Shock and Awe

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Well, to begin my story, I must tell you my wife never wears panties. It doesn’t matter what kind of skirt she is wearing. She doesn’t mind showing her pussy to whoever might be peeking. Well, one day we were going shopping for some new shoes for her, and I asked if she would like to stop for a drink at our local club. She said, “Sure why not?” As we sat there a young man that we had seen in there before came in. He always seemed like a shy, quiet guy. He sat down a barstool away from me. I noticed he kept glancing over at my wife’s long legs. I leaned over to her and said he was looking. She smiled and said, “Should she give I give him a show?” I said, “Sure why not?”

She then turned in her chair so that she was facing him and I could see her pussy plain as day. I looked at him and he was looking at her spread pussy; he had a grin on his face as he looked away. I leaned over toward him and said go ahead and look she really don’t mind. He scooted over to the stool next to me. I turned to my wife and said to her “Go for it”. She pulled the skirt up and gave a full view of her dripping pussy she was really getting turned on and so was I, my cock was rock hard.

She asked me to ask him if he was getting hard I turned and looked at the bulge in his pants and said to her no doubt about it. She then started to finger her cunt. This kid was really starting to squirm in his seat. I asked her if she wanted to change seats with me and she said yes. When she moved over she pretended to be having a conversation with him so the bartender never noticed anything was going on. She had her legs spread wide apart so he could really see her fingering. I could see his cock was throbbing through his pants. Then she casually asked him to take it out of his pants. You could tell he was reluctant. She said go ahead nobody can see it but us. He reached down and unzipped his pants. His cock was huge and almost purple he was so hard. She asked him if he wanted to play with her pussy and he kind of stammered yes, he would. He reached over and ran his finger up and down wet slit.

She reached over and began stoking his cock she looked at me and whispered this guy is huge, I can’t hardly get my fingers around it. She made about a dozen strokes and the guy came like fountain, cum even shot up on the bar. I grabbed some napkins and handed them to her. She handed some to him and he began cleaning himself up. I pointed out the cum on the bar to Kathy she laughed and said “whoops” and wiped it up. The poor guy had cum all over the front of him. The front of my pants was soaked thru with pre-cum. He mumbled “thank you” and got up and made tracks for the exit. I am sure it was an experience he would never forget, nor will I. said to Kathy lets go back home for a bit I want to fuck. She said so do I am so horny Boy did you see the way that kid came? I said “I sure did.”

Well, we drove the 6 blocks to the house and never even made it to the bedroom; I laid her down on the carpet, pulled my pants down and fucked her like a madman. We both came very quickly. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom and stripped her clothes off, I than commenced eating her pussy paying no mind to the fact that I just filled it with cum, it was still dripping. She came again wildly. My cock was up again so I mounted her and fucked her again. As we laid there I said we need to do this again, she said that’s for sure.





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  1. ivo13

    damn! that was hot! this is one of my girlfriends fantasies! gotta make this one come true! lol!

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