fun in the garage

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Last week I was over at my friends home and I went out to his garage to get a beer from the fridge. In the garage was our neighbor Stephanie,she was fingering herself, saying that whe was horny. I offered to help her out, she had me undress and she started sucking on my dick.

She was on her knees when David entered the garage, he looks and says what you guys are not inviting me? She motions for him to come over, has him undress then begins to suck his dick. I walk behind Stephanie and slide my cock in he wet pussy. I am really pumping her hard, then she has me stop and tells me she wants to have me eat her out. I quickly drop down and begin to lap and her sopping wet pussy, then Dave says dude you like that, I simply give him a thumbs up.

She start laughing and says Dave just fucked me you are eating his cum. I continue eating her not realizing what they meant, she then stop me and says so you like eating men’s cum huh. I look at her and ask What? She says you are eating Dave’s cum out of my pussy, do you want us to tell everyone. I tell her no, She then tells me I will do as she says.

She lays down on the floor and has me continue eating her, then tells Dave tha he has been wanting to ass fuck her, how about fucking me instead. I stop for a moment, and say you know fuys this is something I really want to do. I continue lapping up his cum as he lubes my ass and slides his hard cock deep into me.

Here I am on my knees Dave deep in my ass, with a mouth full of his cum from Stephanie’s pussy. Then in walks, Tara, Todd, Chris, and Tina. The day continues with me eventually suck Chriss dry, eating Tara and Todd and Tina fuck and feed me another creampie.


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