Caught at work

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It had always been a fantasy of mine to be black mailed into having sex. The idea is if you get caught you can fall back onto the blackmail story.
One day while at work I was surfing the net for porn, mostly gay and transvestite porn when my boss came up behind me and asked to see me right away in his office. I knew he saw what I was looking at and I knew I was in for it. We walked into his office and he had me closed the door behind me. He walked around his desk and sat down letting out a big sigh. His was the only office in the company that had no windows just his little desk lamp lit the office up. He pulled out a file from his desk and tossed it onto the desk, my name was written on it.
‘You know I have been watching you for some time’ he started as I sat quiet. I caught you once masturbating in the bathroom but you didn’t know about that’ He said to me. I was now shocked and not knowing what to say. ‘I once even saw that you were wearing a garter and stockings to work under your pants’ now I did do those things but never knew anyone noticed. ‘Being a great manager I decide to have you followed for a few day last week and I have some pictures here I think I could circulate around the office? He said throwing some pictures of me dressed in drag.
‘That was in my home’ I said shocked by the pictures, picking them up and looking at them.
‘I think we can come to an understanding here’ my boss began. I have a few clients who are into this sort of thing and I think you could entertain them the night they arrive until the next day’ he said winking at me. ‘Hell I will even spring for some new lingerie for you’ he stopped talking and looked at me then stood up and dropped his pants and showed me he wasn’t wearing any underwear. “I think you know what I want’ he said and pointed his finger down towards his feet. I moved around the desk. ‘On your knees bitch’ he ordered. I dropped to my knees and he held out his cock then reached over grabbing the back of my head and pulled me to his waiting cock. Yes I knew what to do but never thought I would be doing it to my boss. I started sucking his semi hard cock as he started talking. “from now on you will wear women’s undergarments under your clothing at work, and you will report to me each morning where you will relieve me and show me you are wearing what I told you to wear’ he said with a slight thrust that pushed his cock deeper into my mouth.
‘Sunday four men will arrive at the hotel, you will get a room dress as the slut you are and go and see them. If they want to fuck you, you will do it, if they want to be all together you will entertain them until they are satisfied. Do I make myself clear? He said grabbing my head and forcing his cock deep down my throat then he shot his load into my mouth making me swallow every drop. He let go of my head and I moved off his cock. ‘if you don’t accept these conditions I will show the whole company that you’re a weirdo. Do we have a deal?’ I nodded and stood up what a way to end the week.

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  1. deviant

    Well, bad boys do need to be punished Nice little story

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