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Its been three weeks since Laura came by my house walking her dog. My wife didn’t notice on the weeksends I would be waiting for Laura to walk by with her dog.

Finally on an early saturday morning, as I was washing my car, Laura was walking her dog and came by my house. My wife was in the back with our child and I hoped she wouldn’t notice. Laura came over and said, she really enjoyed our experiance and didn’t want to make it too obvious how much she wanted me.
She said her family was going to a sports event that night and she was going to be home alone and for me to come by at 7pm.
I said I would try, I had to get out without my wife thinking that something was up, or going to go up.
Laura smiled, shook her ass as she walked away and said try.
The day went by with me trying to figure out what to do and then my wife says she was going out shopping for school clothes and would I mind stayig home alone on a saturday night. I said no problem, I would find something to do. My wife left about 6 and said she should be home by 10. I said if I got bored I would go for a walk to something.
Well at 7 I went out, looking around to see if any of my neighbors noticed I was going straight for Laura’s house.
I walked up the driveway and before I could get to the front door, it opened. I went in and there was Laura, naked. She closed the door and came into my arms , kissing me deeply. Then she said she has been thinking about this for three weeks. She removed my clothes and she went on her knees and started sucking me. My cock jumped to attention while she slipped it into her mouth.
After a little while she stood up and we went into the den. There she layed back on a recliner chair, showing her swollen pussy and I went to my knees and put my tongue in her wet swollem pussy, then I licked her clit and sucked it. She started to scream that she was cumming already.
After that Laura turned around, butt up and asked me to fuck her from behind.
My cock, entered her wet pussy and I started to fuck her, me standing up, her bending over on her elbows.
My cock pushed deep into Laura and she moaned really loud and I heard her dog start to bark. We both laughed while I continued to pump her from behind. She came again, I was really close by held on as long as I could.
She then told me to lay down on the couch and she sat right on my cock, slipping it deep into her pussy.
She started to fuck me, her full breast jumping on each stroke, I squeezed her nipples and she fucked me harder and told me to let it go.
My cock was swollen and ready and I felt I couldn’t hold back, Laura rode me hard and fast, letting me drive deep inside of her and I exploded, my hot cum pouring deep into her pussy. As I was cumming , she did again and we both moaned louder than before and the dog, barked and barked and we fucked and fucked. We did so until all the energy was out of us. She layed down on top of me. My cock still inside of her.
We stayed like that for about 20 minutes and she got up. Walked to the kitchen ,naked and came back with some cold drinks.
We drank the cool drink and we looked studied each others naked bodies. Finally , it was around 9 pm, I couldn’t believe two hours had past. I said I should go and she said she knew but our next time wouldn’t be as long as the three weeks that had just past.
Then she said she had to tell me something. I thought maybe her husband figured something out. She said remember our special afternoon, at your pool. Of course I did, I thought about it, every time, I had fucked my wife, thinking about how Laura had sucked me at the edge of the pool.
Laura said that a few days after that, a neighbor came by, while she was walking her dog and told Laura, her bedroom window faced my back yard and she saw it all.
She was Susan , a young newlywed, who had just moved into the neighborhood.
Laura said that Susan didn’t say anything to our spouces but just told Laura.
Susan said she would not tell but wanted to meet with us, to find out why two married people would have sex, with someone who was not their partner.
The great sex I just had with Laura, was sort of just was put oh hold, thinking that Susan would have something to blackmail us or hold over our heads. I told Laura, I guess we should talk to her. Laura told me that Susan told us to come by next saturday afternoon.
Laura said don’t worry, we can all work it out, smiled and kissed me and I went home.
I had a week to figure out, how to get out of the house, what was Susan going to say and relive the great sex I just had with Laura.
to be continued

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