Sharing My Wife Lani For The First Time, Part 1

Where to start? First of all this is a 100% true story. It’s from actual first hand observation, and information related by my loving wife whom I will call Lani. Allow me to describe her. Lani is half Hawaiian and half Filipino. She has beautiful brown skin, almond eyes, and long lustrous black hair. Her figure can only be described as hour glass with 34D breasts with long brown nipples, a tiny waist, and a full behind. She’s built much like Eva Menendez and just as stunning. If you like exotic beauties, Lani is the one. I know, some readers are going to cry “Bull Shit” but the truth is the truth. She draws attention wherever she goes. Lustful stares from men and “stink eye” from women. Especially white women.

On with the story. We had been married about three years at the time. I was in LA on business leaving Lani at home in Hawaii. As usual we talked on the phone each night and recounted the events of the day. She had done a little shopping and proceeded to tell me about some guy who had hit on her at the grocery store. She was always relating those kind of experiences. I guess because she wanted to remind me how much men lusted after her.

This time, after gathering my nerve I said, “Why didn’t you take him up on it?”

There was a pregnant pause before she replied, “Are you serious?”

With my heart in my throat I said yes. Her response was, “When you get home we need to talk.”

Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep that night after revealing my deepest fantasy to her. The flight home was excruciatingly long. We kissed when she picked me up at the airport and made small talk on the ride home, avoiding what was on both of our minds. She waited until after dinner to broach the subject. She wanted to know if I was trying to get rid of her. I assured her that was the last thing on my mind. With a dry mouth I said I couldn’t explain why but it was my deepest fantasy to share her with another man. She said I was plenty man enough to satisfy her and she didn’t need anyone else. We talked some more before she said she would have to think about it and let me know. One night in bed a few days later she brought it up again and said that if she were to go through with it, and that was a big IF, she would have to be the one to do the choosing. Breathlessly I agreed, and we had some of the best sex of our lives.

At this point I need to elaborate on that subject. Once again some are going to cry “bullshit” but I swear the following is the truth. The first time we had sex I was totally blown away. Now I’ve seen my share of porn films but I had never seen anything like my sweet bride. When she gets hot she literally looses control. I’m talking non-stop screaming orgasms, dirty talking, hot vocal fantasies, you name it she does it, including passing out. The first time she passed out it actually scared me. It may sound like I’m bragging but during one hot afternoon of sex she passed out nine times in a period of thirty minutes.

In addition, Lani is a very sound sleeper and most every night she has vivid sex dreams. Many times I’ve awakened to her moans and listened to her talk in her sleep, saying things like, “Let me taste your salty cock. Let me lick your balls” etc. I can place my thumb up to her lips and in no time she’s sucking it. She’s in such a deep sleep I can actually have sex with her and she doesn’t even wake up. I’ve even used her little puckered back hole; she has huge orgasms and still doesn’t wake up.

Back to the story. I waited nearly six months before one afternoon she came home from a business conference and said she may have found someone. Needless to say I was excited as I had nearly given up hope. She said “Mike” had been seated at her table along with several other people and they had chatted. According to my excited wife, Mike is very handsome, about 6’1″ with prematurely gray hair and a mustache. He was an avid tennis player and had a nice tan. Just her type I thought.

After the meeting they exchanged business cards. We were seated at the dining room table as she was relating the story when the phone rang. It was him. After a little small talk he asked if she was married. It must have set him back when she replied “Yes and no.” When he asked what that meant she explained she was married but her husband allowed her to have male friends. He asked if she was talking about a threesome.

She said, “My husband is right here, I’ll ask.”

I actually hadn’t considered that possibility. What if I couldn’t perform? I didn’t say so, of course, so I said, “I guess.”

He invited her out for drinks the following night. After hanging up, Lani again informed me she didn’t need anyone but me and there were no guarantees. I had my fingers crossed.

It was to be an informal meeting so she chose a loose fitting long sleeved poet shirt, no bra, skin tight jeans which hugged her beautiful ass, and heels. She preferred to go braless for reasons I’ll explain later. They met at an out of the way lounge in downtown Honolulu, had a glass of wine or two while she sized him up. She informed Mike if it were to happen he must be discrete since she’s married. No bragging to his friends. She also said he could see no one else while they were together. He realized she was essentially saying they wouldn’t be using protection. He of course agreed.

She must have liked what she heard as she accepted an invite to his apartment. Upon arriving he ushered her into the living room and they shared another glass of wine while sitting on the couch. He then leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips and, getting a warm response, brought a hand up to her breasts. After starting to caress her nipples, he stopped abruptly with a questioning look on his face. He had discovered our little secret.

About a year earlier while spending the holidays in San Francisco, I had talked Lani into having her nipples pierced with little dainty gold rings. She had gotten used to not wearing a bra during the healing process and loved the way her big tits swayed and jiggled when she moved. The friction from her clothing gave her a little thrill and kept her nipples erect at all times. This night she had tiny gold charms in the shape of my initials dangling from her long brown nipples.

Mike asked what she had under her shirt and she coyly replied, “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

He asked if he could see them. After slowly unbuttoning her shirt and pulling it out of her jeans, she left it hanging closed, hiding what was underneath. Then with both hands my naughty wife opened her shirt revealing her beautiful brown treasures.

She wiggled her shoulders back and forth causing her beautiful tits to sway from side to side and asked, “Do you like?”

The big grin on his face was the only answer she needed. He reached his hands up to weigh her heavy breasts and roll her nipples between his thumb and fore fingers causing her to shiver.

He asked if there were any other surprises to which she replied, “Oh no, just these.”

They kissed a little longer while he continued to run his hands all over her breasts, but when he attempted to unbutton her jeans she said no, and reminded him she wasn’t the kind of girl that had sex on the first date. He excused himself, leaving her for a few minutes and when he returned she said he was naked and sporting a huge erection. Needless to say, she was startled. I guess he thought if she saw what he had to offer she would change her mind. She did confide in me that he had a beautiful cock. (Her words.) She said it was a few inches longer than mine but the biggest difference was the head, which she described as really big and long.

He continued to kiss and run his big hands over her body. Lani said she just had to reach down and give his cock a squeeze and a couple of strokes which caused pre-cum to ooze out and down over her fingers. She couldn’t resist leaning over and swiping her tongue over his big head, eliciting a sharp intake of breath to escape from his lips. He again tried to open her jeans, which she again resisted. She did relent a little by slipping one hand inside her jeans and wetting a finger in her soaking pussy and then holding it to his nose before smearing it on her nipples. Mike hungrily slurped her sensitive nipples like he was licking an ice cream cone. My teasing wife then abruptly announced it was time to go home and stood up. No matter how much he begged and pleaded she wouldn’t relent. Still naked, with a huge throbbing hard on Mike followed her to the door like a little puppy still hoping she would change her mind as the door closed behind her.

When she related that part I laughed and said he must have had a really bad case of blue balls. I encouraged her to give him a call. We were in bed when she called and after a little small talk he asked what she was wearing. She was lying beside me on our big waterbed in a sheer blue baby doll nightie with tiny matching panties, she explained. She asked how he was dressed and he said he was still naked and stroking his cock. She  moaned and joined him by pulling her panties to the side and running two fingers in and out of her soaking pussy. It wasn’t long before they both had strong orgasms. After hanging up, I wasted no time in pulling down her panties and mounting her from behind. Filling her hot pussy after a few strokes of my own.

Stay tuned for part two.


(Image Source: Jules Jordan Video)


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