Sexy Stranger, Not for Long

My name is Macy and I have a story to tell. I guess I should be ashamed of myself but it happened before I could even think about it. I am a happily married woman and I love my husband dearly. My husband went through this period where he wanted to just come home, eat, and watch television before it was time for bed. I thought for the longest time my husband was cheating on me because we had such a hot and heavy sexual relationship in the beginning but all of a sudden NOTHING! I thought maybe it was me. Maybe I needed to be able to fit into a size 2 once again instead of the size 7 that I wear after the birth of our twins. I didn’t understand what was going on. I left horny and frustrated because of the lack of sex we were now having. If we had sex at all, I would practically have to beg him. It got on my nerves and after a while I slept in the room with my boys in the rocking chair after reading them their bed time story.
This went on for three months and by this time I resorted to toys when everyone was asleep. After a while that wasn’t enough. I desired a lot more. My husband and I met at a strip club. I was there with my then current boyfriend. It was his birthday and I wanted to take him to get a lap dance and learn how to dance like a stripper for him. This girl who danced for us, showed me how. We were feeling on one another, kissing, she pinched my nipples and I licked hers. Things were getting pretty hot and heavy. I laid eyes on my husband and the actions between the stripper and I only intensified. We started kissing and my eyes were on my husband. I caressed her breasts and I noticed my husband was fixated on me and the stripper more than he was his own stripper.
I wanted him to watch more so I grabbed her ass and squeezed. The next thing I knew I was wet and ready to please. The next thing I knew she and I were gyrating by rubbing our pussies together until we climaxed together. That was so hot. I went to the restroom and when I came out; my husband passed me his number. Not too long after that I broke up with my boyfriend and dated my husband before we married. That was before the careers and the twins. Now we’re like two old married couples sitting on the porch drinking lemonade or iced tea and watching the cars go by. I desire more than that.
I was sitting at work one day when this man walked in. He was a potential customer talking to one of my co-workers. I stepped out of my office to get something to drink when I noticed this man. The second he smiled at me, I quivered and was wet instantly. He said hello and I could barely get the words out of my mouth but I did respond back. So now not only do I need a drink, I need a bag of ice to cool down. The air conditioner is on however I felt hot as if I were in a 90 degree temperature. I went back into my office and tried to go back to work but I couldn’t concentrate. I kept staring at him from my office window. The next thing I knew I was touching my breast and I started to touch my clit until I saw one of my co-workers get out of their chair so I had to stop.
I had to go to the bathroom and splash some water on my face. When I opened the door to leave the bathroom and return to my office, there he stood and when I looked down, he was hard as a rock. Without saying a word he started kissing my lips and moved down to my neck. His hands were massaging my breast and his lips were so soft. I knew I should have stopped him but I wanted it so bad. He then led me to my office and I closed the door and closed the blinds. The second I did that he started kissing me from behind and on my ass I felt his erect cock. His one hand was massaging my breast as the other was rubbing my pussy. I am so glad he didn’t waste any time playing with my panties. I reached back and started to stroke his hard cock and then I went down on my knees, put that excited cock in my mouth and went to licking it slowly and then fast, sucking the outside, and then started sucking the whole thing. We were careful not to moan loudly because outside my door there are other employees and potential customers who could hear us. Then he lifted me up and inserted his cock in my throbbing wet pussy. While standing up with my legs wrapped around him, in and out, in and out, with his hands holding on to my ass, and my arms wrapped around his neck. It felt so good and I felt so alive. I tried my hardest not to moan.
He sat on my chair and I happily rode him twisting my pussy on his cock. He was trying not to moan. Then he bent me over my desk and fucked me from behind. This time he was pounding me. At this point I didn’t care who heard me. I came so many times and had one orgasm after another. He then pulled out and came all over my ass. He dressed but I remained naked on the floor not looking at him. I was still having one orgasm after another. I knew he stared at me for a while but I never looked back. I knew if I had and he smiled at me, we were fucking again.
That was the last time I ever saw that sexy smile. Although I love my husband and feel incredibly guilty for cheating, that was the best sex I have ever had.
Thanks for listening!

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