fun with my brother

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walking home from college i got a strange call from my brother saying he needed me to go straight home so i told kirsty and cammi that i had to go, when i got in my brother said i was in trouble cause i was failing in my compulsary course at college and promised not to tell mum andf dad if i helped him.
My name is Sophie im 18 years old with natural blonde hair and blue eyes firm c cup breasts and slim body.
I ask my brother what he needed and he said he wanted me to blow him off so i took down his trousers and saw his 9 ” dick i was a little suprised My brothers name is charlie hes 21 years old has short brown hair and blue eyes and is a good build, i start sucking his dick going deeper and deeper finally deep throating him while using my tongue flicking the mushroom before i make him cum he tells me to stop and takes me to his room and lays me on the bed he tells me he wants to see something and pulls up my skirt he notices that im wet and says i must be punished for that i start to get up but he pushes me down saying i must do this or else so i stop moving and he takes my panties off and sucks on my clitty making me moan probing harder and i knew i was gonna cum so i said “im gonna cum charlie” he stops and looks up to see my dissapointed face and positions himself between my legs and slowly guides himself into me going slowly at first then he starts getting rough but it just turns me on even more by this point id had an orgasm that turned into two and he was nearly ready to cum he took his dick out of me and cum all over my belly we cleaned up and went too our own rooms and i slept well for the rest of the night but i knew i would find another reason to fuck him again soon BEST FUCK OF MY LIFE the end

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