The First Meeting

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My skin tingled as I stepped from the shower. I had set it so the spray invigorated my body, waking me up. I loved the feeling of the hot water hitting my back and shoulders, standing under the falling water, feeling it run down my body, watching it clear the soap away.

Grabbing the towel, I quickly wiped my body, then rubbed it over my hair. I wasn’t in a hurry to dress, so I’d let my body dry as it wanted to. Returning the towel to the rack, I looked at my reflection, making faces as I always did. Yes, I was right. Just there, at the corner of my eye, the beginnings of a crease, formed both by laughter and tears. The progress of life making its mark. Wrinkling my nose, I was glad that I didn’t fret endlessly over my appearance. I was who I was, and hiding behind a mask wouldn’t change it. Still, the face that stared back at me, while not one that would grace magazine covers, didn’t prompt nightmares in small children.

After brushing my teeth and running a comb through my still damp hair, I slipped on my robe, not bothering to tie it. The feeling of satin against clean skin was fabulous and decadent. Dressed like this, I felt as if I could have been a Parisian courtesan, or a millionaire. Or someone’s mistress. Anything, anyone, anywhere. Leaving the arms of another man, or waiting for my lover to once again make his mark. The combination of my thoughts and the fabric brushing against naked flesh, caressing, soft, whispering, began to arouse me, nipples hardening as the robe moved with each step.

Walking to the kitchen in bare feet, I switched on the kettle. Coffee – a necessity. Instant coffee, sugar and milk into the cup, I wandered to my computer, booting it up. Behind me, the kettle merrily bubbled away to itself, its internal temperature rising to that specific point, slowly building until it soars, singing out its pleasure as it hits its peak, and then settling into its slow recovery, quickly calming, but the heat fading gradually.

As my modem conducted its usual conversation with the server, connecting to the internet, I poured the water into the cup, sipping at the hot contents, the smell alone working its magic to revive me. Sitting at my computer, I eagerly checked my mail, waiting to hear the sounds that would tell me he had written.

As I glanced through a few sites, my computer spoke to me, but didn’t say the name I wished to hear. Swallowing my disappointment, I read and replied, longing to hear from him, but after twenty minutes, nothing appeared. It was foolish to expect something, his life away from the computer taking precedence, but after communicating for so long, to know that he was there, that he was thinking of me, was wonderful.

Sighing, I terminated the connection and glanced at my phone, checking it for any messages that might have appeared since I had checked it when I awoke, after my shower, and once again when I sat at the computer, even though it hadn’t notified me. I left the computer on, music playing softly as I moved restlessly around the house.

He had been busy lately, unable to write often. I had missed our typed conversations, the affection and wanting apparent despite the miles it travelled. Sighing, I tried to push him from my mind as I began the rest of my day.

Absently, I pulled on some clothes. Plain white cotton underwear, denim jeans. My uniform on days where I had nowhere to go and all day to get there. Fastening my bra, the doorbell rang, breaking through my thoughts of him, through the almost tangible feeling of missing him. Pulling on my shirt, I only did two middle buttons, closing most of the shirt, mainly in the name of modesty. I left my feeling of decadence aside when I dropped the robe on my bed.

I opened the door without bothering to check to see who was there, throwing the computer a look of disappointment and disapproval.


The voice startled me. Until now, I had only heard it occasionally and briefly over the phone, across the distance, and repeatedly in my dreams. I never expected to hear it at my front door. I never expected to see its owner standing there, looking slightly dishevelled, but nonetheless amazing. So many questions raced through my mind, but my voice seemed absent.

“Hello,” I responded softly, my mind not fully believing what my eyes were seeing.

“Can I come in?” Numbly, I stepped back from the door, allowing him into my apartment. I closed the door behind him, leaning against it for support as he dropped his bags and then turned to face me.

“Do you usually dress like this to answer the door?” His voice was slightly amused, his eyes following the line of my shirt, the outline of my bra and then the length of my body, before returning to meet mine, a smile on his face.

“Only when I’m hoping it’s you.” The sassy response fell easily from my lips, my grin matching his.


“You should have seen what I was wearing earlier.” It felt good to know that we communicated the same way without the distance between us, without the barriers of a myriad of computers.

Slowly, he moved towards me, his hand reaching out to touch my face. As I kissed his palm, he said “Show me later,” before lowering his mouth to mine.

The kiss was everything I had imagined and dreamed, and more. It was more because it was real, he was real. He was here. Slowly, I moved my hands up along his chest, one stopping, the other moving to his neck, pulling his head closer as I moved my body into his embrace. His hands moved across my back, one moving down to my ass, pressing me against him, the other finding its way under the fabric. Our tongues met, at first teasing, then moving against each other as sparks fired through my body. Where the water had earlier stung my skin, his hand soothed. Our kiss deepened as first one hand, and then the other, found my breasts.

With only partial regret, we broke the kiss. I looked up into the eyes I had seen many times, but only wished to see this expression in them. Need, desire, hunger. All for me. “Hello,” I said again, feeling giddy.

With a chuckle, he returned the greeting, taking a half-step back to allow me to move from the door. Taking a breath, I pulled my shirt into place, my body missing his touch. With a cheeky grin, I asked “Coffee or me?”

“Well, I guess a coffee would be a good thing since I’ve been drinking sludge for the last 23 hours.” I moved away as he tried to close the distance, the fact that he was actually standing in my apartment still making itself known in my mind. “Then again, you do hold a certain appeal. What do you recommend?”

“Well,” I drawled, once again moving out of his reach. “I guess I’ll let you have whatever you can catch, but the coffee would be easier.” Laughing, I danced back out of his reach again. Lunging, he received a quick touch of fabric for his efforts. I turned, laughing again and glancing over my shoulder to make sure he was following, I jogged, dodged and evaded his hands as I headed down the hallway, finally allowing him to half-tackle me to the bed.

“Anything I could catch, hey?” he asked, rolling me over and pinning my body beneath his. Teasingly, I arched my back, rubbing up against him.

“A deal’s a deal,” I replied, lifting my head to try to capture his lips, which he avoided easily.

“I guess I get to claim a prize then, to do with as I wish?” Slowly, he moved my hands above my head, causing the shirt to pull across my breasts, silhouetting the lace beneath the fabric.

“Of course.” Our breath was ragged, from both the laughing game in the hallway and the desire that was coursing through our bodies, growing with each passing second.

“You,” he said huskily. “You’re mine.”

I swallowed. From anyone else, the words would have annoyed me, or made me fearful. But from him, I felt cherished, wanted,
desired. I was his. Just as he was mine. “Always.”

He claimed my lips again, his hands sliding along my arm
s, caressing, my own moving to his shoulders. Lying against me, his weight was reassuring, welcome. I slid my leg along his, moving it to circle his waist, his arousal pressing against me. With his lips at my throat, I arched my back again, loving the feel of his touch, of his lips against me. A hand slid across my breast, teasing my nipple, rubbing back and forth, sensations running the course of my body.

Lifting my head, I commanded his lips again, before kissing along his jaw, nibbling along his throat, tongue trailing circles along his shoulder. I knew I found a sensitive spot as his breath hitched, his hands stilling for a moment as they undid the buttons, giving him easier access to my breasts.

Pushing up slightly, I rolled him to the bed. Kneeling over him, I bent to kiss him once again, moving his hands to my hips. With a grin, I straightened, sliding the shirt from my shoulders, giving him full view. As he sat, I pulled his shirt from the waist of his jeans, unbuttoning it slowly, palms moving along his body.

I let my head fall back as his mouth found my breasts, his hands holding me still. Heat was coursing through my body, a trail of fire from where his tongue circled each nipple in turn through the lace down to my very centre, my clit responding as my nipples did to each flick and suck. Reaching behind me, I undid the clasp, sliding the straps from my shoulders, giving him complete access. I moaned as he nipped each in turn, the pleasure-pain rushing through my body.

Lifting his head, he wrapped his arms around me again, crushing me to his body before moving me back to the bed. Kissing me thoroughly, his hand moved along my body, cupping and pressing against my groin. I raised my hips against his hand, wanting his touch, wishing the material to dissolve. I moved my leg between his, rubbing against him. With a groan, he broke our kiss, moving away from me to sit at the end of the bed.

As he unlaced his boots, I knelt behind him, kissing his shoulder as I removed his shirt, my hands roaming over his back and then across his chest towards his belt. Working blind, I unbuckled his belt before he pulled me to his lap. He undid the button to my jeans, as I unbuttoned his, gasping when he slid down the zipper to be able to reach inside. Although I longed for his touch, I moved from him, standing. Slowly, I pushed the denim over my hips, taking my underpants off as I did. Naked, I straddled him, his hands finding their way to my ass as we fell back onto the bed, kissing yet again. Moving to one side, I kissed down his chest, laving his nipples as he did mine before moving on. My hands unzipped his jeans, pressing against his arousal before I began to slide them from his body. Before I could get far, his hands reached for me, pulling me back up the bed. Quickly, he removed the rest of his clothes, my eyes watching his body. I knew he was here with me in this room, but I was still amazed.

Lying back, he knelt over me, one hand sliding along my outer thigh and across my stomach before moving to my crotch. His fingers teased as his tongue matched the movements at my breast. My own hands ached to repay the pleasure he was giving me, and I reached for him. With a chuckle, he nipped at my breast. “You’re my prize, just lie there and let me do what I want.”

Faking a pout, I said “No fair,” then gasped he slipped a finger inside me. His thumb flicked across my clit, causing me to whimper. As he chuckled again, I knew he was enjoying himself as he teased, possibly too much. I’d pay him back for that later I decided, as his fingers worked their magic.

My breath became pants as the electric sensations grew. Heat flooded my body as he moved within me, my pulse racing. His lips moved down to my stomach, sparks radiating from where they touched my skin. Moving my hips, I wanted more, needed more. I wanted to be filled completely. But I wanted to reciprocate first.

I slid back along the bed as he moved his hand, my body instantly missing his touch. At his puzzled expression, I chuckled and simply said “My turn.”

“You’re never happy, are you?” he replied with a groan, but still moved further up the bed to await my repayment. I began by once again kissing along his chest, flicking and nipping at his nipples. His hands played along my back and through my hair as I moved down his body. I had described what I would do many times, but now it was his chance to experience it.

I moved my hands along his stomach, sliding them over his hips and along his thighs, before moving them between his legs and up towards their goal. I let my mouth play at his hip, tracing circles with my tongue. Lifting my head, I let my fingers slowly move along his length, teasing with my fingertips, before wrapping one hand to stroke him. With the other, I rubbed my palm against the head, feeling the satiny smooth skin. Lowering my head, I let my tongue follow my hand’s path, circling him, teasing. Gently, I let my breath out in a slow stream, across where my tongue had made its path, before softly rubbing my cheek against him. As I teased, I felt him tighten beneath my touch.

Slowly, I licked my lips and took him in my mouth, gently sucking. Moving gradually at first, I increased my pace and the pressure as he responded, moving my tongue against him. His hands played through my hair, his hips raising, thrusting. I changed pace, letting him out of my mouth for a moment. As I licked, my hand held his balls, cupping them, my other hand once again stroking, squeezing gently. Once again, I let my mouth do the work I knew it could do. Sucking, harder, longer, taking in as much of him as I could. His moans and cries my own reward.

After awhile, he grabbed my arms again, lifting me up the bed. With another groan, he rolled me to my back, parting my legs with a knee. Lying above me, I could feel him pressing, seeking entrance. Kissing him briefly, I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him close. Our eyes met as he slid inside. We had both been waiting for this moment for too long, but now he was here, where I wanted him on too many nights. My eyes closed as he filled me, pressing deep.

He withdrew, and I gasped as he plunged again. His breathing and moans matched my whimpers as we found our rhythm, the beat to this timeless dance. “Oh God.” The first orgasmic shudder passed through my body as again he moved within me. I was helpless to do anything but match his movements, my hands on his back, holding on. My heart raced, my panting matching his as we moved faster, our bodies rising on the heat we were generating. He was taking me to heights I knew he could, higher than I had been in a very long time. Higher, in fact, than I had ever been before.

Wave after wave, my orgasm crashed through me. I couldn’t control what I was feeling, all I could do was hold tighter, my hands clawing his back, as my muscles clenched.

“Oh, my God.” I rode each wave as it came, riding each move he made. “Nicholas, please.” I couldn’t do any more than gasp the words.

“Yes, Jessica. Yes.” His thrusts became deeper, uncontrolled. My body jerked against him as I came, my movements erratic as the pleasure flooded through me. All I could do was call his name, over and over, holding him close, tightening around him as he lifted me higher as he came within me, pushing me further over the edge.

My body shook as he collapsed on top of me, my orgasm continuing. Our breathing was ragged, a film of sweat over our bodies. I felt as if I was floating, but I knew I was safe in his arms as he rolled to his back, rolling me with him, still inside me.

As our breathing slowed, I looked up at him, a slight smile on my lips. I unwrapped my legs, moving from around him, but snuggling close. Kissing his shoulder, words were unnecessary, but I said them anyway. “Thank you.”

He kissed me again, slowly, deeply, before dropping a quick ki
ss on my forehead. “Thank you.”

Satiated, content, I rested my head on h
is chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart. Could it be better than this?

“So.” His voice brought a smile to my lips, lifted my heart. I never expected this to happen ever, let alone today. He was here. And here, he was mine.

“Yeah?” I raised my head, resting it on one hand to look at him.

“Did you mention coffee?”

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  1. kelly

    Good Story…I liked it!

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  2. Will

    Very erotic, smooth style.

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  3. Thanks guys – greatly appreciate it :)

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  4. diva

    This is one of the most well written stories I have read. Can’t wait to read more by you.

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  5. nurselori

    Very well written, will look for more of you.

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