the handyman conspiracy part 1

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The Handyman Conspiracy P1: the lady of the house
After a great month of coming into the throat of her “little Princess” I decided that if the tramp daughter would suck dick for a month the mother who had a lot to loose would do even more. So I decided one day after watching her fuck the pool boy (out in broad daylight in the yard) I waited till she was settled back in her chair by the pool and walked over and sat beside her. She was still sweaty from the vigorous fucking she just got from the latest young stud in her stable. She is a very sexy woman she is in her forties long blond hair, she works out almost everyday if she isn’t tired from fucking some young man.
“nice day for a sun bath” I said leaning back in the chair
“mhm” is all she said suspiciously
“specially when your nailing the pool boy”
“What… Do You want” she said accusingly, I did not say anything just sat there letting her squirm, she knew that the big man, her husband (Lenny, Len for short) go way back and I tell him about everything that goes on in his home. Well almost everything. She sat up and swung her leg over the chair and sat forward.
“you won’t tell Lenny will you” she pleaded. I still said nothing
“please it just happened, it won’t happen again, please I will loose everything” at that point she was mine for the fucking.
“say something”
“alright Lena” I started leaning forward into her face
“Len and I go way back he trusts me to make sure he doesn’t get embarrassed by.. Say unfortunate situations.” she was starting to squirm now.
“like you not even being discrete enough to go inside when you commit infidelity”
“it just happ”
“don’t bullshit me tramp, it’s the third time this month I saw you with a man on the grounds you are tramp” she got very quiet and started tearing up
“I can’t help it I like sex and Len doesn’t”
I sat back in the chair ” I have known him all my life he is a good friend and employer, what kind of man would I be if I “
“please I will do anything, pay anything just please be quiet” She got on her knees begging
“please” I said nothing just stared at her on her knees
“alright this is what we will do come to my trailer tonight about 8, bring a hundred thousand dollars and I will not say a thing”
“I can’t get that without raising suspicion you know that!” she stood up her surgically enhanced breasts bouncing., I raised my hand and started stroking her ass
“well then wear nothing but a pair of panties and a bra under a leather trench coat in thigh high boot and prepare to be fucked” she stood closer and purred
“I can do that, see you at eight” and she walked away
“and make sure you wash off the pool boy first” she turned and winked.
Eight came and her car pulled up to the back of my truck, I live at the end of a quiet road so she would not be seen. She walked up to the door and knocked. I opened the door to see her there in a leather trench coat open to her double d’s leaning against the door. I said nothing and pulled her in and slammed the door and pushed her up against it. I grabbed her panties and ripped them off exposing her naked pussy. I pulled the cups down exposing her huge tits and licked them furiously, grabbing her ass and lifting her up and grinding into her crotch.
“eat me” she groaned.
So I carried her to the bedroom and threw her on the bed and went right to work her naked cunt was already wet and slippery and I sucked, licked and stuck a finger in her slit as I did it. Just as she was coming I stopped and stood up and pulled my clothes off, she was still short of breath as I grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet. I dragged her across the room to the dresser and turned her to face the wall and pulled out the 2nd drawer and put her foot up on it, and bent her over the top her hands bracing her. As I entered her from behind, and began pounding her pushing her face down onto the top. I loved putting that rich whore in compromising positions. I let her sit up a bit as I licked and bit her back.
“you like that slut, huh do ya”
“oh yes oh yes, I love it you’re a pig and I love it”

“knew you would you slut”
“get on your back on the floor I want to ride your cock till you come”
So pulled out of her and slapped her on the ass as I backed away, I laid down on the floor as she knelt over my face and ran her cunt slowly over my nose and face. And down my body to slowly lower her self onto me.
” now ride like hell slut” she got to her feet and into a crouch position while I was inside her and began to hump like a dog on a leg. She braced herself on my legs as I kneaded her tits and pinched her nipples, she came a second time just as she dropped to her knees and arms and licked my chest as she continued to ride me her attention to my nipples put me over the top as I came deep inside her.
She just sat up and stayed on me for a minute till we caught our breath.
She then stood up and walked to my dresser and pulled out a pair of my shorts and put them on
“I have to wear yours home since you ruined mine”
As I walked her to the door she wrapped herself in her leather coat and turned to me.
“how would you like to be rich beyond a hundred thousand?”
“what would I have to do ?”
“help me get proof Len is cheating on me, he is your friend you can find out”
“what’s in it for me?”
“I will give you ten percent of my settlement which for you will be at least 5 million”
“I see”
“and me whenever you want… whatta ya say stud”
“okay lets do it”

TO BE CONTINUED……………………………………………..

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