Sexual Discoveries Part 4

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Tara Lawson had always been far more sexually adventurous than her sisters Kira or Misty. She had relinquished her virginity several years before, and had been with several lovers since. She was at a private area of the beach that only a limited number of lovers knew about, along with her steady boyfriend Mark. Her visiting eighteen-year-old cousin Marisa had tagged along, she was a cute girl with light blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her slender build showed off breasts that looked just right for her figure. Marisa wore a hot pink string bikini that blended nicely with her tan. Tara had on a similar string bikini, only in white. Marisa noticed a twinge in Mark’s suit as Tara sensually ran her hands along her body, and crept a hand under each side of her top to cover her breasts with lotion. Tara then stretched out on her belly next to him.

“Hey Marisa can you put some lotion on my back?” Tara asked.

Marisa knelt next to her cousin, and faced Mark. The way she bent over gave him an eyeful of her cleavage. Mark felt his cock grow, so he quickly rolled onto his stomach before Marisa noticed. Tara’s cousin untied her top, and applied lotion all over her back. Mark tried not to stare at the pretty blonde’s supple figure, but that proved to be useless. Marisa then took a Pepsi out of the cooler and flicked several drops of the icy water onto Tara’s back.

“Hey!” Tara yelled.

“Come on Tara, no one told you this was a nude beach!” Marisa laughed.

“Well I guess no one told you either!” Tara blurted out, and then yanked Marisa’s bottoms down to her ankles, which exposed her sparse blonde pubic hair. Marisa shrieked and grappled with Tara over control of her bikini bottoms. Mark watched as these two girls, one topless and one bottomless, wrestled on the blanket. Eventually they called a truce and settled down, yet neither bothered to cover up. The girls looked at Mark, and both immediately noticed the rise struggling against his suit. They then took off for the water, each still half-dressed.

The girls giggled and played around as Mark watched them frolic. He eventually joined them; and each girl immediately tried several times to dunk his head underwater. Marisa ultimately succeeded by jumping on his shoulders and flipping them both over. When she stood up several seconds later, her top was gone, and her tits were completely exposed.

“Help me find my top!” Marisa yelled. Tara found it, and tossed it to Mark. As they played keep away, the blonde’s perky breast bounced each time she jumped for her top. Playfully, Marisa untied Tara’s bikini bottoms, which then left them both naked. Standing in the water with two nude girls caused Mark’s cock to get hard immediately, despite the coolness of the water. Mark was shocked when Marisa reached under the water and pulled his shorts down.

“Oh my, is that a fish I feel, or are you just happy to be mingling with us gals?” Marisa chuckled as she ran her hand along the shaft.

They romped around nude in the water for a while, then returned to the sand and dried off in the sun. Mark fought hard to resist his urges as he eyed both girls tanned bodies as then sunbathed in the nude. After getting dressed and gathering all of their stuff, they headed back to Tara’s place to change clothes, since they had supper reservations for 8PM. Tara had a two bedroom apartment, and Marisa had been staying with her over the duration of her visit.

“It is 7:15, we can’t go all sandy like this,” Tara said when she glanced at the clock.

“Why don’t you gals shower, I’ll just get changed,” Mark offered.

“Why don’t we shower together, we’ve seen each other naked already today,” Marisa proposed as she peeled off her bikini and headed to the bathroom. Tara could not believe her cousin was so bold, but she stripped naked and kissed Mark softly.

“Come on, big boy,” Tara instructed him as she knelt down and pulled his suit to the ground. His semi-hard cock sprung out and slapped against her cheek. “Maybe later, if you are really good,” Tara taunted, and then headed to join Marisa in the shower.

The girls washed each other’s hair, as Mark rinsed the sand off their bodies. Then as they both washed his hair, all three felt the sexual tension rapidly grow. Mark felt Marisa’s hard nipples poking his back as she reached around him and soaped his cock. Before he knew it, she had rinsed him off and was on her knees on the shower floor. Marisa varied between sucking his cock, and kissing Tara’s tummy.

“Since when did you start doing that to boys”? Tara inquired.

“Well Tara, I’m am eighteen and definitely not a virgin,” Marisa replied. Mark then took control of the situation, turned Tara around, and entered her from behind. He repeatedly pushed his cock into her half way, and extracted it almost completely. He knew how much she enjoyed that. Then, with one long thrust, he shoved his entire eight inches inside her. Marisa scooted over to Tara, and kissed her breast and nipples while she touched herself. The shower was soon filled with sensual moans from all three people.

“Oh yes….I’m…gotta…cum!” Tara gasped. She was always very pleased at how long Mark lasted with her.

Marisa climaxed so hard from her self pleasures, that she almost fell to the floor with the intense pleasure. Mark grunted as his warm cum shot deep inside his lover. After he pulled out, Marisa put his softening cock in her mouth, and tasted both his cum and Tara’s. As they dried off, Marisa checked the time. It was 8:20, and they had missed their reservation. They ordered pizza, and Tara invited Mark to stay overnight with them, since Marisa was sleeping in the guest room. He readily agreed, and after supper and TV, they turned in. Early the next morning while Mark was still sleeping, Tara went to the other bedroom, and talked to her cousin about her sex life.

“Marisa, is there anything you would like to do if you had the chance?”

Marisa blushed and promptly replied, “Well I hate to admit it, but I would love to offer your boyfriend a blowjob, and maybe, even let him have sex with me.” Tara thought it over; she even felt watching her cousin making out with her boyfriend could be rather hot.

“Ok, I have no problem permitting you to give Mark a blowjob, any more than that will have to ok with him as well,” Tara offered. She then led Marisa to the guest room where Mark still slept. He was nude, with only a thin sheet covering him. The girls quietly walked to the bed and Tara pulled the sheet down. Mark was dreamingly aware of a familiar, glorious, feeling. His eyes did not have to open to realize what was taking place; he knew Tara was giving him an early morning oral treatment, as she was so fond of doing whenever he spent the night.

“Just relax and enjoy this baby, its ok with me,” he heard Tara’s sweet voice say at the same time his cock was inside a pair of warm wet lips. He opened his eyes and saw Tara standing beside the bed, and knew it had to be Marisa that was sucking him. Pleasure filled him as she very slowly bobbed up and down on his shaft. He relaxed his head on the stuffed pillow as every sensation of her soft lips on his cock aroused him even more. Marisa paused for a moment, then took his shaft in deeper, at about an inch per minute. The pleasure drove him crazy with desire. Finally, she had his entire length buried deep in her throat. She held it there awhile, and then slid her lips back up his shaft, as slowly as she had gone down. The sensation carried him to the threshold, but then she ceased completely, and extracted him from her mouth. He needed to cum, but she would not let him finish. He knew how much Tara loved to intentionally prolong him. She often told him that his releases were stronger after delaying, and the quantity was consistently greater. He could only deduce this was Tara’s doing, and that she had told the pretty blonde the secret way she enjoyed teasin
g him.

Finally, he felt her tongue lick slowly all the way up one side, and down the
other. Mark could not take much more; he needed so badly to let it happen. Tara’s hands slowly caressed his balls while Marisa’s mouth rendered its magic. He did not want to communicate it, but she was doing almost as well as Tara. He was right on the brink now and strongly hoped this time she would let him finish. However, Marisa stopped again, and removed her mouth. At last, she slid him back deep in her mouth. He neared completion once more, and this time she allowed him to him finish. He lost count of how many times he ejaculated into the blonde’s warm mouth. He heard her swallow as she went after every drop. She relentlessly continued until his hardness faded in her mouth, withdrew, and licked her lips.

Mark was very pleased. “That was amazing, how did you do know the method I liked that to be done so well?”

“Well how do you think she did silly?” Tara asked with a playful slap.

Tara took over, and gently nibbled and licked Mark’s cock until it was thoroughly hard again. Minutes later, Tara felt the pleasurable feeling of his erection as it sank deep inside her. Marisa observed intently, and masturbated as her cousin had sex with her lover. Then Tara told him that Marisa desired to have sex with him, and that is was ok with her. Mark slipped his cock out of her, and quickly inside Marisa. Tara scooted over and kissed her cousin’s nipples. It did not take long for Marisa to achieve orgasm; her body quaked as the climax overtook her, and sent waves of pleasure all through her body. Mark pulled out and asked both girls to sit on the edge of the bed. He stood in front of them and waved his cock in their faces. They each flicked it with their tongues as it passed by.

Tara then pushed Mark onto his back, and told Marisa to get above him. Tara guided his hard cock deep inside her cousin, and watched closely as she slid all the way down on him. As Marisa rode him, Tara straddled his face, and ran her pleasure spot over his lips as she watched them go at it. The girls played with each other’s breast as they neared their climax. Mark’s talented tongue on her clit sent Tara rocking into a tremendous orgasm. Marisa watched in delight as her cousin’s body shivered in climax. She rode Mark faster and soon arrived at her own delightful ending. Mark felt Marisa climax around his cock, and then he needed to finish.

“OH girls…I need to cum …where….do you….wish me to do it?” he questioned, almost out of breath.

“You can cum inside her, she’s protected, go for it baby,” Tara whispered softly. Marisa felt him swell inside her, and as Tara kissed her breast and nipples, Mark spurted his seed inside her. They did not get time for any more play, since Marisa had to head for home, but all had greatly enjoyed what had recently developed.

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