Nothing But Vengence

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Nothing But Vengence

Hello, my name is Mark, but my online screen name is Vengence. I’m a programer at Microsoft. I also helped designed a speacial file sharing program.
Its called Morpheus.On this program, you can share your music, movies, pictures, and you can download them from other people also. People from all over the world uses it. They also use it for chatrooms. Well I’m a moderator in all of the chatrooms. People hosting them from thier own pcs, doesnt like it,but my co designers and I have to. We make sure that no pedo files are being shared and no one creates a pedo chat room. Well in these type of chat rooms you meet all types of people. One day I was in this one particular chat room called ” Mouth Box”. It was a hip hop forum plus a sex chat. Well there was this one particular user that always had something to say to me. Her user name was Siren pussy. She always called me a nerd and pc bum.
She claimed that my whole purpose in life was to bother people on the net and go where i’m not wanted. Then she starts to insult my manhood, like i would
ever let a bitch like that have the blessing of seeing my manhood. Seriously i have a big, thick dick for a white male. When i’m hard i can get up to 9 1/2
inches. Plus i’m not really into urban women, they act to wild and immature for me. One day she was really getting on my nerves, I know she hates it when
I come to her chat room, cause she knows I can shut it down on a whim. I called her a net slut, and she said you wish. Well right then and there I decided to take her off of the net permently. So I hacked into her pc and started to go thru her files. I must say I was very impressed with her pictures. She looked like
she was about 5.2 and her breast was nice, very very nice. She looked like she was mixed with black and hispanic. She also had long dark curly hair with golden highlights. Her measurements could have been around 36 24 35. Her skin looked like a dark golden tan. I have to admit that my dick got hard by looking at her pictures. I checked her other information also. I found out what her phone number was, where she lived, and where she worked at. She lived
in Miami Fla. And it just so happens that next month i have to go to a software convention in Miami. I sat there and smiled to myself when I thought of that. Yeah,I’m going to have alot of fun with her.
Then I hacked into her msn messenger and added my msn addy to her list of online contacts. I saw that she was online, so I turned on her webcam and open
my message box so I would be able to watch her with out her knowing. It just happen at that particular moment she chose to come back into her room and
she wasn’t alone. She had on a matching lace green bra with thongs. She was kissing some guy and I watched him as he pushed her up against her dresser.
I watched her as she rubbed her hands all over his body. Then he roughly pushed her back away from him, and he stood there looking her up and down. She was
biting and sucking on her full juicy bottom lip as she was watching him watching her. Then he slowly unzip his pants and pulled his dick out. Then he took a couple
of steps away from her and with one hand he held his dick and with his other hand he motioned her to come towards him. She got up off of her dresser and walked
towards him, as she leaned over to kiss him, he pushed her off and motioned for her to get on her knees. She did. Then with his finger he opened up her mouth
and pushed all of his limp soft 9 inches inside of her wide mouth. I took screen shots of all of this. I watched her as she sucked and licked his dick. I could tell
that she knew what she was doing. Ever so often she would look up at him and lick his shaft from the tip of his dick all the way down to the bottom and gentlely suck
on his balls. When he was about to come, he grab both sides of her head to make her stay still and then he face fucked her. This girl took it like a champ, she kept
perfectly still while he rammed his dick in and out of her face. I stared at her body as she knealed down before him. She had a perfect arch in her back that gently rounded
down to her ass. She had a perfectly looking soft and fuckable ass.
All of a sudden he pulled his dick out of her mouth and pulled her up on her feet. He roughly turned her around and bent her over on her dresser. With both hands
he spread her ass cheeks apart and shoved his hard thick dick inside of her. I couldnt really tell if he was fucking her pussy or ass. My dick got so hard as I watched him bang her so hard. For most of the time she kept her eyes closed. I liked the way he reached up and pulled her head back with her hair. I watched as her lips moved.
Damn I wish i could hear what she was saying. I got great screen shots of that also. Right before he came, he pulled his dick out and made her turn around and get back on her knees. She looked up at him and opened up her mouth. He shot a load of cum on her face. My dick almost nutted as i watched the thick cum slide down her
face and onto her titties. I got screen shots of that also.
Oh yeah, I thought to myself, next month i’m going to have alot of fun with this girl in Maimi.

TO BE CONTINUED…………………………..

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