Forbidden Bliss (sequel to Exploring Bliss)

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“… I’m on my way to Cathy’s, so I can’t,” Tina spoke into her mobile phone.
“But Halle and Sam are coming tonight! We’re going to the Dancing Queen – there’ll be lots of new girls to try … You have to come!” Max cried in reply.
“Believe me, I want to cum …” Tina giggled.
“Naughty girl – are you playing with your pussy again? I love fucking you over the phone!”
“No Muff … My Mom’s in the car! She’s dropping me off before she meets Dad. Her friends have got a kid – I have to babysit tonight.”
“Fuck no,” Max yelled. There was a sound in the background – some girls were giggling. “Did you at least take one of the DVDs Halle gave you?”

“We’re here honey,” Tina’s Mom called as the car pulled into the driveway of the non-descript suburban home.

“Gotta go …” Tina hung up the line, opened the door of the car and walked up the path to the front door of Cathy’s house …

The inside of the house was warm and cozy thanks to the thermostat which was obviously up high due to the cool Fall air. Tina walked into the house she had played in as a kid, her eyes sliding off family photos on the wall.

“Hey! Jess!” Tina called as she walked further into the house.

By the time she entered the kitchen, no one had answered.
“Hey Jess, it’s me, Tina!”
“Hey!” came the reply at last.

Tina coughed when her eyes came upon Jessica. The fifteen year old girl had her hair in plaited dark ponytails and she was dressed like any other kid – cargo pants, a tight sweater and Nike runners. In fact, Tina noted, she and Jessica were dressed almost exactly alike.

The teen was gorgeous! Her round face was flushed at the cheeks and she had a cute freckle-smattered button nose and soft, rounded lips …

Tina gulped as she felt her heartbeat quicken.
“Wanna do something?” She blurted out.
“You OK? You sound funny …” Jessica replied.
“Yeah!” Tina coughed.
Jessica tossed her head back, her ponytails flapping in the air as she let off a laugh.
“Whatever! Wanna do stuff?” Jessica returned. “I got some music DVDs, wanna watch?”

In between watching the DVDs, Jessica kept popping out of the room to bring in plenty of snack foods and it was making Tina thirsty. When Tina asked for a drink, she was surprised to see Jessica return with a beer!

After a little while, and about three infuriating music DVDs, Tina looked down at her watch.

“Well, it’s just on 11, Jess. I think you better go to bed!” Tina declared.
“Mom always tucks me in and I like to get a kiss before I go to bed …”

Tina reluctantly agreed and followed Jessica upstairs to her bedroom …

Back downstairs, it had been half an hour since she had put Jessica to sleep and there was still plenty of time before Cathy and Stan came home, so Tina grabbed Halle’s DVDs from her pack and selected a title called “Pussy Lapppin’ Girls”.

Tina had the DVD player working in a moment and, luckily had turned down the volume, because in seconds she was in fantasy heaven, watching three girls getting down and dirty …

She had been watching the DVD for some time and her minge was getting damp, so Tina slipped off her cargos and sat on the couch in her panties and sweater, spread her legs and inched her hands towards her sticky underpants.

The soft purring of the starlets on the screen was quickening Tina’s heartbeat, and her eyes widened as she watched a scene with five girls on a sofa … it sort of reminded her of the other night at Max’s apartment.

‘Aaaah …’ Tina exhaled as she probed and explored her warm passion box. She started to move her hips in small circular motions and soon she had slipped her stained panties down her legs and onto the floor!

Her pink tunnel became wetter and she worked two fingers up her own dripping cunny …

‘Mmmm …’ she moaned as she watched two girls fucking in a park.

As Tina’s state of arousal climbed higher, a jolt of pleasure shot from her bulbed clitty! She now had four fingers up her pink flaps and Tina tensed in pain as she touched her own hymen.

Her cunt was aching for release, so Tina pulled her fingers out of her tight snatch and rubbed on her swollen sex button with her open palm, just the way Max had shown her.

Tina’s head started to spin as the blood rushed to her pelvis.

She was now too distracted by the building pleasure in her groin to notice the scene on the screen and she closed her eyes, dreaming of fucking …

‘What are you doing?’

JESSICA! Instead of exploding into orgasm, Tina was swamped by a tidal wave of foul, sickening panic – she was half naked in a stranger’s lounge, her hand up her own cunt, watching a lesbian porno …

Worst of all, she had been caught by a fifteen-year-old girl!

‘What’s going on?’ The teen asked, her pale features were puzzled as she looked from the screen where the two girls having a pink picnic were joined by three others, to Tina, whose legs were spread wide, her fingers far up her shaved mound.

‘I …,’ Tina stammered.
‘What are you doing, Tina?’ The girl’s look of panic was changing slowly into one of fear.

‘D-don’t be scared, honey. I …. I’m having fun!’ Tina giggled trying to lighten the mood. ‘See, when I tickle myself here, it feels nice.’ She almost gagged as she rubbed her damp, puffy pink slit and the last words rushed from her lips …

‘So why are you looking at that? I thought they were for boys – Dad has some …’
The thought of Stan watching lesbian porn nearly made Tina hurl …

‘I like to watch it because I have … done it. I mean, I have sex with girls … It makes me excited,’ Tina was getting nervous. No one in her family knew. None of her school friends, except for Chantelle …

Now she had confessed to a terrified teenager – one whom she barely knew.

Fuck, Tina thought. I think I have stumbled into a teen sex education class!
‘Because girls are soft and warm, and they taste good, and it goes all night …’ Tina rubbed her clitty again – her near-orgasm was fading fast!

‘All those noises gave me a fright,’ Jessica whined suddenly. ‘Now I’m confused and scared. I don’t understand this … I’m going to tell my Mom on you!’

FUCK! Tina’s mind shrieked.

A long awkward moment of silence passed. For some reason, Tina could feel her labia getting wet again …

‘Do you mind if I watch some more?’ Tina asked. Jessica looked like she was going to cry out again. ‘This looks like a nice scene,’ Tina flicked a few buttons on the control and the DVD jumped to a picture inside a dance club filled with naked, horny girls – the dancers were kissing and touching each other down …

‘I SAID I AM GOING TO TELL ON YOU!’ Jessica suddenly screeched, her pigtails, all messed up from being in bed, were shaking in her fury. Tina threw the DVD control to the floor.

‘Look here little girl!’ A wicked, naughty thought suddenly came to Tina’s mind as she decided how to deal with the troublesome teen.

Tina got up off the couch, and as she stood up she caught Jessica’s nervous glimpse as her eyes fell on her babysitter’s shaved pussy.

‘SIT DOWN!’ Tina roared and pointed to the couch. Jessica didn’t move. ‘I said SIT DOWN!’
Reluctantly Jessica sat on the couch.

‘You are in SO MUCH TROUBLE LITTLE GIRL! Wait until I tell your Mom about the vase that you broke!’ Tina pointed to an ornamental asian-style vase on the mantle piece.

‘I didn’t break anything!’ Jessica wailed in protest.

Tina walked to the mantelpiece and tossed the vase to the carpeted floor where it shattered! Jessica looked like she was going to faint, again!

‘Now you did!’ Tina laughed. ‘Oh yeah, you drank t
oo much Coke, just like you’re not allowed to! You got totally hyper and while I was trying to catch you to calm you down, you ran into the mantle and knocked this expensive antique vase to the floor!’

Jessica was hyper
ventilating in fear.

‘Mom will KILL me if you say I broke it!’ Jessica cried.
‘I know,’ Tina walked to the couch towards the teen, her tone nonchalant. ‘But there is one way you can get out of it …’

Never in Tina’s life had she seen anyone look as afraid as the innocent teenager did at that very moment!

Her Mom’s most precious vase lay on the floor in a million pieces and Jessica refused to look at it. She was also afraid to look at Tina, but her widened eyes flitted between the shocking Sapphic scenes on the TV and the sight of her near-naked babysitter – anything to avoid looking at the shattered antique.

The girl breathed heavily and there was a thin film of fear-sweat on her brow.

Tina could almost feel the teen’s terror, and her own heart was beating wildly, harder even than it had the first time she had touched Chantelle …

Tina was not entirely sure what was coming over her, but she knew she needed to cum – and that Jessica would be the one to get her off!

‘Wh – what do you want me to do?’ Jessica finally squeaked, her voice breaking as she spoke.
‘I want to get naked,’ Tina purred. ‘Come here baby – help me take my top off …’
Jessica hesitated.
‘NOW!’ Tina roared.

Jessica got off the couch warily and wandered closer to Tina, never meeting the older girl’s eyes.
‘Lift off my sweater …’ The older girl commanded.

The fifteen year old reached trembling hands to the bottom of Tina’s pink sweater, her eyes avoiding the sight of the older girl’s naked slit.

Tina looked into Jessica’s terrified eyes. ‘That’s a good girl. Let’s take off my top and see what’s underneath!’

Tina’s last words were muffled as Jessica’s wildly shaking grasp pulled the top over her babysitter’s head.

Underneath Tina was wearing a plain white bra, her C cup tits, beaded with sweat, were ready to burst from their restraints.

Tina took Jessica’s shaking hands, much the same way Chantelle had taken her own, and placed them on her still covered boobs.

‘They’re nice and warm aren’t they?’ Tina asked. Jessica was very hesitant in her soft awkward movements as she numbly caressed Tina’s heaving chest. ‘Let’s take this off …’

Tina reached behind her back and unfastened the lock on her bra … ‘There, that’s better!’ she exclaimed. ‘Why don’t you pull my bra off, little girl?’

Jessica did what she was told, but she still refused to meet Tina’s eyes.

The fact that she was now naked in front of the fifteen year old almost made Tina faint with erotic dizziness. All of her blood was rushing to her pubic mound, and she could feel the warm, tiny rivulets of she-cum slipping down the inside of her thighs.

Her musk was heady in the air, but she thought she could smell some of Jess’ virgin aroma too!

‘Suck on Tina’s titties!’ she cried as she pulled Jess’ face into her mounds.

The sweat on her chest mixed with Jess’ tears as the little girl numbly kissed the smooth flesh of Tina’s heaving breasts.

‘Good girl …’ Tina crooned to the terrified teen as Jess’ soft sobs tickled Tina’s nipples.

‘Aaaah …’ Tina moaned as Jess moved her quivering lips from her left breast to her hard right nipple.

The attention that her chest was getting was making Tina even wetter. The rhythm of Jess’ cries was vibrating through her tits and making her even hotter.

As Jess moved awkwardly to Tina’s other tit, the older girl grabbed the teen’s limp hands, and guided them towards her waiting, boiling snatch …

Tina became lost in the emotion of what she was forcing the young girl to do … At once she was ill and thrilled. The fifteen year old was getting her off and there was no turning back now …

Jessica seemed to be slowly gaining confidence as she sucked on the older girl’s hard nipples, but Tina knew that the attention her teen titties were receiving would never lead her to orgasm.

‘Stop it …’ Tina pushed Jess from her chest.

Tina sat on the couch and spread her legs as wide as they could go, her shaved labia were puffed and red, her small strip of blonde hair was damp and sticky from the cum that leaked from her hot snatch.

Tina rubbed her steaming pink lips with long, hard fingers and the squelching sound was audible in the room, despite the still playing DVD. Tina lifted the wet fingers to her mouth and licked her own juices from them one by one.

‘Do you like the way my girlfriend shaved my pussy? She tells me it’s so pretty. Max tells me it tastes so good!’
‘I’m scared … I DON’T LIKE DOING THIS STUFF!’ Jessica cried in response.
‘But I do, baby,’ Tina smiled. ‘Tonight, you’re my little slut. Get on your knees now’ she commanded.

‘So, what do you think of this?’ Tina spread her legs wide to show off her boiling cunt to the terrified teen. For added effect, Tina pushed her full labia apart with her fingers, her little clitty peeked out from under its pink hood.

Jessica was too afraid to answer, however her eyes were locked on Tina’s spread, puffed wet hole.

Jessica stared at Tina’s exposed pussy with wide terrified eyes. She didn’t understand why Tina had only a small triangle of short hair above her vagina, when Jess, who was much younger, had a light covering of dark curly hair all over her fanny …

A sense of fear-induced resignation hit Jessica, and Tina saw the last vestiges of resistance begin to melt away as the teenager knelt between her inviting legs.

‘I’m scared. I don’t know what to do …’
‘Be a good little girl and lick my pussy like a Popsicle. Come on!’ Tina spread her waiting lips open for the teen, they were bright pink and slicked with beads of her cum. ‘Lick me!’

Jessica sobbed as she lent forward slowly, her eyes leaking with tears. Although her eyesight was blurred, she could see that beneath the small triangle of hair, Tina’s cunt was like a pink diamond, with her small labia filled with blood as they peeked out from inside her.

The girl craned her neck and forced her face towards Tina’s warm snatch and nearly gagged on the heady alien aroma.

‘Mmmh …’ Tina moaned in anticipation. ‘Aaaaah …’ she cried as Jessica’s virgin tongue finally pushed its way into her burning cunt.

As Tina felt the young girl’s tongue on her muff, a swift, sharp stab of guilt struck at her heart, and she felt a tide of panic rising in her. What had she done? This poor teen girl was about to lick her first cunt.

Jessica wasn’t even sexual, let alone lesbian or bi-sexual.

Jessica had been forced into tasting pussy, and she was clearly terrified about this unfamiliar experience.

What had Tina done? In an awkward attempt to protect herself, she had stolen a little girl’s innocence.

Tina’s momentary pang of guilt melted into the background of her mind as she could feel the vibration of Jessica’s face on her cunt lips.

The girl’s movements were awkward and jilting. For a brief instant, Tina thought she could hear the girl moaning as she tasted pussy for the first time, but a moment later Tina was left with no doubt that the sound was the girl crying as she struggled to please her domineering babysitter.

‘Aaaah,’ Tina moaned. ‘That’s a good girl. You lick my cunny so well …’ She offered in encouragement.

Jessica was still crying as she snaked her tongue wildly up and down Tina’s aching pink crack. The girl was shivering with fear, moving her mouth instinctively as she tried to remember how Bobby had taught her to kiss him at the gate behind her school.

This felt very different to kissing a boy! It was sort of slimy and sticky at the same time, and the smell wasn’t too nice at all!

The taste was salty and creamy all at once, and the aroma was half sweet and half musky
– she knew she didn’t like it. She kept forcing herself to swallow as more and more of the sticky mixture ran over her tongue and burned her throat with its acidic bite.

Jessica couldn’t understand why
Tina forced her to do this … It must be something that gay girls liked to do.

Something else strange was happening to Jess as she sucked on Tina’s hot slit … somewhere between her own legs, a slow burning, ticklish warmth began to spread through her pelvis.

The confusion at her actions and the reactions of her own body welled up inside Jessica. Afraid of all these strange happening, she continued to sob as she licked on her babysitter’s snatch …

‘Eeei!’ Tina shouted as Jessica kept her tongue working between her legs. The feeling was intensified by the sickening guilt that pounded through her veins like burning acid!

But somewhere hidden beneath the aching shame, Tina started to feel the spidery tendrils of boiling shivers that traced their way from her clitty to her stomach and beyond. She was close to cumming, thanks to the efforts of her virgin lesbian protégé.

‘Remember … ah … my special spot at the top!’ Tina mumbled and Jess obediently moved her tongue to the tip of Tina’s slit. ‘Aah … lick my clit!’ she cried.

Jess’ tongue settled on the small pink button that Tina seemed to think was so special.
‘Lick it … slowly …’ Tina moaned deeply.

Jessica snaked her tongue along the throbbing round nub and Tina’s hips shook again in building, aching ecstasy.

The fist jolt of orgasm fired from Tina’s clit, spreading out like a wicked shockwave and Jessica reeled back in fright as the older girl’s hips bucked and shook, wrenching Tina’s drenched cunny from the reach of fifteen year old’s tongue.

Tina pushed the girl’s face away from her roar, bloated slit, and she smiled as she looked down at the teen who still knelt on the floor.

Jessica’s hair was matted and messed thanks to the fear-sweat that had snaked its way down her forehead. The teen’s eyes were roar from crying and the thin smears left by her tears were smudged along her round cheeks and on her chin where they were mixed with the sticky stains of Tina’s cum.

Jessica’s tongue was sore and felt dried out, and her throat itched where the hot strands of Tina’s cunt cream snaked down towards her fluttering stomach …

‘You did so well!’ Tina smiled her encouragement. ‘You made my cunt feel so hot …’ She ruffled Jess’ hair with affection.

‘I don’t think I did a good job. I was scared,’ Jess blushed.
‘Don’t be silly … Come up here,’ Tina patted the couch next to her.

Once Jessica sat down, Tina asked; ‘I love eating out a girl – did you like it?’
‘Well, it was okay …’ Jess shrugged. ‘It was very slimy and smelled pretty funny!’
‘Pussy is my favourite taste. Max, my girlfriend, says virgin cunt tastes do fresh … I’m going to have to try it!’

‘I’m sacred again!’ Jess suddenly cried out as she slowly realized what Tina wanted to do.
‘It will be OK. Now lie down on the couch.’

Tina crawled on top of the squirming teen and undid the buttons on the front of Jessica’s pyjamas. As the fabric came away, Tina shivered and sucked in her breath as she gazed on the girl’s small, perfect titties.

The skin of Jessica’s breasts was powdery pink in colour, finished off by small strawberry areolae and little nubs of nipple. The teen’s chest was dotted with small droplets of perspiration, and her skin was flushed red with the excitement of her naughty lesbian escapade.

‘I bet your nipples taste so sweet …’ Tina drooled as she sucked one of Jessica’s little pink buds into her mouth. The feel of the girl’s tits was so warm against her tongue and within a moment of Tina pulling the sweet bud into her mouth, Jess was moaning with pent up pleasure.

Tina was reveling in the velvet smoothness of the virgin’s rack, so much so that she could feel her spent cunt start to boil with fresh sex juices.

The first hesitant, soft moans of pleasure were coming from the teen as she experienced ecstacy as only another girl can give.

‘I think you need to get wet …’ Tina offered and reached for the nearby coffee table where a bottle of beer rested.

Jess gave off a cry as Tina splashed the cold amber liquid all over her chest! Tina stared in hungry wonder as the amber rivulets drained their way down the teen’s soft body, towards her virgin muff.

‘And I think I need a drink!’ Tina declared as she pressed her mouth to the girl’s flat stomach. Because of the way Jess had been lying on the sofa, the brown bubbles of ale pooled in the fold of her tummy, just over her belly button.

Tina moved off the couch to kneel next to Jessica who now lay flat on her back on the fluffed sofa. Tina licked up the traces of beer that had slid down towards the teen’s belly and then drew in the small pool of liquid in Jess’ bellybutton!

While down close to the virgin girl’s pelvis, Tina noticed a wet stain that was spreading in the crotch of Jess’ pyjama pants …

‘What’s this?’ Tina asked coyly.
‘I feel all warm and nice … down there,’ Jess giggled.
‘I think I need to see this!’ Tina cried.

With minimal struggle for a girl who only minutes before had been terrified of her forceful fanny hungry babysitter, Tina pulled Jess’ pants off. The girl barely waited a second before she spread her legs a little to reveal her virgin poon to her lesbian sitter.

Tina’s eyes widened with lustful hunger as they fell on the small triangle of sparse brown curly hair that shielded Jess’ bloated virgin cunt. Just beneath the tangle of soaked pubes, Tina could see a thin triangle of puffed pristine labia that was leaking virgin honey onto the couch!

Without second thought, Tina grabbed the empty green beer bottle from the table and with one hand spread Jess’ little labia, while with the other she pushed the bottle up into the slicked virgin slit!

Jess cried out the instant the cold, hard bottle invaded her most intimate hole. The pain was sharp as the rounded glass grated on her aching clitty and nestled in between the filled walls of her teen slit.

‘Aaaah!’ they both cried out in unison, Jessica at the boggling coalescence of pleasure and pain within her stretched little fanny, Tina at the sight of the green longneck vanishing into Jess’ sticky pink tunnel.

Tina started to move the bottle in and out of the teen’s little muff, each time pushing it a little deeper into her roar tunnel.

It wasn’t too long until Tina could push the bottle no further up Jessica’s cunt, despite the soak of juices that flowed. As the pain built, Jess started to weep again, only getting worse when Tina’s thrusting found her hymen.

Tina’s stomach heaved, not with the dancing butterflies of orgasm, but with bilious revulsion at her actions. She would never treat a slut like Mia in this way – why had she so callously invaded this young girl, almost daring to rob her of her precious virginity?

Jess looked distinctly uncomfortable, just when she seemed as though she was starting to enjoy this unexpected Sapphic adventure.

‘If that’s what a boy feels like, I think I will never fuck one!’ Jess declared suddenly.
Tina almost fainted as she heard the teen swear.
‘I don’t know … I only fuck girls …’ Tina replied.

Somewhere in her mind, Tina recalled that Jess’ parents, and her own, would be back home soon.
‘I better get you to bed soon. But there’s just one more bit of fun I want to have with you!’ Tina declared.

Tina pulled the bottle out from Jessica’s tortured cunt and she almost giggled as the rush of air out of the teen’s tight clam sounded like someone letting off a fart!

Tina left Jess on the couch, and she climbed up on the cushions and stood with her back to the girl. Still standing on the couch, Tina bent over at her waist, bringing her face closer to Jess’ stomach.

Tina placed her hands on the couch, and then slid them to the floor, her
handstand meaning that her face was now almost right in front of Jess’clam!

As her neck craned closer, Jess spread her legs and Tina was about to push her tongue into the te
en’s cunny.

‘Hold onto my legs, baby …’ Tina muffled just before she slipped her tongue between Jess’ warm labia …

The two girls were moaning in mutual delight as they both snaked on each other’s wet pink bits. Jess shook with her third orgasm, and at each shiver, Tina pushed her tongue harder into the teen’s muff, flicking on Jess’ clitty as the teen took her to nirvana!

About fifteen minutes had passed since Jess and Tina had reached their third orgasm together, and collapsed into a tangled, sweaty heap on the sofa.

Tina had spotted the clock, it was 11:30 and there was no doubt that Jess’ parents would be home any moment.

Jess was exhausted by her cumming of age and was quick to agree that she had better get into bed before her parents discovered her naked with Tina!

The girls cleaned up as best they could, and of course Tina got dressed just after she had tucked Jess into bed.

Halle’s pornos were back in her backpack and Tina had just tossed the beer bottles into the trash when Cathy and Stan strode through the front door!

‘Your Mom’s waiting in the car,’ Cathy called as they entered the house.

They came into the lounge just as Tina lifted her backpack onto her shoulder.

‘How was Jess?’ Stan asked Tina’s tits – well that’s where his eyes were anyway!
‘She was a delight,’ Tina replied as she walked towards the door. ‘An absolute bliss …’

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