Sharing My Wife Lani For The First Time, Part 3

For those of you who have been following the first two parts of our story, I’ve saved the best for last. For those who haven’t, I would suggest you check out Parts 1 and 2 first. Again, this is a 100% true story and not a product of a horny guy’s imagination. For those who haven’t read the first two episodes, let me describe “Lani” for you. She’s half Hawaiian, half Filipino and very exotic looking. She has long black hair and gorgeous brown skin. She’s a 34D with a tiny waist and Eva Menendez hips. As beautiful as she is it’s her personality that really stands out. Her friends call her Miss Aloha.

In the first two episodes I described how I broached the subject of sharing my wife with another guy and her reaction to this subject. I also described how she met “Mikee” and their first two dates which didn’t end up in the bedroom, leaving  him frustrated and horny.  Wanting to make sure that didn’t happen again, he devised a plan before calling the next time. He explained his birthday was coming up and asked if she would be his present. His plan was to rent a hotel room in Waikiki for the weekend and asked if he could have her to himself the first night, after which I could join them. Lani asked what I thought and I agreed it sounded like a good plan.

Her “date” was scheduled for Friday December 13th which was just a few days away. We began preparations in the early afternoon. I say WE because I fully intended to enjoy it with her. After taking a shower and setting her lustrous hair, I painted her toenails a bright red to match her fingernails.  Due to her Filipino heritage, Lani has very little body hair, never needing to shave her legs or under her arms. Lani said she wanted to be extra clean for him and asked if I would shave the few hairs on her pussy.

As she reclined on a towel I applied shaving cream between her wide spread legs. That was an experience in and of itself. As she watched while propped on her elbows she decided to tease me.

“You know I don’t NEED to do this, don’t you? You’re plenty man enough for me.”

I didn’t respond, stretching her lips to make sure I didn’t nick her with the razor.

“Are you sure you want me to do this? In a few hours your wife will be giving herself completely to another man. He’ll be all the way in me and I’ll be coming all over his hard cock. When we’re done his thick cum will be oozing out and running down my crack. Are you sure you can handle that? I may really like it and want more. Is that OK with you, too?”

She was teasing me no end and getting hot listening to her own words. I could tell because her pink insides were already oozing with moisture. I wanted to fuck her brains out then and there but she said she wanted to be fresh and clean for Mikee.

The next step was the application of makeup. Lani is a true artist with makeup. She knows how to accentuate her high cheek bones, exotic eyes, and full lips to create an alluring, smokey effect. I watched as she sat naked on her little vanity stool, deftly applying each color in turn. When satisfied she removed the curlers and lightly brushed her hair. Using two tortoise shell combs she pulled her glorious black hair to the back of her head allowing it to cascade down her back. I was entranced.

“Do you think he’ll approve?” she asked.

I could only smile and nod my head. She let me choose her outfit so I started with the panties. My favorite is a little lavender and green floral thong with a ruffle in front and side ties. She stepped into them and I pulled them up over her beautiful ass into place. Just a little triangle in the front and a string disappearing between her cheeks in the back. Next came a spaghetti strap pull over top and  skirt combination made of a red/orange material covered with small gold foil hearts. The spaghetti top was strained, trying to contain her burgeoning breasts while the full skirt flowed to just above her knees.  The final accessory was a pair of clear plastic stiletto heels leaving her looking bare foot with those bright red toenails setting them off.  Upon seeing the final results, I could only shake my head and whistle. Lani was nothing short of drop dead gorgeous. After spritzing a little Obsession into her hair and under her skirt, she declared herself ready. Truly a birthday and Christmas present rolled into one if there ever was one.

Following an excruciatingly long afternoon, the time had finally arrived. We drove mostly in silence to the hotel where they were to meet. I valeted the car and pulling out a small overnight bag, I escorted her through the lobby. ALL heads turned to watch this gorgeous vision pass by.  Words fail me to describe the mixed feelings of excitement and anticipation, mixed with a little jealously, I was feeling. Here I was delivering my own goddess of a wife to another man for a night of torrid passion.

We exited the elevator on his floor and I followed a step behind as we approached the door. Lani knocked lightly and the door opened immediately, revealing this tall handsome stranger. The look on his face was priceless as he surveyed my wife from head to foot. His eyes grew wide and his mouth dropped open in speechless awe. Lani has that effect on men. She recognized the awkwardness of the situation and took charge. Boldly stepping up pressing her big tits into his chest giving him a torrid kiss.

Then with a wicked little smile and wink in my direction she said, “Why don’t you two boys get acquainted while I freshen my make up.”

We could only watch in silence as she sashayed into the bathroom. Mike then gave me a sheepish look with my wife’s lipstick smeared across his mouth. I couldn’t help but laugh, which broke the ice.

After thanking me profusely I said, “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

Promising she would call  as soon as they got back to the room,  Lani escorted me to the door,  gave me a parting peck on the cheek, and closed it behind me. It was at that point that it really hit me. MY WIFE WAS NOW HIS! It was a lonesome walk back to pick up the car and a long drive home. At this point I’ll let Lani take up the narrative.

It was strange but exciting to walk hand in hand with someone other than my husband to a restaurant in the hotel. We had a glass of wine and some pupu’s as neither of us wanted a full stomach to get in the way of the nights festivities. We made small talk all the while Mikee stared and told me over and over how beautiful I was and how happy I was making him. I felt as if I was sitting there naked and it was making me moist. In truth I wish I were naked, as the material of my outfit was itching like crazy.

As soon as we arrived back at the room with the door closed behind us I said, “This present is ready to be unwrapped,” and simply held my arms over my head, letting him take it from there.

Taking the lower edge of my top, he peeled it over my head and off my arms allowing my breasts to bounce a couple of times before settling down. It felt glorious to have that itchy top off.

I turned and said, “Scratch my back sweetie.”

His fingernails felt soooo good I gave a little shiver. He then reached around and began  massaging and squeezing my breasts which caused my nipples to distend and harden. As he was pulling on my nipples and playing with the rings, I was definitely getting wet and by the feel of his cock against my back side, I was having an effect on Mikee too. He slipped both hands into the top of my skirt and eased it down off my behind where it fell into a pool around my ankles.

Stepping out of it I did a little twirl with my arms extended over my head and said, “Do you like your present?”

“It’s the best birthday, or any other present, I’ve ever received,” was his reply.

He then reached for me. I reminded him I’d promised to call my husband, so he retired to the bathroom while I reclined on the bed and made the call.

I’d been waiting on pins and needles for what seemed like hours, wondering what was happening. Would she call or get so caught up in passion that she would forget? Was she at that very minute wrapped in his arms, his cock buried to the hilt in my wife’s hot pussy? I jumped when the phone finally rang about 10:30. The first thing I wanted to know was how she was dressed. When she told me just her panties and heels my heart leaped. She explained what had transpired so far; at that moment he was in the bathroom giving her a little privacy. I asked her if she was excited and she said Oh Yes! breathlessly. About that time her soon to be new lover came into the room in just a pair of shorts carrying a bottle of massage oil.

“It’s time to play,” she said, and placed the receiver on the pillow beside her head.

I could tell Mikee was a man who knew his way around a woman’s body as soon as I saw the bottle of oil. He started by removing one shoe at a time and tossing them aside. While I love high heels it feels sooo good to take them off. After pouring a little oil into his palm he started kneading one foot at a time. I was in heaven! A good massage works in two ways. It relaxes a woman, making her feel warm all over and at the same time allows a man to run his hands all over her naked body. I was his now and he knew it. As he worked his way up my calves and thighs all I could do was gasp and coo.

“Let’s get these out of the way,” he said, referring to my panties.

He untied the bows on my hips and my panties just kind of disappeared, leaving me completely open to his hungry eyes. Surprisingly, he didn’t dive right in but bypassed my pussy and moved on, smoothing oil over my belly and breasts. Giving special attention to my hard nipples. He then instructed me to turn over, to which I readily complied. His big strong hands felt so good on my shoulders and back as he worked his way down. He then began to run his hands all over my behind, dipping between my thighs.

To be continued in Part 4…


(Image Source: Jules Jordan Video)

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