Sexy Louise & the Naughty Boy

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Due to lack of sexual excitement with my fiancée Duncan, our relationship ended a few weeks ago. My name’s Louise, I’m an attractive blonde, 31 years old, 5’8 with 32dd large breasts but those arent even my best feature, best by far is my big curvy backside, my girlfriends are always complimenting my ass.

Anyway, I’m used to describing myself like this because I’ve been chatting with guys online a lot recently. I tend to be constantly horny so my online chats are almost always to do with sex. There was one guy in particular, Ahmed, a 24 year old student. I never usually go for Asian guys but this one was very filthy and persistent and he turned me on to be honest. Whenever I was online there he was, He was desperate to come to my flat and kept on telling me he ‘loved me’ and how he wanted to rip my clothes off, spank my bare backside and “lick my bumhole for hours”. I’ll be honest, I’ve never had my asshole licked before so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit curious to experience that. Just for a bit of fun I eventually agreed for Ahmed to visit my flat. I even told him I’d answer the door wearing nothing but a towel. This was all a bit risky as we’ve never met before but I really didn’t care, I was just gagging for some action again, it’d been months since I last had sex.

Ahmed was due to arrive at 6pm, So I had time for a nice hot shower I dried and straightened my hair, I expected the door any minute so I put on my favourite sexy red thong and red high heels, and then wrapped a towel around my body just in time for the knock on my door. I got up and looked through the peephole but could only see the top of Ahmed’s head, quite short I thought but a shaven head which I like. So I opened the door, flicked my blonde hair back with my best pouting pose. But oh dear, I was stunned at the teenage boy I saw before me, Ahmed must’ve been 17 years old at the very most!!!  Before I could even speak, Ahmed stepped forward and pushed me back into my hallway, slamming my door shut. I tightly held onto my towel in disbelief at the situation I found myself in “Em, hey I think you better leave Mister!!” I said angrily, but he wasn’t listening, He was just staring at my curves probably in disbelief at how a teenage Pakistani boy managed to get into this situation with an attractive semi-naked White blonde with a body to die for. “look, Ahmed just get out!” I said once again looking down at the obvious bulge in his tracksuit trousers, “You’re beautiful Louise, I love you, I know I lied, ok ok I’m not 24, Actually I’m 17 but…I still love you” said Ahmed, Although his words were quite sweet I was still angry at the horny teenager, “just leave right now little boy, I’m almost old enough to be your mummy for fucks sake!” I shouted but Ahmed shook his head and lunged at me, giving me quite a shock, he was rather strong for such a young pup and he easily managed to pull off my towel, I stood there naked apart from my red high heels and sexy red thong, my arms now covering my large exposed breasts. Ahmed stepped back to stare, his eyes were wide open, he was in heaven and I knew he was just getting started, “I love you!” he said once again as he stepped towards me and started kissing my face all over and squeezing my breasts with both hands, his kisses were quick and fast, clearly inexperienced kisses, his kisses moved down to my large breasts, taking turns to suck each of my now erect nipples as I felt both of Ahmed’s hands now fondling my asscheeks. I stopped fighting it, I was becoming moist and had reached a stage where I was now so aroused I was going to let this happen, I knew it was so wrong but it turned me on to have this young boy ‘in control’ of the situation.

I weakly pushed Ahmed away and moved quickly into my livingroom, I could see him following me from my wall mirror, he was staring at my juicy ass cheeks jiggling up and down and I could tell he wanted me so bad. Before I could even turn around Ahmed pushed me faced down onto my couch, I kicked off my heels and felt his hands all over my arse, he was kissing and fondling each of my big jiggly cheeks, I pretended to struggle when he gave each cheek a nice big smack!  “Ooooh” I said. He then gave out a moan as he buried his nose deep between both of my asscheeks, he was loving this and so was I, I was loving every second. “take off my fucking thong NOW you naughty boy!” I turned round and demanded. I could see young Ahmed smile at me as he started to quickly peel off my sexy red thong, He knew then that there would be no more struggling from me, I turned round and faced the wall just as my thong was thrown on the couch, The look on his face, I could barely believe this little Pakistani schoolboy now had me completely naked on my knees, “oh my god” he muttered as I felt both his hands part my asscheeks and something warm entered deep inside my asshole, it was Ahmed’s tongue and it felt amazing, I let out a loud moan as his Tongue circled my asshole and 2 of his fingers entered my wet pussy from behind, my hips moved in rythm with his fingers. I felt the sensation building when Ahmed picked up the pace and fingered me faster, “oh god, oh Ahmed yes YES I’m cumming!!” I screamed during an absolutely amazing orgasm, my legs were shaking and my body tingled all over. I glanced behind me and could see Ahmed’s face was still buried deep within my arse and he continued to suck and lick away at my hole.

I gently pushed his sweaty head away from my backside, I stood up and turned around. Ahmed remained on his knees just staring up at my body, his eyes transfixed on my huge breasts dangling over him. The bulge in his trousers remained very much erect and needed urgent attention. “Well, that was very nice indeed but you are still a naughty little boy, I think you’d better take off your clothes now don’t you?” I said whilst smiling at Ahmed. He was so excited as he kicked off his shoes & socks, off came his football shirt, tracksuit bottoms and boxer shorts. Ahmed stood right next to me, both of us completely naked. I glanced down, His cock was surprisingly large for such a young boy, It must have been around 7 or 8 inches long, “who’s a big boy then?” I said as I got down on my knees for a closer look, I squeezed my huge breasts around his cock and he started thrusting back and forth “oh my god, my Louise I love you” Ahmed yelled as he pumped away between my tits, I could feel he was close so I lowered my breasts and rubbed his cock against my lips, I looked up and could see the sheer pleasure in the young mans face, I gently flicked my tongue across his japs eye and took all eight-inches deep in my throat, up and down I went, faster, over and over again. “Oooh Louise!” he shouted as I gently played with his balls and fucked him with my mouth until his back jolted and he fed me wave after wave of his warm love juice, I swallowed every last drop.

I now wanted to feel this young boys cock inside me, I was still moist and horny. “are you having fun then you naughty boy?” I asked Ahmed, he smiled “I love it” he said, “I want to stay here with you forever”. I continued to gently massage Ahmed’s balls, Then I slowly sucked and licked his bell end, I was no longer angry at him for lying about his age, I was actually quite impressed that he still came to my door to try his luck with me, “boy did you get lucky today, Would you like to feel your cock inside me now Ahmed?” I asked, as if I didn’t know the answer, “oh god yes Louise, please I want to do that now!”, So Ahmed lay back on the couch and continued playing with his hard cock, watching my every move. I got up and walked over to put some music on, I could feel his excitement growing even more as I bent over the CD player, I knew his eyes were all over my big juicy ass and exposed pussy lips, I slowly walked back over to Ahmed who was by now beside himself with excitement, I can’t believe I almost told him to leave at first, I mounted him slowly as his erect penis slid inside me and the sheer excitement and pleasure on Ahmed’s face just added to my enjoyment. I buried his thick eight-inch cock deep inside my pussy, Slowly I began to rise and fall as his young hands grabbed my big asscheeks moving me up and down faster. “Oh Louise yes I love it, I love you!!” shouted Ahmed as I bounced up and down on his virgin cock, Feeling my passion raise telling him “Oh God Ahmed, I am going to cum all over your cock, cum with MEEE, let’s cum at the same time!!! I love you tooooo!!” I yelled whilst panting to near orgasmic pleasure, I then began wave after wave of orgasm. Feeling my love muscles clenching tightly against Ahmed’s cock each time. My back arched, and I began trembling from head to toe, and it was right then that Ahmed shot his load inside me!! “god OH LOUISE, YEEES!!” he screamed, his face was beaming. I simply added to his pleasure by leaning forwards so the young boy could kiss and suck my huge breasts again. “I love you Louise” Ahmed said once again whilst squeezing my tits.

After several more hours of oral sex Ahmed had to go home or he’d be “grounded” which made me laugh.
Still naked, I sat back on the couch, my legs were wide open, watching the young boy quickly putting all his clothes back on. He looked up and stared between my legs, looking all over my body again. I got the impression he was trying to take it all in, maybe he didn’t expect to see me again.

He needn’t have worried, we’ve been fuck buddies for over a year now, I wonder what his parents would say if they knew?


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