Three months had passed since Sarah kicked Harry out of her life and she didn’t regret it, but she hadn’t adjusted to the fact that she was alone again. There was no man to put his arms around her, no kisses when he (or she) arrived home, no one to cuddle her in the middle of the night…and no one to fuck her brains out like Harry used to do. The problem was that Harry wanted to fuck every hot woman he met, and Sarah couldn’t live with that. So now she was free and felt vindicated. But she was miserable.

“Harry, you fucking bastard!” Sarah said to the dark and lonely bedroom as she lay there trying to fall asleep. She turned this way and that, her brown hair cascading over the pillows, her full breasts rolling and shaking with the frustrated writhing of her body.

She reached under the sheet, which was all the cover she had on that warm night, and began to glide her hand along. But she jerked it back before it reached her pussy. She wasn’t going to do THAT again. Not tonight, anyway. She had been doing it too much lately, and though she always started by visualizing some TV actor or guy she had met at work, she ended up getting fucked by Harry every time. Goddamn him!

She tried to think of nothing, but that didn’t work. It never does. She got up and turned on the lights, ignoring the fact that she had left her drapes and windows open to get some fresh air. The only person who could possibly see her would have to be in the apartment directly across the courtyard in the other wing of the building, and those windows were dark.

The apartment in question was occupied by some guy, not bad looking, who had just moved in to replace the frumpy old woman who used to live there. Sarah had noticed him on a couple of occasions when he was home and had the lights on, but he seemed to be out a lot. Probably hitting the bars, she thought, because he was of that age and living alone. He never brought any women home – at least, Sarah had never seen any – but sometimes the curtains were closed and the lights were on. Anything could have been happening behind those curtains. Sarah sighed.

She padded to the kitchen, turning on lights as she went. She wore pale-pink panties that clung to her ample buttocks as she walked. Her boobs did an erotic dance, the nipples stiffly extended. She didn’t think about the fact that she was displaying herself since there was no one to see her, or so she thought. She headed to the kitchen to get down a bottle of Jack Daniels.

In the dark apartment across the way, a fellow named Randy sat fingering his love-stalk which stuck up stiff and throbbing from the gaping fly of his boxers as he watched his nearly nude neighbor stroll through her digs, titties quivering deliciously, her hot ass twisting in the light panties she wore. He had been on a kind of stake-out, hoping to see her in the nude on a night when the weather dictated that the windows might be uncovered., and now his wish was realized. He gripped his cock more purposefully and began to stroke. Why not jack off? It was going on midnight, and he had no woman to call at that hour or money to spend at a bar. So fuck it!

Sarah poured a stiff drink, hoping it would help her fall asleep. She stood in the kitchen facing the window and looked out at the darkness as she sipped her whiskey neat. She needed to meet someone. But who? There was that guy at work who had been trying to date her, but he was a dork. The hot guys were either taken or gay.

Sarah finished her drink, set the glass down, and headed back to the bedroom. Better pee, she thought, and ducked into the john which was on the other side of the apartment.

Randy quit stroking his cock. Where had the babe gone? Suddenly he felt foolish and jerked his hand from the standing symbol of his frustration. His power pole swayed but remained upright.

Meanwhile, in the other apartment, Sarah took a piss. The JD hadn’t yet gone to work, and she decided that she needed a second jolt to do the job. After snatching some tissue and dabbing the forlorn little apparatus between her thighs, she pulled up her silky briefs and proceeded to return to the kitchen, snapping the lights back on. She called once again on the good Doctor Daniels.

Damn! Randy grinned and grasped his still hard and throbbing dick. He thought, this babe needs a guy to share her whiskey with. He calculated that since his apartment was the third from the end and hers was directly opposite, hers should also be the third apartment in the other wing. Hmm. Did he dare throw some clothes on and walk over there to ring her bell? She lived alone…but maybe she didn’t like guys. Anyway, she would be afraid to answer the door in the middle of the night, wouldn’t she? Was it worth a try? Could he get into trouble?

As he mulled the idea over, Sarah sat at her kitchen table and sipped whiskey. Now she didn’t even feel like going to sleep. Restless, she got up and walked again to the window, her soft tits jiggling. Watching this erotic display, a very simple plan occurred to Randy. It was a long shot, but what did he stand to lose? It wouldn’t get him into trouble since he would be doing only what the woman was doing across the way. He stood up in his boxers, his stubborn stalk still sticking from the fly, and he reached for the light switch on the wall. Snapping it on, he moved in front of the window and faced the brown-haired, near naked woman in the opposite apartment.

Sarah gasped as the man smiled and gave her a little wave. He didn’t do anything lewd like grasping his dick and waggling it at her. He merely let his pecker speak for itself, standing proudly in profile for her to measure with her eyes. It was formidable as peckers went, thick and super stiff with a big bald knob and eight honest inches of pussy-pleasing thrust aimed at two o’clock.

Good Lord, Sarah thought, he’s a pervert! She clamped her hands over her tits to conceal her large appetizing nipples, but she remained standing at the window goggle-eyed. Pervert or not, he had what she needed, though she was reluctant to admit the truth in such basic terms. Also, the guy didn’t look like a pervert even though he was acting like one. He didn’t have a sneaky or sleazy appearance. In fact, he was handsome, well-built, and had a very friendly smile. Sarah lowered her hands from her titties and let him look at them. She was getting very aroused.

Encouraged now, Randy raised his eyebrows in an inquiring way, pointed to himself, then pointed in her direction, obviously asking Sarah if he could come over. All she had to do was nod. The whiskey had gone to work big time, and her pussy had moistened. She nodded.

Sarah watched as the guy grabbed for his pants and stepped into them. He didn’t bother with a shirt or shoes on that warm night. He snapped off the lights and was gone from her view.

“Holy shit, he’s coming!” the dismayed woman said aloud as the reality of the situation impacted her. “What am I going to doooo?” One thing for sure that she had to do was find a robe to wrap around her nakedness. Then she fluffed and pushed at her hair a bit, but hell…she was as she was.


Oh my God, he’s here, she thought, a guy I don’t even know. I’ve never spoken to him. This is crazy!


Sarah’s heart thumped and her pussy dripped as she walked to the door. She was about to unlock it when she thought, what if it isn’t the fellow from across the court who looked like a decent guy (even if he had a big fucking hard-on!)? What if it’s an ax murderer? Shit! Sarah opened the door anyway.

“I hope you don’t think I’m a total goof,” Randy said with a genial smile, “but I believe we’re both a little lonely tonight.”

“You’ve got that right,” Sarah breathed as she thought: Oh God, he IS hot!

“I’m Randy. Can I, uh, come in maybe?”

“Yeah. Sure. I’m Sarah.” Shame on you, she told herself, but she didn’t care. She had to do t

As Randy entered, wearing only knock-about trousers, she admired his big brawny chest whic
h had just enough hair on it! And check out those muscular arms! Jeez!

As Sarah held what was left of her second JD, she noticed the guy glance at it and she asked, “How about a drink?”


“Jack Daniels or gin or…?”

“What you’re having.”

She smiled.

When they had fresh drinks in hand, they moved into the living room. Naturally they sat side by side on the couch. Sarah tugged at her robe, trying to make sure that a tit didn’t tumble out. As it was, the guy could see a fair amount of her soft, cream-colored cleavage.

“Uuh, so you live across the way,” she began then felt lost. What could she say after that?

Randy knew how to fill the gap. “You’re beautiful!” he declared, his brown eyes warm with admiration.

Sarah blushed. “Thanks. You’re not so bad yourself” Oh shit, she thought, did that sound silly or what! But it was true.

He edged closer, and she felt his body heat. Her gaze dropped to his lap where he had a tent in his trousers. Her excitement surged. She was very wet down below and he hadn’t even touched her yet! Now he did, quickly gliding a hand through the front of her robe, surrounding a softly-firm titty and giving it a squeeze.

“Oooh!” Sarah exclaimed in surprise then pleasure. She tossed her tousled head back against the sofa’s bolster and Randy spread her robe open wide, placing both gorgeous titties on display.

The man emitted a soft groan of pleasure and pounced on her tempting twin pleasure-domes, gathering them between his hands. Her tits were pliant but nice and full, tipped by rigid rosy-beige nipples that just demanded a sucking. Randy bowed his head and first licked the neat and slightly rough aureole that surrounded a titty-tip, then seized that tip in his mouth and tugged warmly on it. Sarah caressed his hair. She felt blood rushing into her loins, swelling and slightly spreading the labia that guarded her secret harbor.

Oh how I want him to fuck me, Sarah thought. He’s got to fuck me! He has to make me cum!

Randy moved from titty to titty, sucking and tugging on her nipples while he squeezed the fullness of her bazooms. He licked those beauties all over and nibbled at their rigid tips. He buried his face between her soft boobies and rubbed the wonderful knockers against his stubbly cheeks. Sarah didn’t mind the slight scratching. That was manly and good!

Something else that was very manly was the prick that had risen in Randy’s pants. Sarah’s hand was there now, squeezing his cock through the thin fabric. His lady-pleaser was very stiff. It also felt huge!

They were kissing now with open mouths, nibbling lips and surging tongues. Randy kissed her face all over then favored her neck and ears. His mouth skidded to her chest and resumed tasting her titties. He skidded farther and dropped to his knees in front of the couch.

Sarah suddenly realized she was wearing the same underpants that had seen her through the day, and the guy was making straight for them. Plain briefs they were and not a bit sexy, she thought, but Randy seemed to like them, nuzzling the smooth silky fabric and gliding right to the crotch as he lifted Sarah’s legs and spread them wide apart. Though still embarrassed, she thrilled as he licked and chomped on her tingling pussy through her not quite pristine and now very damp panties.

He finally pulled her panties off and was onto and INTO her pussy before she could utter a word of protest. Not that she wanted to. Oh God, no! Any lingering embarrassment disappeared when she saw how eagerly and with such obvious relish the guy mouthed her hot little hoo-ha, making her clitoris throb and causing her juices to gush. He went after her needy cunt more ardently than Harry ever did. Harry was all action, but this guy was a LOVER!

After licking her pussy quite thoroughly, causing her heat-infused labia to tingle and throb, he moved his mouth to the soft inner slope of a thigh while his stiff middle finger made its way into her passion cove. As he licked both thighs up and down, spreading new excitement, he stroked his finger in and out of Sarah’s wet slippery snatch, then added a second digit to the job. He transferred his mouth to her clit, sucking that hot little nubbin while he diddled her joy-hole. His fingers rubbed her most sensitive nerve ends as breathless excitement rose within her.

His fingers gave way to his tongue which he stuck deeply into her cunt. After stroking his oral lovemaker in and out, in and out for awhile, he put his lips and teeth to work, tugging on the velvety little lips of her pussy. His tongue plowed her delicate folds. He tugged at her clit then tongue-lashed the sensitive nub. Finally he took nearly her entire vulva into his mouth and chomped on it while stroking her crinkly little asshole with the tip of his wet middle finger.

That did it! Sarah came. Intense waves of pleasure washed through her and all her tension gave way. This was so fucking good! Harry had never made her cum like this.

Randy had just begun. He rose to his feet in front of Sarah who sat up as he quickly stripped down his trousers and shorts. He kicked them away, and his boner bobbed as if on a spring, stopping to point directly at Sarah’s face. His big cock was very inviting and she couldn’t resist wrapping slim cool fingers around the shaft, directing the rosy knob toward her lips. She bowed her head.

Randy felt an exultant surge of pleasure as Sarah’s lips encompassed him and she began to suck. Sweet Jesus, she did that well! It got even better as the lady bobbed her head, gliding her o-shaped lips down and up, going lower and lower on his hard throbbing rod, taking the head of his blissful dick deeply into her mouth and into her throat as well. Harry had insisted she learn this technique while almost totally ignoring her own need for oral love. To hell with Harry!

But Sarah wasn’t thinking about her old boyfriend now that she had the new guy’s cock in her mouth, pleased that she could give him the kind of intense pleasure he had given her. After she pumped her mouth on his prick for awhile, he indicated that he wished to sit down and she released his rosy plump cockhead so he could sit on the sofa. It was her turn to kneel on the carpet between his spread knees and she did so while licking up and down his stalk. She licked his balls, as well, then recaptured his cock for more head-bobbing action. Sarah enjoyed the sense of empowerment this gave her. She had the guy completely under her control. He was her total toy-boy as she cocksucked him!

Another kind of control Sarah liked was to sit astride her guy, so her next move was to scramble up onto Randy’s lap, impaling herself on his boner. He felt so good gliding all the way up her cooch, totally stuffing her and throbbing in her depths. She shrugged off the silly robe that had been dangling from her shoulders, and she began to bob up and down, up and down on the guy’s dick, doing all the fucking at first before he started jamming upward. Her boobies bounced and Randy grasped them, pulling first one and then the other to his eager mouth, drawing hard on her firmly projecting nipples, stretching them and biting them as well.

Sarah swivelled on his cock, facing away and bending forward as she bobbed her bottom. This allowed the guy’s hardness to rub her in a way that gave her intense pleasure, and it also permitted him to watch his love piston sink into her depths with her rosy wet lips wrapped around it. He also admired her winking asshole which offered an invitation to a different kind of fun if the lady so desired. But that would be for another time.

Now Randy gently pushed Sarah forward, breaking their connection and guiding her onto her knees and elbows on the carpet. He moved up behind, holding his manly pride. Carefully he fitted his knob into the well-lathered folds of her pussy and thrust until his entire throbbing cock was sunk deeply inside

“Oooh, FUCK!” Sarah exclaimed, and Randy proceeded to do exactly that. The nerve-ends lining the
walls of her vagina jumped for joy as Randy stroked his thick tallywhacker in and out, in and out, stretching her pussy with his girth as her wet warmth enveloped him.

“Ooh Christ!” he exclaimed, stroking. “Your cunt is so tight and wet! Jesus, I love it!”

He fucked her forcefully but slowly, maintaining perfect control – in and out, in and out. His balls bounced against her clit as each thrust sank his hardness all the way into her.

“Shit!” she exclaimed. “Yeh! Yeh! Yeh! Ooh, ssscrew me! FUCK ME! Ooh God!”

She helped by wiggling her ass and pressing backward against the horny man who pumped his piston of desire into her happy hole, stroking strong and steady as if he was never going to stop. Sarah didn’t want him to stop, that was for sure! She worked with him diligently as they fucked.

Randy growled like an animal in the jungle and just kept thrusting his hardness into her. To add a little fillip, he slapped her on her right flank She gasped and he swung his other arm, slapping her on the left. Right and left, right and left, he alternated hands to spank her bouncy bottom. The slaps made a fleshy, sexy sound and she added a moan of pleasure, not once asking him to stop.

But he did stop spanking her, and he also quit the doggy fuck, pulling his piston out with a wet sucky POP! He rolled Sarah onto her back on the rug and came charging up her channel from the front, going all the way with a single thrust, and their bellies slapped together. This gave her nothing but pleasure because her twat had adjusted perfectly to his length and thickness. Stroke-stroke-stroke, he powered his pecker into her, making her titties shake as she yelped with delight.

“Ooh baby…ooh baby…ooooh!” she said in girlish glee.

The man grunted and fucked her with full force. Her tits danced. She raised her legs very high and bent them back, putting them on his shoulders. She shut her eyes and clung to the man who fucked her so deliriously. Drive me to the goddamned brink, she thought, and he did exactly that, stroking non-stop. She gasped and wailed. She worked with him intensely. Her nerves tightened like guitar strings, and he strummed them really well.

Sarah tightened more. She gasped and held her breath, then suddenly she came big-time and cried out. Randy pulled free to finish by hand, geysering above her belly and letting his cream splatter down. She put one finger in it and placed that finger in her mouth as their eyes communed warmly. Harry bent and locked his lips to hers for a long soulful kiss.

Sarah had forgotten Harry completely. She had a new boyfriend now…she hoped. But all she knew about Randy was that he was a terrific lover. Was that enough to build a dream on?

Only time would tell…

[Author’s Note: Ladies, leave a comment if my little story pleased you. I need your sweet words for inspiration. If I didn’t please you, I will strive to do better, so let me know.]

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    I rhought the story was great. Everyone woman deserves to be thoroughly fucked as Sarah was, at least once in her life. I only hope I can get fucked half as well!!!!

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  2. Alison

    Yes, it pleased me :-) :-)

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  3. This story was very very pleasing. :) Except at the end when you said Harry kissed her and then said sarah forgot all about harry. lol. :) It was bold, interesting, chance meeting. Exotic, erotic, and exciting! I loved it! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

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  4. Kitkatswt

    That is what I need! :-)

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  5. cntrycritter29

    I love the story… It was just so pleasing..

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  6. eastsunvb

    Great story–I love the detail you put into it and the use of adult lingo–you know what you’re talking about & how to use the language to bring pleasure to the readers (and I assume in real lie as well).

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  7. pinkmun

    Your story was great! I could really feel myself as Sarah. I love to be able to become a part of the story.

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  8. hot lil jeni

    I had to check out more of your work and I am sure glad I did! Another hot story! You are very talented and I look forward to reading more!

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