Sharing My Wife Lani For The First Time, Part 2

The beginning of this story is recounted in “Sharing My Wife Lani For The First Time, Part 1.”

Once again I will testify this is a true and complete story of sharing my wife Lani with another man for the first time. In the previous story I recounted how we arrived at this point. It would be a good idea to read “Sharing Lani for the fist time” before proceeding.

The day after their first “encounter” Mikee (Lani’s pet name for him by now) called again. This time instead of cocktails it was to be a dinner date. They chose a little bistro in Restaurant Row on the water front in downtown Honolulu. It was on a week night so it was less likely she would be seen by someone we might know.

Since it was to be a dinner date Lani chose to dress a little more formal than the poets shirt and tight jeans she’d worn on the previous occasion. She chose a pair of loose fitting pleated black palatso pants, a more or less matching top covered by a short gauzy jacket which tied in the front. It looked more like something you’d wear over a night gown than out on the town. High heels of course.

Once again they met at the restaurant and walked in together. The place was nearly empty when the waiter ushered them to a dimly lit table in the back. Lani didn’t relate what they ate (I wasn’t interested anyway). About halfway through the meal she slipped off her shoe and placed her bare foot in Mike’s lap. He proceeded to massage her foot and calf as far as he could reach. After a few minutes my naughty wife ordered him to unfasten his pants and open them up.

He said, “You’re a bad girl,” with a smile as he complied.

For the rest of the meal she rubbed her foot up and down his hard shaft, eliciting moans from her would be lover. It was a good thing there was a table cloth to hide what was going on when the waiter came by. She said his cock was leaking a prodigious amount of pre-cum which she smeared all over his throbbing cock with her toes. My wife is such a tease.

After the dinner was over and during coffee Lani asked if he was ready for dessert. Mike said he was full.

“That’s not what I’m talking about,” she said as she untied the jacket, letting it slip off her shoulders and down her arms.

Mike nearly choked on his coffee when he saw what was underneath. Lani’s top was made of the same nylon material as hosiery except for a black satin choker collar and matching cuffs. Other than that she might as well have been sitting there topless. Her big brown tits and long nipples with the little gold rings glinting in the subdued light were on full display to his hungry eyes.

“You ARE a naughty girl,” he said with a chuckle.

For the remainder of the dinner she remained exposed, even when the waiter returned. She did say he seemed a lot more attentive and came back several more times to “check on them.” Lani felt so naughty and brazen she decided to leave her jacket hanging off her forearms as they left. Letting any remaining diners and the staff ogle her nearly naked breasts as they bounced and swayed with her gait. Mike was in heaven and proud as a peacock to have this knockout on his arm.

After escorting her back to her car, he pressed Lani up against the fender and slipped a hand into her pants to feel her wetness. As she moaned into his mouth, ready to give herself to him right there, he fumbled with the two snaps at the crotch that held the see through top in place. As he fumbled, unable to unsnap them with one hand, it gave Lani time to catch her breath and recover her composure. She told him she had to be getting home as he stared at her in disbelief. He was so hard he was ready to explode and she was leaving him hanging again? As she drove away, he had to be wondering if she would ever be his or was just a teasing bitch. I knew the answer to that and I also knew she was worth the wait.

They say “Three times is a charm;” For the next chapter look for “Sharing My Wife Lani For The First Time, Part 3.”


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