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I work for this guy who is a multi-billionaire, a second generation Oilman with a frigid trophy wife who likes to take pills and booze and country club waiters to forget she married for money and not love. Somewhere along the way they managed to have a daughter they named her Angel, if they only knew how ironic that name was. A spoiled little brat who just turned seventeen, and has decided to rebel against her rich parents by bringing home losers from the local bars and public schools, has her way with them then throws them out.
She is a prime piece of ass though tall and athletic she is on her private schools tennis team so she is nice and fit. the kind of girl you fuck for fun. Shoulder length red hair and a pair of perky tits around a c cup to die for. I often mastur=bate dreaming of her.
I am the handyman on the staff of 6 for a three floor mansion. A maid for each floor, a cook, a butler and myself work at the house all year round. S we see how many men Angel has had, 6 this month alone. Her father has caught her the past 3 times and last time threatened to take her fortune away and throw her out on her hot little ass if she embarrassed him again (apparently he doesn’t know his wife is just as bad) with a low life trailer park loser. So about 3 days later I am fixing a loose tile in the floor in the hallway by her door, when about 9 am after her parents have left for the day a greasy little man comes out of her room. I knew him too it was Larry Cooper a perverted little guy about 38 and divorced twice his last wife was 18 and he was 35 when they married and he left her for a 20 year old when she got pregnant. A real class act. He walked down the stairs and Angel walked to the top of the stairs and waved goodbye, neither saw me.
“you can’t help it can you?” I said. She turned around startled. “Shit Ben I did not see you there”
“I know or else you would have hid Larry the loser there”
“please don’t tell Daddy” she said the vision of her inheritance going out the window
I stood up and walked to her “oh I won’t baby but it will cost you” the thought of my fantasies coming true were exciting.
“what do you want money, how much” she said as she went into her room to got her purse. I walked in behind her and closed the door. “you have two choices” I said as she stood staring at me “1 you give me a hundred thousand dollars today” she sat down in her chair shaking. “what’s option 2?” she said trying not to panic. I smiled at her and winked ” your other option is to give me a blow job every day for the next month”
“what NO WAY!”
“fine then I will have to tell daddy tonight I am sure he will reward my looking out for his best interest”
She stood up and lowered her head thinking and ashamed. ” alright fine I will suck your greasy cock” she said.
“good we start now, I am going to sit in the chair and watch you strip naked, then you are going to get on your knees like the whore you are and take my cock out, don’t worry its early I haven’t sweat yet and I showered but you may not always be so lucky, but I bet you don’t care being a the hose hound you are.”
“is that all?”
“No!….. you have to swallow, clean it all up and lick your lips”
She sighed as I walked over in sat in the chair, she loosed the string on her robe and let it fall to the floor, she had on only a pair of red lace panties. “take them off slowly and throw them to me” she did as I told her turning her back to me and bending over giving me view of her lips as she pushed the panties down. She threw them to me I caught them and held them in my hand as she walked towards me.
“stop” I said and she froze. “on your knees and crawl to me slut” she did it as she got to me she started un doing my fly. ” and no biting tramp or you will be poor very fast.” She slowly undid my fly and reached in and pulled down my shorts the whore was actually crying a little. My erection of seven inches sprang out at her and she seemed shocked it was so big. ” oh my” she gasped “nice now suck it cunt or else”
She started slowly licking the shaft and spitting on it to lube it and as she slid the length to her throat as I smelled her panties and continued to do so as she blew me, they smelt like the sins of lust. “faster tramp” as I took my other hand and pumped it on my dick it did not take long for her to do it on her own and she was good, she has had lots of practice. I finally blew a hot load. She did as instructed and swallowed every last drop. I think she liked it too. “tomorrow we do this in the yard in my truck at 1:30 wear no panties or bra so I can grope you while you service me.” I said doing up my pants leaving her kneeling by the chair naked.
It was quite a month, we nearly got caught when she blew me in her fathers office and again in the stables. Its amazing what spoiled rich kids will do to stay that way. Next I think I will find out what mommy will do. She may be trophy wife but she doesn’t care. Just like her princess daughter. They are all whores, so i swant some fun with them too.

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