled at his daddy and mom. “Ok sorry mommy.”

Marissa laughed and slipped on the shirt. She wondered if her son had the same powers of his daddy. He didn’t seem to have them, so she figured he was a “normal” child.

After having had Gene Jr., Marissa managed to finish college and got a great job teaching English at the college. She eventually told Gene to make himself visible for her friends as well as her family. They ended up marrying that year before she had Jr. Giovanni and Camille also married and have a child of their own. Unfortunately Dylan and Ashley didn’t marry but do have successful careers and other partners.

“You know we need a vacation honey, ” She told Gene as she tried to get Jr. dressed for school.

“Yes I know but remember you said no magic,” he teased his wife.

“I know I did. I know I agreed to live like “normal” people,” Marissa said frustrated.

“Where did you wanna go mommy?” Junior asked.

“Marissa smiled. “Hmm, maybe somewhere like Spain.”

“Yes! Spain is beautiful, especially this time of year!” Gene agreed.

Marissa was about to speak when suddenly she looked around and saw she was in a foreign land. Gene was with her and they both looked at each other in shock.

“Junior!” Marissa called out.

Back home, Gene Jr. laughed. He couldn’t wait to see what other amazing things he could do.

The End

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