Sample Before Purchase

So it’s Saturday evening in the big town and hubby is out on the road, again. I am working at my resale store and haven’t seen a soul in three hours. But it’s almost five o’clock and closing time, and about time for me to get out of here! And I’ll go home to an empty house to watch some boring shows on the tube, again. Who knows, maybe I will take a shower and enjoy some of my toys. But before I do anything, I need to finish out this long boring day.
I have owned my business for over ten years, long enough to purchase a very large building and pay for it! It makes me very proud to know my business has been successful, even if at times it is somewhat slow, like Saturday afternoons. I sell children’s clothes, wall hangers and lots of pre-owned furniture. The furniture is a big profit for the business!
The “Ding-Dong” bell goes off meaning somebody has entered the store, so I go to greet them and see if I can help them, not that I’m in that big of a hurry to get home to that empty house.
A nice looking couple come in about 35 to 40; he is very masculine with neatly trimmed hair, blue eyes about 6 foot 2 and very muscular, dressed in tight jeans and a tight white t-shirt! She was about 5 foot 2, maybe about 120 pounds and had some fair size boobs, probably about 34 or 36 DD, with really pretty auburn colored hair that was about to the middle of her back.
As I walked up to the couple I said, “Welcome to Carrie’s Gold Mine, can I help you find anything?”
The gentleman said, “Yes, you can, we are looking for a king size bed?”
I replied to the couple, “Well you are in luck! We just happen to have only one in stock at this time!”
The lady asked, “Could we see it?”
“Yes you can, come this way please!”
All the time I was thinking how hot this man is and was wondering if he was as muscular below his belt as he was above his belt.
As we walked to the furniture area, I heard the man say, “You really have a nice..”
As his wife elbowed him and told him, “SHHHHhhh! Be NICE!”
We got to the king size bed and they looked it over pretty good, sat down on it, pushed on the mattress, looked at the price tag.
Then the lady asked, “Does the bedding come with it?”
I told her, “The bedding is just for display, but it can be added to it if you like it.”
The Man then asked, “How about if we try it out to see if we like the bed or not?”
I said, “Sure, go ahead and give it a good test run!”
I’ve been dealing with the public for the past ten years, and before that I worked as a motel manager, so not much surprises me anymore. But when the couple stripped down naked, I was in such shock that all I could do was sit down in a swivel rocker next to the bed and watch with amazement.

They quickly get into a 69 position and I hear her juicy cunt as he slurps it up, and she had his very nice size, 8 inch cock in her mouth. By that time, I had my skirt raised and two fingers in my very wet cunt giving myself a good work out!!
Then he kind of slid sideways from her and got his face to her face where they exchanged a very long kiss.

Then they looked at me and my fingers buried in my cunt and said, “So far this is working good, but sometimes Sherri has her girlfriend over, how about you join us to make sure this is what we want?”
I was naked and in the bed in record time! I had his cock in my mouth sucking it while he was licking Sherri’s juicy cunt. I heard her moaning “Jim, suck it harder!” Then I heard her nearly scream from her orgasm!
He then started crawling towards her as if this big dick mother fucker was going to give it to her, but I pulled him back and said, “You already made her cum, big boy, I want that cock in my cunt NOW!”
So I laid back and he crawled up on me, I was not sure I could take him or not, but I wanted it, and I wanted it real bad. He stuck the head of that monster cock just past my cunt lips and stretched them out, and oh how good that big cock felt. Then he started sliding it in deeper and deeper until he had me full of cock; it was a little painful but oh so worth it as he started pumping that big cock in and out of my hungry cunt. I then felt his wife come up and she started kissing me as she reached down and started rubbing my clit! Oh how I could NOT take anymore of this and I let out a loud scream to wake the dead; when I did Jim must have pumped a gallon of fresh hot cum deep into my cunt. He then slid out and Sherri was right there waiting and she started licking his cum from my cunt. She really was good at cunt licking!! As she sucked and licked I felt the tingle build up inside again and I let out another loud scream from cumming again, this time Sherri just kept sucking and licking until I was just trembling from weakness.
We all laid there for a few minutes, when Jim asked, “Do you make deliveries?”
I told him, “Yes, Yes we do!”
And we did, but that is another story!

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