She’s mine again

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Sheryl had agreed to a special night with her as my sex slave…one that we had done before but not often.
We had a few days alone without kids, and had planned that on Saturday night she would be Mine. I was able to plan the evening, and get a few items.
We agreed she became slave at 7 PM and would be in my control until 1 AM.
We made plans for dinner early, so we could be home at 7.
The food was great, we shared some wine, and ordered a dessert to share. I looked at my watch and noticed it was 6:59…a minute before I took control. But we were in public.
Idecided to start the evening on time, but would take it easy on her.
“Honey, it’s 7, your Mine” I said. I assured her I would be to demanding in public.
Take off you panties and set them on the table. She was wearing a dress and was able to slip off the skimpy thong right at our booth. She boldly placed them on the table.
The waiter returned to give us the bill, and set it next to Sheryl’s red lace panties.
Her face was near the same shade.
I told Sheryl to finger herself while I sipped my coffee. She seemed to be close to orgasm when I stopped her and asked her to pay the bill. I wanted her scent on it, so I told her to slip the pen in and out of her wet pussy before placing it back in the billfold.
I then told hr to put her panties in as an extra tip.
Sher did as asked and seemed to enjoy the thought of blowing the waiter’s mind. She wiped the panties in her wetness and placed them in the bill with a smile.
We made our way out before the waiter came back, but damn if he didn’t call out across the room…Ma’am, you left your panties!
Sher just about ran out the door. We laughed as we walked to the car.
This did light Sheryl’s fire, and when the car doors closed she was grabbing for my dick. She likes to have control, and in those times she was a sub, it usually required a few reminders.
Stop slave. Sit still and be obedient I stated.
She had her skirt hiked up and was strumming her banjo as we left the lot. I let her get close, and then slapped her thigh and told her to stop.
She was so close to cumming that she kept going back to stroking and I kept smacking her thigh. Finally, I grabbed her wrists and tied them behind the seat back.
I toyed with her clit on and off, keeping her on the edge the whole way. Sheryl was squirming, and begging me to either hurry home or fuck her right there.
As we pulled in the drive, I pinched her nipples hard and told her she was in for a night to remember. She was still cocky and said…bring it on big boy.
We entered the house and I told Sher to go upstairs. I handed her an outfit, and instructions to prepare for the evening.
Join me in the family room in 10 minutes
Sheryl was to change into the mesh tank top and put leather cuffs around her wrists, ankles and neck. She was to freshen her make up and fix her hair, and attach clips to her nipples.
I heard Sheryl coming down the stairs and couldn’t wait to see her in this tight white mesh number I bought. My eyes nearly bugged out of my head, with her hot body not quite naked and looking great. I had her pose for “inspection” bending and stretching her into sexy eye candy for me.
I wanted to see her dance, so I had her pick out a playlist. Sheryl was grinding her hips, and shaking her ass to the beat. She was into it, and put on a great show. When her second song started, her energy increased, and she started to rub her pussy as she danced.
I know she wanted to cum, but I was not letting her get off.
As the third song began, Sheryl was panting not from exhertion, but from the need to cum. She laid on her back, spread her legs wide, and began humping her hips, while holding open her lips.
Her pussy was literally gurgling. She begged me to fuck her, suck her…ANYTHING as she bumped to the music.
Her body glistened with persperation as the song ended, her eyes were glazed over, and she looked so hot. I wanted to give in and dive into her pussy with my tongue or cock, but stayed with the plan.
I attached the tethers to the cuffs and secured her is a spread eagle position on the bed. I put a few pillows under her to elevate her pelvis. I stuffed a butt plog in Sheryl’s ass and turned the vibrator on low. I took a huge dildo and began to rub it on her slippery pussy before making her suck it. She was humping air, seeking attention to her clit, and mumbled her pleas of fuck me as she worked her mouth on the dildo.
I asked her how she wanted to cum… should I lick you, or fuck you honey, I asked?
Fuck me she screamed. She was so desperate, and I wanted it so bad, I decided to give her some cock.
I slid my dick into her sopping pussy and gave her several hard thrusts before pulling out.
She was irate and began complaining an begging for orgasm. I quieted her by stuffing my cock in her throat. I was so turned on, I damn near shot my load. She sucked me like never before, and her efforts made me proud of her.
I had to pull out and the disappointment showed in her eyes. I want your cum Master.
I got between her legs and slowly and softly began to nibble her engorged clit. I grabbed the dildo and worked it into her pussy again. As I began pounding it in and out, I increased my oral assault on her clit, flicking it and sucking on it. Suddenly Sheryl began to shudder and then screamed out in a thunderous climax. Juices squirted fom her stuffed pussy, flooding my face. I sucked and bit her little throbbing clit, and drove her into another climax and more streams of cum squirted from her. I spon around, and placed my cock in her mouth, and she sucked me so eagerly, I erupted into her wanting mouth as she had another climax.
As we came around a few minutes later, I looked at the clock…it was not even 9 yet.
I kissed her gently, and told her to rest…we were just getting started.

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