Sales Man

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I was laying on the couch naked fingering myself when the bell rang. Slowly I got up and wrapped a blanket around myself, thinking it was the pizza I ordered, but when I opened the door it wasn’t. It was a man with a vacuum in one hand and a suitcase in one hand. He looked at me and asked,
“Excuse me Ma’am but are your parents home?” rn “Nope,” I answer, “what do you need?”rn ” I’m a sales man and I was wondering if they would like to buy a vacuum, but since they are not I will let you go.” He goes to leave but I grab his arm quickly causing my blanket to fall. rn ” Going so soon? I might be interested in buying a vacuum.” I see his eyes scan my body; they hover over my C cup breasts and then again on my wet shaven pussy. “It’s ok sir, I’m legal.” I saw as I pull him into the house and slam the door behind him and push him over to the couch. Somewhere along the way he drops his suitcase and the vacuum along the way. “Ma’am this isn’t right.” He says.rn “Oh but it is. The customer is always right. Don’t worry I’m on the pill.” I get on his lap and start to kiss him, my wet pussy rubbing on his pants. I feel him go hard, then a second later I feel his hands start to play with my pussy. I moan, “yessss.” rn “You’re so fucking wet.” He says, forgetting about his manors, “get off of me!” Then he pushed me off so the side of the couch, stands up and pulls down his pants and boxers. And before me is a 8 inch cock. I can’t help myself, I fly over to it and begin to suck it. “Yeah baby!” He moans as he grabs my hair and forces me to deep throat his dick. Minutes into my deep throating, licking and sucking, he lets out a load into my mouth, I swallow most of it but some of it escapes down my chin. rn Before I know what is happening he has me bend over the couch and he is tasting my juices. His tongue slides between my puss lips and over my clit for a bit. Then he enters my tight pussy with his tongue twice then he stands up. “I can’t let such a good pussy go to waiste!” he says then he slides his dick into my pussy. rn “YESSS!” I scream, as he pulls out and rams it in. He fucks me as I lean over the couch. “yes yes yes.” I can hear him moaning under my screams of joy. My body gets hot as I feel my orgasm hit me. “YEEESSSS!!!!” I scream, as my pussy explodes with juices. But he keeps going, my body spasms as he keeps pounding away. Then twenty seconds later he cums and pulls out. He licks my pussy cleaning it off. rnI still lay on the couch as he puts his pants back on then grabs his stuff and walks towards the door, “Don’t hesitate to tell the other sales people about this house.” I say. rn He looks at me and says, “I will try again next week for your parents.” And walks out.

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