How the Girls in my Family Changed my Life

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Well I guess you really do learn something new every day; at least I know for a fact that I learned something new today. I had never seen my mom just come out and lie before, why was she doing this today? Let me go back a little ways in time to help explain what I was faced with. I guess I’m a fairly typical 19 year old boy, not a big fan of some of the things that guys my age are in to and I think I’m a fairly good looking guy so yeah; generally I think I’m pretty normal. So I don’t like sports much, does that make me less of a man. Ok, I can’t stand fighting or boxing or any kind of painful, mindless stuff like that but hey I’m ok, I can be fun too. I’ve always been really close to my mom and not so close to my dad, possibly because hey absolutely loves all of the things I just mentioned but also because Mom moved out and left him in another city. Oh and lucky me; I don’t have a sister…I have three of them! Isn’t that just wonderful luck on my part? Three mouthy little spoiled brats, two of them a few years older than me and one slightly younger and they seem to always get what they want or else they scream and yell until they do. Funny thing is there never seems to be enough money left to buy what I want and it’s hard to settle for hand-me-downs when all I have is sisters. It’s not easy I tell ya, not easy at all growing up in this house but like I said, I’ve always thought I could stick up for myself and be the man around here. Now back to my dilemma or whatever you want to call it. I stayed home from school today since I just wasn’t feeling all that well and I swear I slept almost all day. My sisters where away and mom was at work leaving the house actually quiet for a change, so I slept as much as I could. Mom was the first to come home, just after 4 and I was up and feeling pretty good by then. She asked what I did all day but when I told her she didn’t seem to believe me since she kept asking what I “really” did all day. I just told her the truth but she didn’t buy it. So the girls came home and supper was going on the table a bit later. We always sat down as a family, I think it’s a great idea since we all get to talk and hang out together a bit before we disappear to our own corners for the rest of the day. Well ok I’ll admit something, my older sister usually brings her best friend over for supper a lot of nights and I have a huge crush on her. I always look forward to her coming over and she almost always sits right beside me and flirts with me. You know’ the typical short skirts and low cut tops. She has a very cool trick that she seems to like doing too. Like I said wears shorts skirts but every so often she will drop some food and always jumps back and screams a bit when it happens, giving her a change to spread her legs and turn toward me to give me a clear view of her cute little panties. She knows it always gives me a hard on and for the rest of the meal she will look at the bulge in my pants out of the corner of her eye and even tease a bit by making me get up to go get something, knowing that there will be a visible hard on to admire. I swear one of this days I’m going to just unzip my pants and…ok, that’s another story I guess. Today turned out to be one of those exact days, Cindy came over and sure enough she was dressed in this totally amazing skirt. She wasted no time in giving me a look underneath it since I answered the door and in she came, giggling and smiling and flirting with me but then she crouched down to unfasten her shoes, right in front of me and spread her legs completely to give me a look at some cute, black satin panties. She looked up quickly and caught me looking right up her skirt this time and said something like “they’re new, do you like them”. Thankfully my sister came in though and ended the conversation and I made a quick retreat to my room to hide my excitement for a few minutes. I knew supper would only be another half hour but it was a great chance to have a quick shower since the girls usually take much longer then that and won’t attempt doing it right before supper. Everything went according to schedule; I finished up just as mom called so I headed to the kitchen. There was a shocking surprise for me though just then, I grabbed the door knob to leave my room and found myself holding onto a tiny pair of black satin panties. “OH MY GOD” Cindy had taken off her panties and hung them on the door for me to find! My heart was racing, what should I do? My excitement was causing me to actually shake, especially when I thought things through a bit and realized that not only did I have the panties as a surprise but what was I going to be shown at supper today if Cindy didn’t have any panties on. I struggled for a solution but found myself stuffing the panties in my pocket and flying down the stairs as mom started to sound angry with me for holding them all up. I know my face was bright red when I looked at Cindy sitting there with an evil grin on her face. Her eyes dropped to my crotch which reminded me that I hadn’t taken the time to try to hide my bulge which was at an all time record size right now I figured. Cindy asked mom what we where having for supper while I got to my seat, she said “I hope it’s sausage…I’ve been craving some sausage all day for some reason”. Again, I turned several shades of red from embarrassment since I knew what Cindy was trying to say and I think everyone else was taking the hint too. Mom was kind of startled though and said, “as a matter of fact, that’s exactly what were having Cindy”. She passed the plate right to Cindy and said here you go, all you can eat. Of course a full plate of food was perfect for Cindy to just get right down to the business of teasing me. Down went a piece of meet and up went the skirt along with a little scream. When I looked over I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it was perfect. Cindy had spread her legs facing right toward me and there it was, the most perfect totally shaved gorgeous little pussy I had ever seen. In fact, it was the only one I had ever seen other then one of my sisters once I guess but it was just perfect anyways. I was so turned on at that point I nearly got off right then and there. I was so horny; I was looking at this girl of my dreams as she gave me the show of a life time. She asked me to grab a napkin from the table and help her wipe up the mess. I was shaking like a leaf at this point but reached over to wipe up the mess, right between her legs only inches from her pussy. I was so close to her I could feel the heat coming from her pussy but didn’t have to nerve to touch her. She did that for me though, she grabbed my hand and brought it to her pussy for a quick split second feel then she spun back around as if nothing had happened and carried on eating. I just couldn’t resist doing it this time though, I slowly unzipped my pants and took my cock in my hand and started to jerk off. Cindy didn’t look over once though, she was talking and eating and I guess had already had her fun teasing me. Mom looked at me and asked if I was feeling alright, that I didn’t really look to well and maybe after a day of being sick I shouldn’t have sausage. I didn’t know what to say, everyone was looking at me and I just wanted them to stop so I could get another glance down at Cindy’s hot pussy. I had no choice but to carefully stuff my cock back into my pants but I wanted to badly to cum. That’s when it all started though, mom just out of the blue decided to have some fun with me and tell a little lie. “Hey girls, do you know what Robbie did all day today?” Oh no! I thought to myself, what the hell was she up to? “Well you see” she went on, “he says he slept all day but when I came home he certainly wasn’t sleeping; guess what I caught him doing? I tried to stop her right there; she hadn’t caught me doing anything at all. What was she saying, what was she trying to do to me. It was too late though, she was already blurting out this story. “Well when I came home, the house was quiet so I assumed Robbie was still sleeping, I went up to check on him and well…I’m not sure if I should tell you w
t he was doing…well…I guess you need to know. He was laying on his bed completely naked except for one thing…a pair of Tracy’s panties. He was ummm…well…playing with himself while he was wearing them”. I was totally in shock, I couldn’t believe what mom said, the girls all had the same reaction to what they had just heard. EEEWWW they said, all of them screaming now and running around the room, even Cindy was acting that way. She kept calling me a pervert and a sissy boy. I was so embarrassed that she had heard what she did, I hoped it didn’t effect our friendship but it didn’t look good at this point. I tried to correct the lie but it was too noisy, nobody could hear a thing. Cindy then blurted out that I had taken a pair of her panties today too. She said they are still missing too, maybe we should go see if he has them in his room. Then one of my sisters saw something in my pocket and made me show them what it was. “No No, I said, “you don’t understand”. Now they where jumping on top of me, grabbing at my pockets trying to get in to see what was in there and it wasn’t long before they had the panties in their hands. Cindy was acting as if she was helping them but wasn’t grabbing at my pockets at all, instead she kept a firm grip on my cock the whole time. No one noticed in all of the excitement but she certainly took advantage of the opportunity to feel my hard cock. She started to laugh out loud though and looked right at me and screamed as loud as she could, “you have the smallest cock in the world Robbie, it’s soooo tiny”. The room got quiet and they all stared at me but then quickly burst into a cruel loud laughter and then they just kept going with the panties, passing them back and forth and twirling them in the air like a huge prize that they had just won. One of my sisters even grabbed them and rubbed them in my face. Mom tried to correct her story even but no one heard her so she sat and listened for a while. Once the panties came out of my pocket thought, she not longer tried to help me. I was on my own now. It wasn’t long and they dragged me upstairs with the promise of making me put on a fashion show for them. I was handed a huge pile of panties and then stripped completely. They made me stand in the middle of the room so they could all see. They all laughed at my small cock, something I had never realized before. I thought I was pretty normal down there but it turns out I was wrong. They humiliated me over and over for the rest of the day and then for the next few weeks by putting me in different outfits, taking pics to show everyone and even by taking me out to the mall to buy my own girly clothes. Cindy never flashed me again but she would often push me aside and groped me all over and making me undress in front of her and sometimes in front of one or two of her friends that I didn’t even know. They always enjoyed rubbing my cock until it was hard so she could make fun of it and threatening me if I tried to stop her or if I told anyone. She once decided I was going to learn that she meant business when she said that too and made me stand facing her, naked with my hands tied behind my back while she kicked me in the balls several times while wearing high heels. I was sworn to secrecy, I assure you. I guess after a while I got used to it but my humiliation had just begun I would soon find out. They plotted to secretly ambush me at school, near the Gym and have some fun with me. That day they embarrassed me more then I could have possibly imagined. They not only ambushed me and stripped me completely naked except for the panties I was wearing, but they then forced me into the senior girls change room which was occupied by about forty half dressed girls at the time. I was tied and left for the next three classes of girls to tease me until I was finally discovered by a teacher who kicked me out of school indefinitely. So now I sit at home most days and wear nothing but my sister’s clothes all day long since mom won’t buy me any of my own clothes. I now have no choice but to do all of their laundry and clean their rooms since I don’t have to go to school. Mom has never said a word to me about it and loves the fact that I do all of the housework and all of her laundry as well, saying it’s just my place in the household and to get used to it, all because of a little white lie to have some fun. When I don’t do my chores properly, they let Cindy come over to kick me again since she loves doing it for some reason. I have to say though, I kind of like it the way it is and I don’t have to hide it since everyone knows so it was kind of a good thing after all and it has given my sisters the knowledge to train all of the future men in their lives to be submissive to them and eventually take me place. I have still never had sex and have been locked in a chastity device that prevents me from even toughing myself at all let alone getting a hard on. It also forces me to pee like a girl since it bends my penis downward. I’m forced to please all of the girls around me orally too. They each do it secretly and think they are the only ones doing it making me swear I won’t tell anyone, and yes…even Cindy makes me eat her pussy occasionally. It’s my one little reward I guess for all I’ve been through and I do enjoy hers the most. She can be quite mean though when I do it, she sits on my face usually and grinds herself all over me, calls me names and degrades me until she cums several times then walks away without ever doing anything to satisfy me or thank me. One time after a couple of hours of my pleasuring her she just got up and threw me out of her apartment completely nude and left me like that. When I complained to her the next day she did the same thing again to teach me to be more obedient. My sisters loved that and think we should go to a public beach soon so they can leave me there naked and helpless. All in good time, they say; all in good time.

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