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Inspired by a Movie – Part 8

A nude, semi-hard Jerry entered the kitchen just as I finished frying up the bacon, “Good morning,” he said.

“Good morning,” I responded as I started dropping the pancake batter I had mixed onto the griddle, “Andi should be here shortly and then we’ll eat.  She was in the shower when I came to the kitchen.”

“Okay,” he said, “I just finished my shower.  I saw Andi earlier when she came to collect

another hour of my service to her. I guess she’s got 3 more hours of my service coming today.”

            “That’s what you agreed to.  At least you’re still here and can stay in school as long as you meet your obligations to me and Andi,” I told him, “Remember actions have consequences.  You’re living with the consequences of your earlier actions. Andi and I are enjoying your service.  I hope you are at least you’re enjoying yourself a little.”

            “I’m enjoying some things, learning to enjoy others and hoping I will enjoy all of it before I leave,” Jerry admitted, “I’ve definitely tried some things I never dreamed of.”

            “Keep trying the new things,” I told him as I began plating stacks of blueberry pancakes and sausage, “You may find more things you enjoy.”

            Andi walked in, exclaiming “That smells delicious honey.  I’m starving.”

            “Then let’s eat,” I said as I sat the plates on the table along with warm maple syrup, “Dig in, we’ve all have a busy day ahead of us.”

             The three of us ate heartily with all of us adding more pancakes and sausage to our plates as they emptied.  After the meal, Andi and Jerry retired to the living room while I did the cleanup in the kitchen. I rinsed the plates and silverware and loaded the dish washer, cleaned the griddle top on the stove and washed, dried and put away the frying pan.  I entered the living room to find a nude Jerry seated on the floor with a still robed Andi on the couch in what appeared to be a deep discussion. I dropped my robe and sat naked beside Andi who immediately began to rub my cock.

            “What’s the big discussion?” I asked as I sat down by Andi.

            “Jerry wanted to know why I let you fuck my ass yesterday instead of just giving you a blowjob.  I told him I knew you would prefer to fuck my ass since you think that is better than a blowjob.  You also did not really give me a choice and I enjoy an occasional ass-fuck,” Andi answered, “You’ve always said a tight ass is twice as good as a sloppy blowjob. He doesn’t believe me.”

            “You’re mostly right,” I told them as my dick began to swell, “What I’ve always said is that a nice, tight enthusiastic asshole is twice as much fun as a sloppy blowjob, at least the first 5 or 10 times it gets fucked.  If the butt-fucking is frequent, the asshole loosens up, which is why we only do it occasionally, and its harder to cum.  Speaking of which, Jerry suck my cock.  You still owe me 46 orgasms.”

            “46? I thought it was 45 now,” Jerry complained as he moved between my thighs to take my growing prick in hand and lick it.

            “It would have been but you missed swallowing a load when Andi pulled you away to fuck her.  The rule is that you must take my entire cock down your throat and swallow my load or it doesn’t count.  That one didn’t count even if I did cum,” I explained, “For now, suck my cock and make sure it counts.” 

My cock reached its full 9” length as Jerry took the head into his warm moist mouth and began to slowly work his way down.  Even though he still gagged and snorted slightly at about 6” he would still end up with his lips pressed into my pubic hair. I leaned back and enjoyed the sensations of my second blowjob of the morning.  Jerry’s cock sucking skills were definitely improving.  He slid his lips slowly up and down my shaft, at times, pausing with only the head in his mouth as his tongue teased my glans.  He would remove my cock completely to lick the length of my meat and lap at my balls.  This boy had potential. Andi had spread her legs and was busily playing with her clit.

“Very good Jerry,” I said after about 10 or 15 minutes of Jerry’s manipulations, “has Andi been giving you pointers on sucking cock?”

“No” Andi immediately protested, “I haven’t been telling him anything but I love watching him make you squirm.”

Jerry raised his head momentarily from my prick and said, “No sir she hasn’t but I have noticed what tends to please you.  I also try to remember what my Mistress has done to me.”  With that he again engulfed my dick.

I continued to enjoy the sensations for another 5 to 10 minutes before I directed, “Jerry, as enjoyable as this feels, it is time for you to get serious.  See if you can finish me off now.”

Jerry wasted no time. He began to bob his lips up and down my prick steadily going faster and faster.  My hand rested on his head, rising and falling, as my balls began to tighten and my breath quickened.  As I felt my balls tighten, I held Jerry’s head down and pushed my cock upwards.

“Suck it boy. Suck it,” I declared as I felt the cum surge up from my balls, “I’m cumming. Suck it all down.”

Spurt after spurt of hot man seed erupted from my cock to flow down Jerry’s throat.  I could feel him swallowing rapidly as he tried to keep up with the copious amount of creamy cum.  Andi quivered beside me as her own orgasm racked her body.   Jerry continued to massage my prick with his lips and mouth as it slowly softened.  I relaxed as my orgasm faded. 

I pulled my satisfied dick from Jerry’s mouth and told him, “That was the best blowjob you’ve given all weekend.  Good work, be sure to keep it up.  I’m looking forward to 45 more of those.”

“Yes sir, I’ll do my best,” Jerry said as he sat back allowing his hard cock into view. Apparently, he was beginning to enjoy sucking my dick.

“Oh Hank. Look at that beautiful, hard cock. Can I have it?” Andi asked.

“I don’t see why not.  I’m sure not going to use it,” I answered.

“Lay down Jerry,” Andi directed as she stood, “You’re going to get fucked.”

Jerry quickly stretched out on his back. Andi straddled his hips and lowered her cunt toward his prick.  Reaching down she guided the cock to her still wet pussy, sinking completely down its length. She proceeded to ride his cock until they both came and collapsed on his chest to recover.

After everyone had caught their breath and calmed down, I said, “I think we should all clean up a little and head for the pool.  Jerry’s got to get in his lap training.  This is probably a good time since it appears that everyone’s needs have been taken care of.”

Jerry headed down the hall toward his room.  Andi and I retreated to our bedroom to clean up a bit and make plans for the remainder of the day’s fun and games.  Andi and I came up with a loose, flexible plan to encourage Jerry to offer his ass for my enjoyment.  We’d agreed to wing it and go with the flow to reach our objective.  About 15 minutes later we emerged from our room and met Jerry coming down the hallway.  The 3 of us headed to the pool out back. I grabbed the sunscreen from the locker and Jerry and I made sure that Andi was completely covered, much to her enjoyment, head to toe and front to back.  Andi and Jerry applied sunscreen to me and Andi made sure to cover Jerry.  Andi and I stretched out on a couple of the pool loungers as Jerry moved to the pool.  As he positioned himself in a starting position, we were treated to a nice view of his ass.  The rosebud that nestled between his asscheeks appeared slightly larger than it had the day before.  That seemed reasonable considering that Andi had pegged him twice.  Jerry swam several sprint laps and then began a distance swim as he had the day before.  Andi and I added some detail to our early plans as we watched Jerry.  The sun’s rays warmed my genitals and my cock began to grow as I considered the pleasures to come. Before Jerry finished his training routine, I went to the pool-side shower.  Using soap from the adjacent dispenser I cleaned the sunscreen from my dick, balls and the surrounding areas then returned to my lounge.  Lying on my stomach to prevent any unwanted sunburn. I told Andi what to expect after Jerry’s swim and what I thought she might want to consider.

“I like the way you think honey,” she replied with a grin.  A short time later, Jerry left the pool and walked over as he dried off.

“That felt good,” he said, “Do either of you need anything before I settle down?”

Rolling over onto my back, my hard cock sprung upwards.  “as a matter of fact, I do need something,” I said.

Looking at my prick, Jerry reached down and spread my legs begore kneeling between them.  He leaned forward and lapped my balls before licking the length of my shaft several times. Andi rolled onto her side to watch as Jerry took my dick between his lips, teasing the head of it with his tongue.  He slowly slid it into his mouth and down his throat. He paused for a moment before he began to bod slowly up and down my cock as he played with my balls with his hands. I closed my eyes and savored the sensations Jerry was providing to me.  He made sure to continue the actions he had introduced to his technique earlier, occasionally teasing my cockhead with his tongue or licking at my balls and shaft.  It seems he had decided to be the best cocksucker that he could be.  I was perfectly happy to be on the receiving end of his determination.

“Damn, that is so hot,” Andi said as she watched the trim swimmer pleasuring her husband. She was enjoying the fact that half of her fantasy of seeing me having sex with a man had been and was being fulfilled. 

Jerry’s oral skills soon had me approaching my orgasm.  Reaching down, I held his head in place as cum burst from my balls.  Humping upward, I pumped my cock rapidly in Jerry’s mouth as my balls drained.  I released his head as my orgasm ended.  Jerry continued to massage my cock with his tongue as it softened.  He released it to allow it to flop down over my nuts.  Jerry sat up and his hard prick popped into view.  Andi jumped up from her lounge and grabbed his hand.

“Come with me Jerry.  We need to wash off some of this sunscreen. I need some tongue and I think you could use some lip service,” she said as she pulled him toward the shower.  With soap from the dispenser, she scrubbed Jerry’s genitals and then her own.  Pulling him back to the lounge she had him lay down with his feet toward my head.  She climbed on the lounge and placed her cunt against his lips before leaning forward to lick his dick. Andi proceeded to give him one of her fabulous blowjobs as she rode his tongue.  It didn’t take long before they both were bucking through their orgasms. Once they had recovered somewhat, we headed inside for a quick shower to remove the remaining sunscreen and have lunch.

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