Fast Times at Ridgemont High

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Fresh out of College and I land a teaching job in a great little High School in upper state New York. Everything is going fine until my last period class and in walks this drop dead beautiful blonde. She has got to be six feet tall with blue eyes and a figure that makes it almost worth going to jail. I must keep telling myself “she is one of my students.” I catch myself teaching the class but staring at her. Several times I need to sit at my desk to hide my erection. She is very smart and unfortunately never needs to stay after class for extra help. I realize that this is a “dead end” street and give up any hopes of ever becoming more than a student/teacher relationship. A few months into the Term we have a Parent/Teacher meeting and her Mother and Father show up to see how she is doing. Well, you can imagine my delight when her Mother looks more like her big Sister. Same face, same hair, same eyes and hard to believe but a better body. She stands next to me at my desk and looks down at her daughter’s test scores in my ledger and I find it very difficult not to try and steal a look down the front of her blouse. I manage to keep my cool, but I am really glad I do not have to stand up from behind my desk until everyone is gone. About a month later my wife and I are at a restaurant waiting for our names to be called when the Mother of my student approaches us and asks if we would like to join them for dinner. We end up having several drinks and the wait is so long that we end up skipping dinner and go back to their house for more drinks. I don’t know whether I am happy or sad when they tell me that my student is staying over a girlfriends house and we “adults” had the house to ourselves. I am very impressed with the heated pool in the back yard and express my regrets that I did not bring a bathing suit. They tell us that when the children are not home they usually “skinny dip” and proceed to stripdown and dive into the pool. My wife looks at me and says “what the hell” and we in turn do the same. After many more drinks my wife starts grabbing at my ass and is starting to get a little turned on. It is announced that someone needs to make a beer run to the kitchen so I climb out of the pool and I walk my Sue (the Mother) with a full blown erection. Sue gives a wolf whistle and tells me that it is very impressive. I take four beers and put them on the kitchen counter and figure this would be a good time to pee. As I am staring out the bathroom window I can see Sue’s profile as she is sitting on the edge of the pool. I must be fifty feet away and I can clearly see the outline of her nipples. I have a flashback to a movie I once saw call “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” where the guys is watching this girl at the pool and is jerking himself off. I don’t want to go too far, just a couple of quick pulls so that I am really “impressive” when I walk back with her beer. I can feel my nuts start to stir and I know I better leave now or I am going to have to clean up a mess. I walk into the kitchen and grab the four beers and then realize that I cannot open the slider with my hands full. At that point I hear a voice behind me say “Do you want me to open that for you?” I turn and see my student sitting on a stool by the counter with a camera in her hand. I move the beers down in front of my erection and ask her not to take any pictures. She brushes up against me to open the slider and tells me she has already got the pictures she wanted while I was in the bathroom. Now this is the worst part, for the remainder of the school year she never says a word about the pictures. I see her with a group of her girlfriends and they giggle when I walk by, but NO ONE has ever said a word about them. Now it has been five years and I have been invited to the Class Reunion. Do I get her aside and ask what she ever did with them? Do I want to know who has seen them? Do I just pretend that it never happened?

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