Samantha Parker's Story

Chapter Six: Samantha’s Secrets Exposed

Samantha felt very weak and her stomach was upset for a long time after Ted and Tracy dropped her back home. She was furious with Tracy and her cousin. Samantha couldn’t believe how wrong she had been about Tracy. Seeing Ted fucking Tracy in the ass on the examining table was the conclusion to what Samantha tried to think of as perverted nightmare. After her experiences in Ted’s make-believe doctor’s office, she concluded that Tracy was just as sick and twisted as her cousin. Then Samantha felt a little guilty as she remembered how she got turned on when Ted had his fingers up her ass and Tracy was stimulating her clit. Was she just like Ted and Tracy? No she wasn’t like them at all Samantha thought. There was no way to justify what they had put her through and Samantha regretted giving in to their demands, but at the time, the only thing on her mind was to keep her mom from being hurt again.

Samantha began to do some house cleaning in the hope of somehow taking her mind off what had happened. This worked for a while and then she began to think about her embarrassing reaction on the examining table. She was turned on by some of the things Ted and Tracy had done. Now in these routine surroundings, it was hard to believe that she had almost had an orgasm at one point during the so-called exam. Samantha blushed as she thought of this. There was something else deep inside that she really didn’t want to admit. Seeing Ted fucking Tracy in the ass had got her turned on too.

Now a voice seemed to be speaking inside Samantha’s head. It said, “Stop fooling yourself Samantha. You initiated sex with your dad. You didn’t worry about you mom being hurt then. You wanted sex with Dave Weston too. He didn’t take advantage of you. You were practically climbing on top of him last night. You weren’t really that shocked by what happened in Ted’s examining room. Hell you almost came once. When you saw Tracy being fucked in the ass you were wishing it was you. You’re no better than Tracy or her cousin. Why don’t you just admit it instead of making up lame excuses?” Now Samantha screamed out loud, “No! That’s not true!” She raced into her room, threw herself across the bed and began to sob.

When she left the Large and Lovely store Saturday evening Mary was feeling depressed. She managed to keep her job, but she wasn’t happy about the spanking she had to submit to. She had given Lloyd and Tom what they wanted, but there was nothing in it for her and the knowing look she’d gotten from Karen Roberts when she came back from the office added insult to injury. Mary had thought she was finished with being humiliated to please a man when Scott left, but it seemed that wasn’t the case; at least not just yet. Now there was the unresolved issue with Samantha to deal with. It had been a terrible day so far and there was nothing much to look forward to at home.

As she walked through the mall, Mary heard footsteps approaching from behind. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Tom Gray. Tom called out, “Wait up Mary. I want to talk to you.” Mary stopped and turned around. When Tom caught up with her he said, “I wanted you to know, even though I took part in it, I didn’t agree with what Lloyd did this morning. There was no reason to humiliate you in that way. This isn’t much of an excuse, but I’m in the same boat as you. I have to go along what Lloyd wants or I’m out.”

Mary replied, “Forget it Tom. What’s done is done. I could have refused, but I didn’t.”

“Look Mary, I don’t have anything to do this evening and I’m not familiar with the area. I was wondering if you’d like to go out somewhere for a drink.”

Mary was tempted. In spite of what had happened earlier, she was still very attracted to Tom. But them she thought about Samantha and decided she should just go on home. So she replied, “I’d really like that Tom, but I have to get on home. I’m a little worried about my daughter. She’s home alone and I think there was someone prowling around our house last night.”

Tom said, “We could go to some place close by your house and you could check up on your daughter.”

“I don’t live in Munson. I live in Bentlyville. That’s about thirty miles from here. I don’t think you’ll want to go way over there.”

“It’s no problem. I have a rental car. I can follow you over if it’s OK.”

“It’s OK. I’ll tell you what. There’s a little bar a few blocks from my house. You can wait for me there while I make a quick trip home.”

Tom said, “Sounds like a plan.”

When Mary joined Tom at a little table in the dimly lit local bar he asked, “Is everything OK on the home front?”

“Yeah it seems to be. Looks like Samantha is watching TV. I didn’t go in. I just drove by.”

Tom said, “Samantha is a pretty name. If your daughter takes after you, I’m sure she is a very attractive girl. How old is she?”

“She just turned sixteen and she’s a lot more attractive than I was at that age. Back then I had a real problem with being overweight. Thank God that’s at least one thing I’ve managed to get under control in my life.”

Tom asked, “Well Mary, what will you have to drink?”

“I’ll have a Screwdriver.”

For a while Tom and Mary talked about the Large and Lovely organization and Lloyd Fisher. Then after the third drink, the subject drifted around to more personal matters and Mary told Tom about her marriage and her affair with Dave Weston. During this time, Mary found herself warming up to Tom Gray. He seemed genuinely interested in her life and sympathetic to her problems with Scott.

Tom asked, “You’ve haven’t heard a thing from your husband since he left over two years ago?”

“Not even a post card. I guess he’s afraid to take the chance. The cops are still very interested in Mr. Scott Parker’s whereabouts and there’s the little matter of child support which I have a right to.”

As they were working on their fourth drink, which was a record for Mary Tom said, “Looks like you really got a raw deal.”

By now Mary was beginning to feel the effects of the drinks and she said, “You don’t even know the half of it. Since her dad left, Samantha hasn’t been the same. Based upon what he was up to with a few of the girls at McDonalds, I’m almost certain there was something going on between him and Samantha too. She has always denied it and at first I was willing to believe her. But now I’m not so sure and I think that Samantha might have initiated the relationship. I know there was something going on at home last night that she doesn’t want me to know about.”

“Maybe you’re making too much of it Mary. She probably had some boy over. Hell she’s sixteen, what else can you expect?”

“I don’t think it was some boy Tom. I have good reason to suspect it was my boyfriend Dave Weston.”

Tom exclaimed, “Jesus Christ! First you tell me that you believe Samantha was involved in an incestuous relationship with her father. And now you think she’s involved with your boyfriend too. What kind of a girl is she? She sounds like the original bad seed.”

“Oh I don’t know anything for sure Tom. It’s all speculation and I might have it all wrong.”

“What do you intend to do?” Tom asked.

“I’m going to get the truth out of little Miss Samantha one way or another. You can count on that.”

Tom left the table and returned with two more drinks. By now Mary knew she was way over her limit. But the way she was feeling; she didn’t really care. It seemed as if all her pent up anger had somehow transferred itself to Samantha and the more she thought of how she had been screwed over in her life, the angrier she became.

Suddenly the unaccustomed amount of liquor Mary had consumed began to have a drastic effect upon her. She was finding it very difficult to concentrate or even stay awake. She knew the trip to the local motel she had envisioned to round off the even
ing with Tom would be out of the question now and she found herself blaming Samantha for that too. She would never have drunk so m
uch if it wasn’t for her problems with her daughter. Mary said, “I’m not feeling very well Tom. I have to go home.”

Samantha had just turned the TV off and was going to bed when she saw her mom’s car pulling into the drive. She knew something was very wrong. Her mom took the turn from the street much too wide and clipped the mailbox as she pulled in. Now Samantha saw another car enter the drive and she couldn’t imagine what was going on. She saw a man get out of the second car, come up the drive and open her mom’s car door. Now the man was helping her mom up the sidewalk. When Samantha opened the door she could tell that her mom was practically falling down drunk. Samantha was very surprised and a bit disappointed. She had never seen her mom drunk. Samantha thought that this terrible day just kept getting worse.

The man said, “Hi I’m Tom Gray. Your mom and I went out for a few drinks after work and I’m afraid she’s a little under the weather just now. I think I we should get her into bed. I’ll help if you’ll show me the way.”

Now Mary mumbled, “God damn it Tom I’m OK. Let me go.” Then she said to Samantha, “We have some very important matters to discuss little girl. Damn it Tom, I said let go of me!”

Tom let go of Mary’s arm and she began to sink down onto the floor. He hoisted her back up and followed Samantha through the living room. When they were in Mary’s bedroom, Tom eased her onto the bed and Samantha pulled her mom’s shoes off. Almost instantly Mary was snoring. Samantha switched off the light and she and Tom left the room.

Samantha said, “Thanks for helping my mom get home Mr. Gray.”

“Call me Tom and I know you’re Samantha. Your mom told me a lot about you tonight. I’m really sorry…you know…about your mom. I didn’t think a few drinks would hit her like that. I guess she’s not used to it.”

Samantha said a little coolly, “Obviously she’s not Mr. Gray.”

“You know Samantha I’d really appreciate it if you’d call me Tom. I hope you’re not too upset with me because I need to ask a couple of favors.”

Samantha said, “I’m not mad Tom. What can I do for you?”

“Well I’m not from around here. I came to Munson with my boss to do a store inspection and I need directions back to route 29. I got a little turned around following your mom over here and I’ve had a few drinks myself. If it’s not too much trouble, I sure could do with some coffee for the road.”

Samantha said, “Sure no problem.”

Tom noticed how sexy Samantha looked the minute she opened the door and now as he followed her into the kitchen he felt himself becoming aroused in spite of the liquor he’d consumed. Samantha was wearing a short pale green nightgown and the outline of a pair of bikini cut panties was clearly visible beneath the thin material. As Samantha prepared the coffee Tom was studying her very carefully. He thought this girl is a living doll. She has so much sex appeal no man alive could resist her.

Now Samantha was pouring the coffee and she asked, “Would you like to go back into the living room?” Tom nodded and in a few moments they were sitting on the couch sipping the coffee. Samantha said, “You said my mom told you a lot about me. What did she have to say?”

“Maybe it was mostly the liquor talking, but mom is very suspicious about something that might have happened here last night.” Now Tom noted an unmistakable look of guilt cross Samantha’s face.

Samantha replied nervously. “Nothing happened. My mom’s upset because it seemed as if someone was spying at her bedroom window. There might have been someone out there, but I think she’s making too much out of it. Did she tell you what she thought was going on?”

“Yes she did. She thinks her boyfriend was over here visiting you and that someone was spying on the two of you. I believe the name she mentioned was Dave Weston.”

Now Samantha knew for sure that her speculation about her mom and Dave was correct and the look of despair on her face was very evident. She realized the things she had endured to keep Tracy and her cousin quiet had probably been unnecessary.

Tom said, “I think your mom is right. Isn’t that so Samantha?”

Samantha replied, “I had no idea until today that my mom was involved with Dave Weston and yes he was over here, but he just wanted to talk about my dad with me.”

Tom asked, “Are you sure that’s all there was to it? ” When Samantha didn’t reply Tom continued. “There’s something else too. Your mom is convinced that there was something of a sexual nature going on between you and your dad before he left and the impression I got was that you might have initiated that relationship.”

Samantha began to cry softly as she said, “That’s not true. It wasn’t like that at all.”

Tom put an arm around Samantha’s shoulders, pulled her close to him and asked, “How was it then Samantha? What really happened?”

Samantha buried her face in Tom’s chest and sobbed. Finally she pulled away and said, “My dad was very depressed. I just tried to make him happy. I didn’t mean for things to go the way they did. I guess it just got out of control.”

Tom said softly, “I don’t think anything was your fault Samantha. I believe you were taken advantage of.” Now Tom bent down and looked into Samantha’s eyes as he said softly, “You’re a very beautiful girl. It would be very difficult for any man to resist you.”

Tom bent lower and kissed Samantha. At first she stiffened and pulled back, and then she began to respond. As Tom pulled her closer, Samantha’s lips parted and their kissing became very passionate. Tom moved a hand down and began gently stroking the inside of Samantha’s thigh. He slowly moved his hand up to the juncture of Samantha’s thighs and in a moment was slipping a finger inside the crotch of her panties. Her pussy was already becoming moist and when Tom ran his finger over her clit, Samantha spread her legs wider.

Tom gently pushed Samantha back into a reclining position on the couch and slipped her panties down and off. The sight of the dark patch of hair between her shapely thighs had Tom’s pulse racing and his cock standing at full attention. He knelt on the floor, brought his mouth down to Samantha’s hot wet love nest and began to explore it with the tip of his tongue. He thought this girl has the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted.

Samantha began to emit soft little moans of pleasure as Tom worked over her pussy. In a while he pushed her legs further back and let his tongue move down to her puckered little ass hole. When he began to gently prod there, Samantha stiffened and cried out, “God yes!” and began thrusting her ass into Tom’s prodding tongue.

Samantha’s mind and body were locked in a desperate tug of war. Her mind said she had to stop this, but the waves of sensual pleasure washing over her were hard to resist. Her mind was screaming out, “No you’re not like Tracy!” but it was no use. Samantha had been turned on seeing Ted fuck Tracy in the ass and even though she thought that it would be disgusting to let Tom do that to her, she knew that’s exactly what she wanted.

Samantha was beginning to writhe on the couch and Tom thought my God she’s really hot. He moved his tongue back up to her clit and shifted a thumb down to massage her tight little elastic rim. His thumb slipped easily inside and Tom began to push it in and out; slowly rotating it at the same time. Now he heard Samantha say between gasps of hard breathing, “Tom, fuck me in the ass, please.”

Tom pulled Samantha up from the couch and quickly glanced around the room. Then he noticed the high wide arms of the couch. Yes that would be about right he thought. Samantha followed Tom’s gaze and instantly comprehended what he had in mind. She slipped her nightgown off and then bent over the arm of the couch.

The sight of this beautiful teen’s sexy ass propped up with her waiting for him to fuck it, was like Tom’s wildest f
antasy coming true. He thought this is too good to be true. Things like this don’t happen in real life.

Tom moved ar
ound behind Samantha, unfastened his belt and dropped his dress slacks and boxers to his knees. Then he moved closer in and whispered, “Spread it a little baby.” Samantha brought her hands around behind her back spreading her plump rounded butt cheeks wide. Tom guided the head of his stiff cock to its target. Samantha cried out as he began to apply pressure. More easily than he would have expected, Samantha’s tight little ass hole yielded and began to expand as the head of Tom’s cock sank inside.

As Samantha felt the head of Tom’s cock penetrating her ass, she began to have second thoughts. Although she hadn’t got a good look, it felt as if he was very big. Now she cried out as she felt this hard stiff poker moving ever deeper inside.

When he had about half the length of his shaft in Samantha’s ass, Tom could tell she was having second thoughts, but he was in no mood to be denied now. He thought it’s too late now little girl. You wanted to be fucked in the ass and you’re going to get it. He withdrew just a little and then rammed his cock home in one quick hard thrust. Samantha screamed out, “No! Take it out! It’s too big! It’s hurting!

Tom said in a harsh whisper, “Jesus Christ! Be quiet, you might wake your mom! Just lay still and give it a minute. You’ll get used to it. This little ass of yours was made for fucking. You’re going to like it. Rise up a bit and put one hand between your legs. Play with your clit. That’ll get you going again.”

Samantha did as Tom said even though that little movement was a bit awkward and painful now that her ass was filled with, what felt to be, a huge cock. Samantha closed her eyes and started to stroke her clit. She felt Tom pull out a little and then ram his cock back into her. It took a bit longer than when Ted had his fingers in her there, but eventually Samantha became more to used Ted’s cock moving in and out of her ass. As she continued stroking her clit, Samantha’s level of arousal was beginning to build.

Because Tom was so completely engrossed watching his cock sliding in and out of Samantha’s sexy ass and because Samantha still had her eyes closed; neither one noticed Mary stumble out into the little hallway and peer into the living room. But because neither one of them was deaf, they easily heard Mary’s scream of rage and the crash of the little bookcase she knocked over as she staggered into the room.

Tom jerked his head up just in time to see Mary fall over the bookcase and land on the floor. As she struggled to get up she was screaming, “You filthy bastard! You perverted son of a bitch! I’ll kill you!” Mary got to her knees. She grabbed up a lamp that had fallen off the bookcase and headed for Tom still screaming, “I’ll kill you God damn it! I’ll kill you!”

Instantly Tom realized his beautiful dream had just turned into his worst nightmare. He jerked his cock out of Samantha’s hot ass and made for the front door, pulling his pants up as he went. Because he was somewhat hampered, Mary managed to catch him just as he got to the door. She landed a couple of good blows to the side of his head with the base of the lamp. Tom was seeing stars as he spun around and blindly struck out at Mary. One of his wild swings found its mark. He caught her with a roundhouse punch to the nose. Mary dropped to the floor, now screaming in pain as Tom bolted out the door. Within seconds, his car was peeling rubber all the way down Third Street.

During the short time her mom was going after Tom Gray, Samantha got up from the couch and pulled her nightgown on. She ran over and knelt on the floor by her mom crying, “Oh God! Oh God! Are you OK? God I’m so sorry mom! Please mom! I’m so sorry! Are you OK?”

Mary was sobbing uncontrollably and blood was streaming from her nose. Samantha put her hand on her mom’s shoulder and Mary slapped it away as she cried, “Get away from me you filthy little slut! Don’t touch me!”

Samantha was sobbing as she ran into the bathroom. Even though her eyes were almost blinded with tears, she managed to get out a washcloth and run cold water on it. She went back and knelt by her mom’s side saying, “Here mom take this. God please let me help you! I love you mom! I’m so sorry!”

Mary grabbed the washcloth from Samantha’s hand and threw it in her face. Then she began to get up onto her knees. When Samantha tried to help her, Mary pushed Samantha away again and screamed, “Didn’t you hear what I said? Don’t touch me! Get out of my sight you filthy little whore! I’ve suspected what a little tramp you are for a long time now and tonight proved it! You let a perfect stranger walk in here and fuck you in the ass! God knows what else you’ve been doing behind my back. Did Dave fuck you in the ass too? Did your dad?”

Mary crawled across the floor and pulled herself up onto the couch. Samantha got on her knees in front of Mary sobbing and cried out, “Please mom I love you. It’s not like you think. I’ve done bad things, but I didn’t mean to! I never meant to hurt you or dad! I always tried to be good! Please don’t hate me mom! I’m so sorry.”

Mary kicked out at Samantha pushing her over onto her back. Then she said, “If you want to help me, then get the hell out of here and pack your things. The best thing you can do for me is to disappear from my life, just like your worthless whoring father. You two are just alike. The sight of you makes me sick!”

Samantha’s heart was breaking as she went into her room. She fell across her bed and choking sobs shook her whole body.

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