Old enemies, new lovers

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On a cool, summer night, i’m lying on my mattress, the sheets are are ruffled up. I’m completely naked, my long legs are spread apart, revealing my incredibly dripping wet, sensitive, tiny cunt. My left hand is on my breast, gently fondling it, and pinching my perky pink nipple. My back arches as I cry out in pleasure. My right hand is on my dripping pussy, tugging and pulling and massaging my clit. Moans of pleasure escape my lips, and I start to hump my own hand, causing the bed to shake uncontrollably. I dip a finger inside my hole and pump faster and faster. All the while, I’m thinking about someone. A very beautiful, sexy goddess who’s name is Hailey. She’s my next door neighbor. I love how she walks around in booty shorts all the time, enough for me to catch glimpses of her perky round ass. I want to slap that. And the way her breasts gently bounce as she walks. Her long, creamy legs look so delicious..
I get out of my trance as I hit and earth shattering orgasm. I scream out her name “HAILEY..fuck” I look down to realize I have soiled my bed sheets. I get up to get new ones, and then I see someone at my window, staring at me with a sexy smirk. It’s Hailey. The sexy, seductive Hailey taps on my window. I open it, and, legs first, she jumps in. At this point i’m still naked, and I grab a clean bedsheet to wrap around myself. Hailey is looking me up and down, causing a slight blush to tint my cheeks. “Alyssa.. I saw the entire thing.. You were.. masturbating. to me?” I nod slowly. “You know, if this were to get out, you would be the laughing stock.” I look away, unable to look my love in the eyes. “Of course.. no one has to know.. If you do one thing..” I turn to look towards her, and right then, she pushes me, and I collapse on my bed. “You can be my new sex slave.”
It didn’t hit me until her lips were on mine, her arms on my hips. “Yes.. Hailey.. please..” Hailey smirks and crawls off me. I wince. “I’ll be back tomorrow night.. Oh.. one more thing.. are you a virgin?” I nod slowly at her, and she kisses me one final time before leaving me alone in my room, breathless.
The next night, i’m in my covers. I left the window unlocked, so Hailey could come in. She crawled in about 5 minutes later and lay next to m in the dark. “H-Hailey, I..” I’m cut off as her lips are upon mine once again. This time, much more passionately than last time, it was more hunger filled. Her tongue brushed across my lower lip, begging for an entrance. I gave it to her, and our tongues dance a tango more sexy than any other. I felt hands on my breast and I broke the kiss, moaning. “i’m gonna fuck you.” she said in a husky voice, whoch turned me on. “Yes, master.” I replied teasingly. She smiled and took of my shirt and bra, revealing small, creamy breasts. She licked my nipple, and I cried out. Then she took the whole thing in her mouth, then switched to the other. I moaned. She took off the rest of my clothes as well as hers. I suckled her breasts as well. suddenly, her pussy was on mine, and I felt something warm in my private area. I blushed. “H-Hailey! Oh fuck that feels so good.” She slides her tongue in me, as I lap the juices that are spilling out of her cunt. “Oh, yeah.. lick it!” She screams. Suddenly she’s humping my mouth, and I lift my own hips. We both hit our orgasm at the same time. We both screamed and licked the cum off each other. “Okay its time” she said. She pulled out her strap on and I finally understood why she had asked me if I was a virgin last night. “I smiled nervously as she positioned herself between my legs. I wrapped my legs around her waist. With a slight nod from me, she thrusted in. I cried out in pain as blood trickled down my thighs and onto my bed. She licked the tears away, and soon I felt comfortable. It actually felt really good then. I liftedmy hips a little, and she pecked me on the lips, and then she thrusted in and out slowly. Then I said “More, oh fuck please. HARDER! FASTER! HALEY… fuck me hard you sex goddess. oh yeah baby, your inside me.” She thristed faster and faster, as if she was a wild animal. The bed was ferociously shaking. Then we tumbled off and onto the ground. even then, she still kept going. pinching and suckling my nipples. As she thrusted into me, her hand lazedly went to my clit. she rubbed it until i reached my orgasm. I held onto her, as she collapsed on me. I was so tied I picked her up bridal style, and put her on yop of me, her head on my breasts. I put a blanket over us, as we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I awoke to find that she was not on top or next to me. Then the door opened and there stood Hailey. Wearing nothing. She looked as beautiful as ever. “Morning, beautiful.” “Morning” I licked my lips and smiled. “I can see your horny” she whispered. I touched my pussy, and it was getting wet. “Let’s go for round two, shall we?” She grabbed the starp on and wrapped it around me. “Your turn.” She smirked.
I felt majestic as I pumped in and out of Hsiley for the rest of the day. We fucked, ate, fucked, slept, fucked, ate, slept.

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