I have a crush on my brother – Part 4

“I have a crush on my brother” Vol 4.

Ami tiptoed across the hallway to Kyle’s bedroom door slowly and quietly wearing only her bedtime robe and some boxer shorts. With a yawn, she
twisted the knob and slowly opened Kyle’s door. She entered the room and shut the door behind her, walked over to Kyle’s bed and whispered “Hey..Kyle..Wake up..I’m here.”

Kyle shook his head and opened his eyes to find Ami standing over him. “Uhh..” he mumbled,
still half asleep. “Hey sis.” He sat up and yawned.

“Hey..I’m here, like you asked..what did you want to um.. talk about?”

Kyle reached over and turned on his lamp. He looked up and saw Ami standing there. She looked so amazing, Kyle thought. Standing there in her night robe with part of her long brown hair trapped in her cleavage…Kyle was dumbstruck by his sister. He snapped out of the awkward moment and said “I just have been thinking about you a lot since the whole.. you know.. couch incident. Why did you want to kiss
me so bad?”

Ami blushed and sat down on the bed next to Kyle. “I.. I don’t know. I’ve actually been thinking a lot about you lately too. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help it.

Kyle put his arm around her and said “It’s okay sis, really. Don’t be sorry.. it’s perfectly alright.” He paused and looked at her for a moment and smiled. “You’re so beautiful Ami.”

Ami’s face was on fire. She shyly said “Thanks.. you’re.. really cute too, Kyle.” She smiled at him glad to know that he was thinking and feeling somewhat the same as herself.

Kyle caressed her shoulder and pulled her in to where her head was laying just below his neck. He looked down and kissed Ami on the top of her head and hugged her tight. “I love you sis.”

Ami was so bewildered by this moment that she just mumbled “mhmm” and smiled, closing her eyes as she heard the heartbeat of Kyle speed up a little. “I love you too Kyle.” She raised up and pressed her lips against his and stayed there. Ami felt the sudden urge to try something she had never experienced before. She slid her tounge into Kyle’s mouth and caressed hers around his.

Kyle responded by propping up and putting his arms around Ami,
pulling her closer, making out with his own sister as passionate as ever. Her hands roamed Kyle’s body, from his neck down to his stomach, Ami was feeling her brother for the first time. Ami released her lips from Kyle’s, her hands still roaming.

Kyle’s erection was getting more noticeable by the second. He sat up and pulled the covers out from his waste and threw them on the floor. His cock was buldging out of his boxers plain as day. Ami looked down at it and didn’t know what to think or say. Kyle saw the puzzled look on her face and he took hold of her little hand and said “Ami, do you trust me?”

Ami looked at him and softly said “Yes.” With Kyle’s hand in hers, he moved it down to his croch and placed her hand right on his buldging cock. “Oh Kyle.. it’s.. it’s so warm.” She started massaging his cock through his boxers. “Does that um… feel good?”

Kyle nodded. “Oh yes, Ami, real good.” Ami smiled and continued massaging her brother’s cock. After awhile she found his balls and started to massage them as well. Ami liked this.. she had never done anything with a boy before, all this exploration was making her horny for the first time. Ami wanted to impress Kyle, so she grabbed the top of his boxers and pulled them down to his ankles, allowing his 7inch cock to fall out into the open. Ami looked down at it and put her hand on it again. She gripped his hard prick and massaged it up and down. “Oh Ami.. that feels so good. Don’t stop.” She kept rubbing, over and over and over.

Kyle couldn’t believe it himself that his little sister was rubbing his cock right now. He watched in amazement as Ami eagerly jacked his prick up and down repeatidly. Ami looked up at him “Sorry.. I just.. dont know what to do now.” Kyle smiled down at her. “It’s okay sis.. you’re doing really good. Here, try this.” he reached down and grabbed her free hand and placed it on his ballsack. Ami knew what Kyle wanter her to do. She tugged on his sack with one hand while she continued jacking his prick. “Oh yeah Ami, wow..” Ami smiled to herself, happy that she was making Kyle feel this way.

After awhile, Kyle sat back up and took her hand off his cock. Ami, on her knees, leaned back and layed next to Kyle on the bed. “Now what?” she asked in curiosity.

Kyle thought for a moment and then he took Ami’s robe in hand and pulled it down, setting her b36 14 year old tits free. They were amazing. So round, firm, perfect nipple size. Ami sat there, her tits right infront of her own brother. Kyle reached and took one in hand, and squeezed it gently, then he shifted to the other. He layed Ami back on the bed and pulled her robe completely off and tossed it aside. Ami looked up waiting for him to do something, their naked bodies just a few inches apart. Kyle grabbed her legs and spread them apart. He almost cummed right then when he saw her perfectly bald pussy. He reached down and rubbed it slowly. Ami moaned slightly as Kyle caressed her hot pussy. “Oh matt. That feels really good.” She whimpered. Kyle carressed his sisters pussy and all of a sudden Ami felt a jolt as Kyle slipped one of his fingers into her dripping cunt. “Oh Kyle! Ohh..” Kyle slipped it in deeper and pulled it out, and back in, and back out, slowly fingering her. Ami closed her eyes and placed her hands on her boobs as her very own brother fingers her. Kyle leaned in on her pussy and slowly slipped a second finger into her pussy, sticking his tounge out to get a taste of his sister. “Oh Kyle..lick me! Oh lick me Kyle!” she moaned as Kyle did as she requested. His tounge slid up and down her pussy, his two fingers still pumping her. He licked his sister over and over, enjoying her reactions to his tounge pressing against her sweet lips.

Ami felt Kyle pull her in closer and wrap his arms around her legs. He leaned in, smothering her pussy with his face. Kyle slid his tounge slowly into Ami’s hole, licking up and down on its way in. He slipped it out and licked her pussy as a whole again, and once again slid his tounge inbetween Ami’s slits. Ami squeezed her breasts and moaned as Kyle tounge fucked her. Kyle licked faster, moving in and out quicker, licking and sucking on her as best he could. “Yes.. ohhh.. Kyle..keep licking my… my pussy.” Ami moaned. Kyle kept lapping at her pussy, swirling his tounge and sucking on her clit.

Suddenly, Kyle sat up and leaned back, his stiff prick sticking straight out in the air. Ami leaned up, her pussy moist with her brother’s saliva, and layed down on her stomach as she took Kyle’s cock in her hand. She rubbed it a few times as she leaned in and licked her brother’s cock for the first time. She licked his shaft up and down, from base to tip. Kyle placed his hand on the back of her head and moaned as he watched his sister lick his cock. “Wow Ami.. you’re really good at this.” Ami looked up with her glowing eyes and smiled at him. “Thanks. I didn’t think it’d be this easy.” She began licking again, and she brought up her other hand and massaged his ballsack. “Oh Kyle your dick tastes good. I could lick it all day.” Kyle grinned at her “I wouldn’t mind that at all.” She continued licking his cock over and over, her hand tugging on his sack. After a moment, she stopped licking and asked “Um, now what? I’m sorry.. I just dont know what to do”

Kyle propped her up and sat her next to him on the bed. “Sis..” Kyle put his arm around her and massaged her left breast. “Y-yes Kyle?”

Kyle paused for a moment and softly spoke. “I want to….”
“Want to what?” she asked “It’s okay Kyle..” she reached down and stroked his cock. “You can tell me.”

Kyle finally spoke up “I want to fuck you”

Ami was silent for a moment and she suddenly arose to her feet, and
sat back down to where Kyle’s dick was right infront of her pussy. “Then fuck me Kyle, I want you to” she said as s
he grinded her pussy against his throbbinb cock. “Just tell me what to do”

Kyle lifted his naked sister up off his lap. “Okay. Ami get on the floor.” Ami dropped down to the floor and layed down on her back, legs spread apart. Kyle dropped down as well and massaged her pussy for a moment. “Here sis, do this… get on your knees and like, lay your head down on the floor.” Ami immediately did as she was told, she turned over and layed her head down on the floor, sticking her perfectly round ass and bald pussy out in the air. Kyle approached her and squeezed her asscheeks and pulled them apart. He got closer and slid his hands up her back to her shoulders, and gripped them tightly. Kyle grabbed hold of his cock and slowly pressed it against Ami’s wet pussy lips. He rubbed it on her pussy and slapped it against her asscheeks a few times, and then he finally leaned in and pushed his dick inside his little sister’s pussy.

Ami moaned as Kyle pushed his dick further and further into his sister. As soon as his prick was all the way in, Kyle began to slide it in and out of Ami’s pussy slowly. “Ohhh…” Ami moaned. “Can I go faster now sis?” Kyle asked with anticipation. “Ohh yes Kyle yes! Fuck me as fast as you want! Ohh..” Kyle began to hump his sister faster, sliding his dick in and out quicker and quicker. Her tight pussy was squeezing his cock and he loved it. Even faster, he kept pumping his sister over and over, his balls slapping her lower chest and her tits bouncing up and down each time his throbbing cock penetrates her 14 year old pussy. Kyle couldn’t believe it. He was fucking his own sister, and he liked it! “Keep fucking me Kyle, I love it. Ohh.. fuck me” she moaned.

“Hold on” Kyle slipped his dick out of her pussy and he layed down on the floor flat on his back, dick sticking straight up. “Come get on top of my and sit on my dick.” Ami crawled up onto his lap and raised up so that the tip of Kyle’s cock was inches from her pussy. Ami thrust downward allowing Kyle’s full length to jam into her pussy. “Ohhh!”, she moaned. Kyle lay motionless. “Arent you going to fuck me Kyle?” Kyle smiled at her and said “No, you’re going to fuck me. Here i’ll explain how.” Kyle pulled about half of his cock out of her and layed back down. “Okay, now just keep pushing your pussy down on my cock over and over.. hop up and down on it.” Ami nodded and thrusted down once again on Kyle’s cock. “Ohh…..like that?” Kyle nodded and she repeated. Over and over she raised up and slammed down on his cock, moaning on her way down every time. She leaned back and moved faster, humping her brother’s cock over and over and over again. Kyle reached up and massaged her tits as she continued raising and lowering herself onto Kyle’s dick. “Oh Ami..I’m going to cum..please stop I don’t want you to get pregnant.” Kyle said as his dick was preparing to explode.

Ami slid off of his dick and took it in her hand. She felt it throbbing violently. Kyle took her hand off his cock and said “Ami please let me cum all over your face.” Ami smiled and leaned in to where her face was inches from Kyle’s dick. Kyle couldn’t hold it any longer and unloaded all over Ami’s face. Ami closed her eyes and felt Kyle’s hot liquid pour all over her. Kyle finished and looked at Ami, her face covered in his cum. Ami smiled at him. “Your cum is really warm.” Kyle laughed and layed back down on the floor. “I love you Ami”

“I love you too Matt.” she smiled.

Kyle glanced over at the clock. 6:30 AM. Wow, he thought. He’d been fucking Ami for the last four hours. “Sucks mom and dad are home, huh?” Kyle said.

Ami giggled “Yeah. What if they werent?”

Kyle thought a minute and said “I’d fuck you all day long.”
Ami smiled at him “We still have an hour until they wake up.” She layed down so that her face was buring in his cock and started sucking on his ballsack. She sucked his balls into her mouth and then took them out and climbed up ontop of Kyle, her head resting upon his chest. She closed her eyes and fell asleep on top of her brother, not believing what she had just experienced.

As soon as they had both drifted off to sleep, Kyle awoke to a noise. He rolled Ami to the side and looked up to find his Mother standing over him. Kyle froze and couldn’t move. His Mother was right over him. She looked over at Ami’s cum-stained face and naked body and back to me. “So, you like fucking your sister huh?” said Mrs. Dolce. “Let’s see how good you can handle me.” She walked into the bedroom and closed the door behind her.

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    Congrats on a well done story! Please continue your series. It is one of the hottest i have read in a while!

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