The confessions of a shelf Stacker pt.2

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If you haven’t read part one of this then go do it now!!
After my ‘experience’ with Emily I was feeling confident and cocky. So when this girl called Lucy walked up to me and started flirting, I felt like she was way outta my league. She’s bout my age but she wasn’t the best looking girl there by miles, in fact she could barely be described as good looking. An she was pretty stupid too, and had a tendency to say inappropriate things. But she did have a nice body in contrast. So I thought I’d have my fun……
“You’re dead sexy” she blurted out suddenly, as we were putting away stock onto the shelf’s.
I was startled at first but then I thought ‘Why not? I wanna bit of fun’. So I asked:
“Sexy enough to fuck?”
“Yeah!!, your one of the most fuckable guys in this place!!”
“What would you do to fuck me?”
“Absolutely anything?”
I thought for a sec. “Hmmm. Ok meet me here after work”
“Really?!?! you gonna fuck me?!?!?”
“Only if you perform a few ‘tasks’ for me first. I’ll tell you bout them later. Ok?”
“Sure Anything”
When work finally ends I walk in to the stock room to find her sitting on a box. She is wearing the normal uniform, plain navy trousers, plain navy polo neck shirt
“You ready?” I ask.
“Take off your shirt then your trousers”
She pulls the shirt over her head to reveal a plain white bra. Her tits are slightly on the large side but pretty nice. She undoes her trousers and lets them fall to the ground before stepping out of them. This reveals a pale yellow thong.
“Do I get to fuck you now?”, she asks
“Quiet!! Do not talk to or question me till I am done. Do exactly as I say and you will get your reward, understand!?!?”
“Now stand very still”
I go over to her and examine her. I can hear her breathing hard, her chest heaving. I stroke her skin gently and she flinches slightly. I crouch down and examine her ass. No were near as nice as Emily’s, but good in it’s own right. I move round to the front again and notice a small wet patch in the crotch of her thong.
“Your wet already!! Sorry… you must be punished for this”
“But–” before she can say another word I give her a swift slap to the face
“No talking!! Now hold still”
I rip her thong, tearing it off and I shove the bundled thing up her wet cunt. She gives a sudden yelp. I unclasp her bra.
“Wet!? I’ll give you wet”
I begin to suck her left breast while massaging the other with my hand. I flick her nipple like a speedball with my tongue, while my other hand pinches her other nipple gently. I switch sides and let the air cool her stiff , wet nipples. I then stop, reach down to her crotch and pull out her former thong now drenched in juices, and shove it in her mouth.
“Chew it!” I command
She munches on it slowly, squeezing all her pussy juices out of it and swallowing them. After a minute or so…..
“Spit it out”
The damp cloth hit’s the floor.
“Now you have been a very naughty girl, so bend over that box”
She does as she is told, exposing her ass to me. Now I take off my belt and fold it slowly in my hands……………..SMACK!! It comes in contact with warm flesh. Again and again I beat her red ass with my belt, her yelps like that of a dog. Kneeling down, I kiss and lick her ass, which soon turns to biting and nipping it, leaving red bite marks all over her ass.
“Get up”
She rises slowly and I lay her gently down on the cold floor. She shivers a little. Then I sit on her stomach and caress her face. My hands make there way down and start fondling her breasts. The fondling gets rougher and rougher until the familiar sound of her yelping is heard. I begin to nip and bite her tits leaving teeth marks everywhere.
“Turn over”
I gently help her turn over exposing her sore nipples to the cold floor. She moans gently. I search the shelf and find a box of cucumbers. Choosing a suitably large one I kneel down behind her. Next I finger her cunt, as she gives off little signals of pleasure. My fingers start to work on her asshole, transferring her juices up from her sopping hole. Then her pleasurable groans turn to groans of surprise and mild pain as I ram the cucumber up her asshole. Harder and harder I push it till it will go know further. Then building up pace I start to buttfuck her with the cucumber. I pump faster and faster, till I pull it out suddenly. I help her to her feet.
“Bend over the box again”
“I said no talking!”. I ram the cucumber up her cunt.
Unzipping I then ram my hard cock into her ass. She groans loudly. I begin to pick up rhythm with both my cock in her ass and the cucumber in her pussy. She starts to shout aloud and writhe around the two shafts. Her cum juices runs down the cucumber covering my hand. Changing hand s I make her lick my hand clean. Feeling my cock start to throb I quickly flip her over and bury my piece deep in her throat, making it hard for her to breathe. Almost instantly my cock goes off like a cannon and quickly her mouth fills with my seed overflowing her mouth, choking her. I zip up again and walk out leaving her there, naked, cucumber in pussy, unaware of the camera lurking in the corner of the room…………………

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