Indulgent Sex – Part 1

Indulgent Sex – Part 1

As she closed the door behind her, it felt as if the atmosphere in the room had already changed. She was so beautiful today, as if it was Tim seeing Julie for the first time, but this was well over a year after they had gotten together in a relationship. Every time Tim’s eyes set on Julie’s body, his blood started to flow throughout him, making him feel hot and intimate.

Julie was born in Canada seventeen years ago, a slim, caucasian girl with beautiful dark blonde hair. She was 5′ 5″, with smooth, vanilla-like skin and tender B-Cup breasts. Everything about her fit her body extremely well–her soft skin, soothing voice, and that subtle scent of peaches made her quite the perfect teenage girl. Today, she was wearing a red mini-skirt with a tight-fitting black tanktop, the cleavage of her curves and breasts made her look very sexy. Her legs seemed to come together in harmony at her vagina, but was concealed by the soft fabric of her mini-skirt; Tim loved her silky smooth legs, and could only dream of ever setting his mouth between them.

Tim, too, was quite fit. He, too, was seventeen years old and had a medium-sculpted body. He wasn’t a body builder with extreme packs of muscle, but he did have a sexually attractive body–his shoulders were lean and strong, and he had a firmly sculpted stomach with a nice set of abs. As a couple, Tim and Julie were certainly visually appealing. But what people really thought about was how amazing their sex must’ve been.

Julie started taking slow steps towards Tim, in a way that a model would. “Oh, Tim, do you want my smooth, soft, vagina all over your hard cock?” she teased. Tim grinned as he locked his eyes on her smooth breasts–how he would love to lick and stroke them. Julie slowly turned around, so her back could be seen. She slowly bent down and touched her feet with her right hand, while holding her hair with her left. “Do you want to feel my wet flesh rub all over you, dear?” Julie said. Tim stared at Julie’s beautiful ass, which was covered by her mini-skirt. It seemed so tight and soft, he got such a strong urge to just fuck the life out of her then and there.

Julie slowly rose up and walked towards Tim, she got to her knees and began kissing against his crotch, which was veiled by his jeans. Tim quickly went to unbuckle his belt, but felt his hand being stopped in mid-air by Julie: “Nuh uh uh, you set one finger on me and I’ll stop being “nice” right now.” she hissed out. He sighed and set his arm back down. Julie began to nibble on his belt, slowly biting against it until she pulled open the leather attached to his buckle. She then tilted her head up and began kissing his stomach, all the way up to his chest, underneath his shirt. She brought her head out of his shirt and nudged him to take it off, he did. She slowly straddled over him, and Tim began to back up to give her room on the bed.

Julie set her lips on Tim’s, slowly sucking on his moist lips. She slipped her tongue out of her mouth and into his, licking and sucking on his tongue. She loved the feel of his saliva draping her tongue, as she searched his mouth with passion. Tim responded back, pressing her head against his with his hands, and then sucking on her soft tongue. Her mouth was small, but it felt amazing to tongue kiss such an amazing girl. After about a minute of kissing, Julie tilted her head down and kissed Tim on the chin, neck, and chest, while returning back to his crotch. She bit on the edge of his jeans, tugging it, signaling him to remove them. Tim quickly pulled off his jeans and boxers, not imagining how amazing it would be to have Julie sucking on his long, 7″ cock.

She glanced at Tim and gave a small smirk, then leaned towards his already hard cock. She began kissing the skin around the base of his cock, making Tim impatient. Julie started licking his scrotum, sucking on his testes; letting her saliva stream down his scrotum. Tim moaned out in pleasure, it felt so great to feel Julie’s small, soft tongue outline his testes. He hadn’t masturbated in at least two months, and couldn’t imagine how much sperm would burst out once he orgasmed–the thought alone made him get even harder. Finally, Julie set her tender lips onto the base of Tim’s rock-hard cock. She began kissing his cock as she worked her way up his shaft, licking and moaning as she savored his 7″ piece of meaty flesh. Once she reached his glans area, Tim moaned out in delight as Julie passionately sucked vigorously on his glans area, bringing her head up and in, getting his entire cock down her soft, tight, throat.

Julie then began to swish her tongue on Tim’s glans area. She did this very fast, allowing the tip of her tongue to tease him as she slowed down randomly, bobbing her soft head up and down, sucking very slowly. And then, she sped up out of nowhere, taking his hard cock out of her mouth, seeing her streaks of saliva float in mid-air before disintegrating. Landing her slick, wet tongue on his penis head, she licked his hard cock like a lollipop, occasionally letting her saliva simply drool out of her mouth and onto his delicious cock. “Mmm…you’re so hard Tim…” Julie said, a small chuckle under her voice.

At this point, Tim could feel his 2 month supply of sperm starting to flow at the base of his penis. His cock felt so good at the touch of Julie’s amazing tongue; he could never imagine her giving him such an amazing blowjob. Tim leaned forward, gently moving his right hand towards her breasts. He thought she would stop him, but she continued devouring his gigantic cock, every inch inside her small, tight, mouth. Tim groped Julie’s left breast, it felt quite plump and soft, he loved the feeling of squeezing it, and evertime he did so, Julie would push her head further down, deep-throating Tim’s hard cock. She made muffled moaning sounds “Mmm! Oh Tim, please, don’t stop, it feels so good!” she said out loud after getting his cock out of her mouth.

So he brought his left hand forward and began squeezing both of Julie’s soft breasts with his hands. They felt tender and squishy under his fingers, her nipples were very erect, pushing through her tanktop, making a visible impression that she was probably very wet in her vagina too. He took her nipples in between his index finger and thumb, both on each hand. Tim slowly pressed and let go of her nipples, making Julie moan out loud every time he did so. “Oh god…don’t stop.” Julie said under her breath, taking back Tim’s cock into her mouth.

Once Julie got all of Tim’s scrumptious cock inside her delicate mouth, she tried her best to enclose her throat and mouth all over it, carressing his rock-hard cock with her sweet, warm saliva. She teasingly brought her head up out of his cock very slowly, allowing her saliva to flow down and onto his balls, which wasn’t used to the hot temperature of her saliva–so it gave Tim a tingling sensation. Julie then tilted her head to the side, landing her tender lips on his shaft, and moving her head side to side, allowing her lips to ride his shaft like an elevator, seeping out her slick saliva all over his drenched cock. Julie abruptly stopped, and got up, ready for her next act.

To be continued in the next part of this series.

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