Paolini’s Dragon Trilogy With A Twist

As an undeconstructed Sexual Dominant, the latter part of Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance was a disappointment & it was an anti-climax to see Orrin give in so tamely & meekly to Nasuada as also one was left unsatisfied that Nasuada had no sexual partner / consort /Mate as Murtagh had flown off on his dragon & Eragon had made it clear he would assume leadership of the Group of Dragon Riders in an otherwise uninhabited area far from Her Majesty’s Queendom!! I would have found the Novel really sexually exciting if it had played on the Sadomasochistic aspects of the Orrin-Nasuada Battle of the Sexes Drama! I have taken the liberty to change the ending for the readers’ viewing pleasure as What-should-have-been:
When Eragon reached the top of the Tower he found Arya, Nasuada, Orik, Saphira, Orrin, Nav, & Grimm the werecat, already assembled & awaiting him.
Nasuada said, “Since all species, Dragons,Werecats ,Kulls, Dwarves, and Elves have One chosen Leader, the humans too must have one. In the greater good of the Whole either Orrin or me will have to make way for the other!”

“Even after Surda fed, clothed & financed you & the Vaarden Nasuada you have the coldness of heart to ask me to step down?”

“Orrin if I felt you were the better Monarch of the two I would step aside immediately, but my leadership skills are far superior to yours & only second to Eragon in my Empire! Think about it Orrin, as my vassal you could retire to your precious laboratory in peace with nobody to bother you with trifling matters of state!”

“Arya, Nav, Grimm & myself also feel as Eragon has refused Emperorship Nasuada would be the fittest Sovereign & if you were to rebel against Her Majesty we would be Her natural allies against you reluctantly!” said Orik.

The humiliation of being measured against a younger girl & found wanting somehow suffused Orrin’s scrotal sacs with warmth & he sported an unusual erection, thankfully covered under his Royal vestments . His mind spun into a new mode of erotic possibilities.
“Nasuada, for the greater good of our species I am willing to accept you as my Liege, but you shall have to marry me so that our two peoples will have a Joint Monarch in the coming years!”

Now her mind spinning the triumphant commanding Nasuada stammered out incredulously, “You would be willing to call your own wife Your Majesty in public?!”

“As long as you bend over to accept husbandly spankings on that delectable derriere, my dear!” Nasuada coloured up in embarassment & looked away, unwilling to meet his gloating eyes suddenly.

Saphira chuckled, “What a cute pervert,” to Eragon’s thoughts & Orik had to hide his naughty grin.
“I become your husband, lord & Master & you my ruler, sovereign & Empress. Deal?”

“Eragon?” queried Nasuada tremulously.

Saphira told Eragon telepathically, ‘It is good let them marry.’

Orik & Nav said, “We approve your Majesties!”

Grimm asked if Orrin would spank him to show his spanking techniques, which Orrin readily obliged. As those of you who possess a cat might know, spanking a cat soon has them purring in delight & Grimm was no exception!
Nasuada, having received the imperceptible nod from Eragon, said, “I humbly accept your kind offer My Lord.”
Her cheeks blushed, eyes demurely downcast & glistening with emotions!

“My darling Majesty!” Orrin fell to his knees & kissed her ring finger in fealty, allegiance both as husband & vassal.
Nasuada’s cheeks burnt scarlet & the others cheered, whooped, and shouted in jubilation, excitement & joy!

“A double celebration,” Little One said, “Saphira to Eragon a Coronation & a Wedding!”
The Empire burst into celebration as Surdian & Vaarden both felt happy at this joyful compromise but Arya felt a twinge of jealousy at this good fortune on the part of Nasuada [she felt ] as a woman while she Arya would have to sacrifice her feelings for Eragon for lonely Queenhood of the Elves!
Nasuada was feeling a twinge of fear & trepidation up her pert muscular bottom as King Orrin, besides being a Lab geek, was reputed to be a bowling freak with a strong right arm, & the thought of the first night Spanking was causing her fear as well as guilty excitement as hot flushes of feelings streaked up her inner thighs up to her horny clitoris as a strong male hand would descend rapidly on Her Majesty’s Majestic Buttocks. She caught her rebellious hand sneaking up her bush & reluctantly stopped stroking up a fantasy orgasm!
After the ceremony Nasuada begged Eragon for a spell to protect Her Royal Modesty from peeping prying wizards & magicians & ever her loyal ally he complied —so let us dear Readers fast forward to the First Night scenario as Eragon’s spells do Not affect Literotica readers’ imaginations!
Orrin said, “Your Darling Majesty could your humble vassal have the honor of disrobing your regal Person for bed?”
He knelt at Her feet & kissed her dainty toes.
Nasuada, feeling very weak in the knees said, “Why y-yes my ll-lor-dd!” She was beetroot red by now & eyes downcast the commanding Sovereign was converted to a demure bride by Orrin’s deft role reversal strategy!
Orrin swept up Her hot haughty Majesty in his Hottie, Naughty muscular arms & squeezed. Her Majesty moaned ‘aaaah oooh I like …..this.’
Swiftly he stripped off Her robes to reveal a slinky lingerie clad Hot Bod awaiting a Masterful Husband to possess it.

“Oh so this is Angela’s Secret herbal line of lingerie to inflame a husband’s passion your Majesty?”
“What’s a simple warrior woman – monarch to do –I have no womanly wiles to ensnare my lord; I know the intrigues of the Court far better than those of the bed!”
Spoken like Lucy Lawless in Xena!
Her husband upturned Her Royal Rump on their Matrimonial altar -cum-bed itself & said, “OK your Majesty, will you be a submissive wife to your humble vassal?”
Smack! Spank!
“Will you?” Slap!
“I will! Oh my master, mercy!”

“Not so fast Oh Sovereign mine, this is for all the times I will have to kneel publicly at your feet in total servitude!”



Her Royal ego crushed, she took his inflamed member into her mouth.

“Hold slut, do not suck! I have done experiments in Pranayama/breath control & I can remain chaste; transform my orgasm into a stretched out plateau of indefinitely long pleasure.”
“Jai Sri Lingam! Victory to my Penis!”
And saying that to Nasuada’s admiring eyes he squeezed the muscular uro-genital triangle at the base of his penis, held his breath, orgasm, semen, testosterone as she exhaled & held her master’s triumphant phallic head in total submission as a good slave-girl should!
Tomorrow in Court She would give commands & kneeling he would bow his head & accept Her total Courtly Suzerainity. But for this magical, mystical, mysterious night, He was Master & she the slave girl!
Dear Readers this is a very complex Husband/Wife, Sovereign/Subject, Dom/sub dynamic in one same couple & one which is more suited to writer Anne Rice’s style perhaps than staid Christopher! But to an avid reader of Paolini’s Dragon Rider series his masochistic & submissive desires are displayed & subconsciously peeps through in earlier books of the series as when he makes Eragon kneel down publicly at newly crowned Nasuada’s feet & makes Eragon’s cousin submit to a severe flogging on the order’s of Queen Nasuada, so I tried to balance out the story by showing her as a willing submissive & not a Tyrant, Cold-hearted Bitch & distant Ruler!
Though to be honest, Christopher, perhaps to draw the reader’s sympathy, had Galbatroix capture & horribly torture Nasuada in the last book, maybe to make Her less Regal & more human, a sympathetic Monarch Who is willing to share Her Subjects’ pain on Her Royal person!
Also as a Bottom lover & spanking aficionado, I was dying to inject some spanking scenes in the otherwise quite violent but sadomasochistically tame narrative!
Please give me feedback as to how you all liked the revised ending. Good Night & Thank You!

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