The Sexual Adventures of Spider-Man: Part I

Spider-Man was swinging through the streets of New York City in hot pursuit of the Green Goblin, aka Norman Osborn, his deadliest enemy. So far, the Goblin had raped two women today. He had then thrown their bodies from the Brooklyn Bridge. Spider-Man was going to put a stop to his sick antics today.

“Stop right there, Osborn!” Spider-Man yelled as the Green Goblin rounded a corner.”Ah! I was waiting till you would show up, Spider-Man!” said the Goblin, “I was hoping for a good fight to end a perfect day!” At these words, he lobbed one of his homemade pumpkin bombs at the costumed hero, who dodged it quickly. “Damn!” yelled the Goblin. “I was hoping I’d be able to have my way with you, after I’d killed you!”
“You are one sick fuck, Osborn!” said Spider-Man as he punched the Goblin. With a swift kick to the balls, the Goblin was down on the ground. Quickly, Spider-Man webbed him up, trapping him for the police to take him to jail. “Hey, Goblin!” yelled Spider-Man over his shoulder, “Try not to drop the soap in the slammer!”

Ten minutes later, after a quick change of costume, Peter Parker walked into his apartment, where his supermodel girlfriend Mary Jane Watson was already waiting for him. She was wearing a sexy black tanktop and tight jeans.”MJ? What are you doing home so early?” asked Peter. “Well, Pete, I was able to get off work early. I had something special planned tonight.” MJ said as she flashed Peter a sexy smile. “After all those crimes you stop every day, I figured you could use a break.” She slowly walked up to him and kissed him on the lips. They didn’t stop until about two minutes later, when MJ took off Peter’s shirt. MJ started licking his chest, then when she reached his belly button, she slowly unzipped Peter’s pants, revealing his hard nine inch cock (the radioactive spider bite that Peter got increased his penis growth). She licked the tip of his penis and then she licked his balls. Peter moaned as she then took all nine inches and shoved it down her throat. Peter was in ecstasy as she bobbed her head up and down, sucking his cock. The faster she sucked, the more Peter groaned. Waves of orgasmic pleasure were rushing towards his brain. “Oh, MJ, don’t stop.” Finally, Peter came right in MJ’s mouth. Strand after strand of gooey cum went down MJ’s throat. “Mmm. You taste good, baby.” said MJ as she licked her lips. “Now it’s your turn.”

MJ took off her top to let her long red hair down over her large natural breasts. She then took off her pants to reveal a pink thong with a heart on the front. Peter squeezed MJ’s breasts and then licked her nipples. MJ squealed with pleasure. He kissed down her stomach and removed her thong, revealing tufts of red pubic hair. He lead her over to the couch, laid her down, and buried his face in her pussy. Mary Jane squealed again as he nibbled her clit with his lips and started eating her pussy. “OH GOD! YES, PETER! YES!” she screamed as he licked her cunt vigorously. “OH! OH! OOOOOHHHHH!” MJ’s pussy quivered rapidly as she came. Once the orgasm wore off, she said to Peter, “Let’s go into the bedroom.”

Peter and Mary Jane kissed passionately on their cozy bed, exploring each other’s naked bodies. She massaged his muscles while he felt her soft, smooth skin. MJ broke their kiss. “Peter…have you ever tried…anal?” Peter took a few seconds to reply. “No…not really.” “Well, tiger, that’s something that’s gonna have to change.” she said as she lay on her stomach, exposing her ass to Peter. Peter ran a finger down her ass crack. MJ giggled. “You ready?” Peter asked. MJ nodded. Peter plunged his penis deep into MJ’s ass. MJ moaned in pleasure as Peter started grinding her ass. Peter’s balls slapped continuously against MJ’s pussy as he started to cum. MJ could feel Peter’s hot sperm travel down her ass, deep inside of her.”Mmmm.” She turned around to lay on her back again. She opened her pink pussy with her fingers, inviting Peter’s cock. Peter took the hint, and slowly pushed the length of his manhood into MJ’s vagina. MJ gave a squeal and then moaned louder and louder as Peter mashed his hips into hers. They passionately kissed and MJ threw her head back as she prepared for her second orgasm. “OH FUCK!!!” Peter could feel MJ’s warm pussy juices on his throbbing cock. In about ten minutes, Peter came for the third time that night. MJ moaned one last time feeling Peter’s hot cum deep inside of her. Peter took his wet, aching dick out of Mary Jane’s quivering vagina as they both collapsed on the bed. “That was amazing.” said Peter. Then, Mary Jane said something that Peter hadn’t heard since they had first met. MJ turned over and whispered in Peter’s ear “Face it, tiger. You just hit the jackpot” before they both fell asleep in each other’s arms.


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The Sexual Adventures of Spider-Man: Part I, 3.7 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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  1. alwayshornygal

    great story

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  2. pharynroller400

    Spider-Man was naked without clothes and keep the mask on

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