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Jimmy was a sixteen-year-old boy when his parents abandoned him. They left the state for reasons only they knew while he was at school. My mom and dad were divorced; she was always like him, so she took him in.
I was barely fifteen when my mom adopted him. Three weeks after it was legal things started to happen that would turn my world upside down. I never knew why my dad left, but soon I would find out.
Jimmy and I were sleeping in on a Saturday morning. It was early spring so we had our window raised to let the cool air filter in on us.
The sun was almost overhead when we were awaken by a moaning sound from outside. I sprang from my bed first and rushed to the window. What I saw shocked me and embarrassed me. My mom (she was thirty then) all five foot ten of her and two hundred pounds was lying on blanket in the back yard near the barbed wire and letting the cows stick their head through it and lick her bald cunt. The one was doing such a good job that she moaned as much as some of our cattle did. She was fondling her forty-four triple D’s with one hand while she petted the steer with the other. As he licked her deeper she shuttered and cried out loudly.
I had known she like to go to the barn alone for hours but I never knew why, this was the first time she ever did it in the open for me to see. The neighbors that lived within a mile should have been able to hear her bellow.
Jimmy staggered up to the window and peered out to catch a glimpse then he smiled at me as he said, “Let’s go see if we can help!”
I did not want to answer and as I took my time, Jimmy quickly fled and left me to drag behind. When I arrived. Jimmy was naked and kneeling by mom’s huge hooters letting his dick dangle at her boobs. I watched as my mom yanked it into her mouth and then she slurped it as she sucked it. He was enjoying her mouth so much that they never noticed that I was there. She sucked his dick until he let his cum flow into her mouth, then she made a noise and swallowed it all down. Jimmy moved over to one side as they both caught sight of me. Mom signaled for Jimmy to bring me closer. When he did she kissed me on the mouth then stuck her hand in my pants. I tried to pull free but she wouldn’t let go, and with Jimmy yanking them off me and her death grip on it I had to relent and allow her to fondle it her way.
While she was stroking it with her hand Jimmy came over and began to finger and play with my ass in front of her. She smiled as she asked him, “Are you gay? I see how you watch him Jimmy. You want to fuck my boy in the ass don’t you?”
Jimmy needed no encouragement and as my mom held me tight by the balls, Jimmy began to harden his cock in between the cheeks of my ass by rubbing it. Mom told me to get on all fours as the cows licking and our encounter was about to let climax. She was saying. “Fuck him Jimmy. Fuck him now. I want to cum while I watch you fuck his ass.”
Jimmy got his grove on and quickly rammed his hard member into my virgin hole. I yelped in pain as he pounded me while my mom groaned in pleasure as the licking and fucking brought her to orgasm.
As he bareback rode me in front her, she began to move towards me and taught me with her breast. She would smack my face with them and even rammed a nipple into my mouth when I moaned at the now pleasuring experience Jimmy was giving me.
Constant pressure to my ass made seep sperm almost with each thrust until I came without being touched. Mom went wild as she took a handful and spread it onto a nipple then forced it into my mouth.
Jimmy was pounding me harder and faster and when he exploded into my ass I could feel the warmth of his hot cum deep inside me.
He finished me off by pulling it out and smearing the extra onto his hot cock then he fed it to me. I licked and sucked until it was clean and wet. Then mom got mad at us both.
“Now both you little bastards got your rocks off and I am still horny. Well you’re just going to have to take me in the barn and fuck me with a rake or an axe handle until one you gets hard.” She said as she marched us all to the barn entrance.
Once inside she moved us to the back stall opened the door and slung me and Jimmy in. Then she came inside and placed her nude body wide on the three hay bails that were arranged in the middle like a bench. As she played with herself she ordered us, “Jimmy grab that axe and ram the handle in my hole, while your little bitch sucks my tits and squeezes them too.
Soon Jimmy had the axe burred deep inside her hot hole, while I had the pleasure of sucking her nipples erect until they were almost an inch high. She loved it when I torked them and twisted them hard. She went nuts when Jimmy ran the handle so far up her that it made her shake.
When she came she told me to lick her clean, so I went down began to lick her hot wet hole dry. As I was doing this Jimmy got his dick hard and without asking anyone her just plowed into my upright ass. Mom let a moan then another as she watched him fucking me. When he blew his second load into my mouth she came again in my mouth.
Mom then made me switch places with her, and the she used the twine in the hay to secure to it. She whispered something to Jimmy that sent scrambling out of the stall. While she began to suck on my small dick. She took me down to my very end and held it in her mouth as she swirled her tongue around it and on it. As I grew harder she sucked harder, and when I was rock hard she stopped and let me rest for a second or two. That’s when I saw Jimmy leading her plow horse into the stall. He was grinning from ear to ear as he helped it move over the top of me. Mom knelt beside it and me and began to stroke its dick. Less than a minute from the time she began rubbing it popped a twenty-inch dick out and onto my face.
Mom held it so that all I had to was open my mouth and suck, and that’s just what I did. For almost twenty minutes I sucked and licked that big huge pecker. When he flooded me with his cum I almost drown from it. Cum filled my face and covered my head and chest and still more came forth.
When it finished Jimmy and her started rubbing the hands in it and feeding it to me and to them. The rest of the day that’s is all we did. Mom even made me fuck her while Jimmy fucked my ass once. She also made me let the horse fuck me and even though he was too big I wanted to do it again afterwards. Before we back to the house for the night she had made sure that I knew that Jimmy was now my husband and that I was his woman. She also told me that since there was no need to hide it anymore she would introduce me to a couple more of her friends,

Well that was the end of the first day, stay tuned for the next day at Sex Ranch USA.

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    How many storys is this?? Every time I look you have 4 or 5 new storys on this site. More to come though? Finally decided on a series to stay with?

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