salon fantasy

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i have been having this fantasy over and over again for years. i am the last client of the night in the salon. i am getting a short, sexy haircut. as she is finishing me up, she says i need to go and lock the doors and shut out the lights and then i’ll be back to finish you up. she comes back and shaves my neck and around my ears. naked neck and no hairs around the ear are very sexy to me. she cleans up my neck and licks my ear. she says she knew when i walked in what she wanted to do. she pumps up the chair and pulls the position flat so i can lie back and spread my legs. she dives down and licks my clit like a paintbrush. i tell her i’ve never licked pussy before but i want to so she says get up. she has me lie in the chair face up so she can sit on my face. i started licking, hoping i was doing it right. i spread those lips apart and licked away. her juices were dripping down my face, it was so fucking sexy. i made her come. then we kissed so i could taste it. it was awesome. i made a late night appointment every 4 weeks after that for a trim and a licking.  i also had her start to shave my pussy so she can finger and tease me while she shaves it, then lick it clean. if anyone in chicago knows of a female hairdresser that is willing to do this, send me a message and i will contact her and make an appointment so i can live out my fantasy.


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