Skanky Soccer Mom

Another barbecue. During soccer season, there was one every week. Amelia’s deep green eyes skimmed over the men and women in her backyard…the men sipping beers around the barbecue pit and bragging about their golf games, the women perched under table umbrellas sipping margaritas and chatting about how THEIR child receives the best grades and how much they are exercising because they are just getting SO fat. It was ridiculous. None of them had to work out when they all had personal relationships with their plastic surgeon. Even Amelia. Her pair of double Ds cost her three grand and a blow job. Dr. Morgan had done an excellent job.

This week’s gathering happened to be at Amelia’s sprawling three story house. Her son Danny was nine years old and had played soccer for two years now. The entire soccer team was currently in their pool, splashing beneath the waterfall or skidding down the slide, their excited shrieks completely ignored by the parents that were too busy bragging to each other. Amelia was inside the kitchen. She was supposed to be getting a few more boxes of margarita mix, but she was taking a breather from it all. If she heard Elizabeth bragging about her Jaguar or Sharon gloating about her new kitchen one more time, she was going to vomit.

Amelia had been married ten years. She was thirty-nine and had a body to kill for. Part of this was obviously due to surgery. She used to be flat chested, but now the beauty had a pair of tits that made men spill their drinks at restaurants because they were distracted by her. She was a little over five foot seven, she was slender, and had shiny black hair that fell in loose, perfect curls around her shoulders. She looked almost exotic, as the dark hair was complimented by green eyes and tanned skin. And currently, those green eyes were peeking out of the kitchen window and over the backyard and all of her guests. Her husband, Steve, was grilling at the barbecue, chirping about his new SUV. Rolling her eyes, Amelia stepped back from the window and turned to wander into the house. Her husband was hardly around, ignored their son, and barely paid attention to her. But damnit, he was a cowboy in the sack. The man knew exactly how to work what he had.

Just two nights ago, the two had waited for Danny to fall asleep, then had ended up having a few beers and fucking on the kitchen table. The episodes were so few and far between though. Amelia felt the crotch of her white silk panties dampening at the memory. Damnit. She wanted to pull him away from the hot dogs on the grill and drag him into the bedroom for a quickie, but Steve was not spontaneous. They would not notice her gone for a few more minutes…

Climbing the wide staircase, Amelia ducked into the upstairs bathroom and closed the door. Closing the toilet lid, she settled down onto it and tugged her white tennis skirt up her thighs so that it bunched around her hips. Her damp silk panties were dropped around her ankles, slung over her white tennis shoes. Reaching over, Amelia took her top of the line electric toothbrush and flicked it on. Settling back, she lowered the toothbrush and ran the vibrating bristles over her shaved, smooth pussy lips. Sighing softly, her nipples hardened against her white tank top. She then mashed the head against her swollen clit. Letting out a muffled scream against her pursed lips, she threw her head back and circled her clit with the instrument and used her free hand to grope her beast through her shirt. Fuck, that felt amazing!

Just then, the door swung open, and there stood a stunned looking man. It was Phil, one of Steve’s friends. The man was massive. He worked out every spare moment he got, and he was bulging everywhere with rock hard muscle. Gasping, a breathless Amelia dropped her toothbrush. It began whirring against the linoleum. Her face flushed red and she bent to try and drag her panties up her shins. “I…I….” She could say nothing.

Neither could Phil. His boner was shoving against his swimming trunks and causing him to bend over slightly. “Errr…no I just… there was someone in the downstairs bathroom. I…” He himself was a little red, but oddly enough, did not budge from that doorway. The men of the group had been lusting over Amelia for some time, but never discussed it when Steve was around. Their wives all paid ridiculous amounts of money to be blonde haired, blue eyed barbies, but Amelia was darker and more alluring. And here she was, masturbating with her toothbrush in front of him. Bending down, Phil picked it up and switched it off before placing it on the edge of the sink. When he was bent down in front of the shaken up beauty, he could smell her sweet, damp sex. It blinded him. Instead of leaving, Phil swung the door shut, but it did not latch and stayed open about half an inch. Amelia’s green eyes lifted, widening as she watched the beefy Phil tugging down his swimming shorts. A thick, nine inch cock popped out, bobbing from amongst a gnarled mass of dark pubes.

Amelia did not realize it, but she was running her tongue along her full lower lip. His cock was much bigger than Steve’s. How did it feel to have a cock THAT big inside of you? That licking was all Phil needed. He turned into an animal. Reaching down, he grabbed Amelia’s arm and hauled her up to face him. His free hand tore at her tank top, ripping it down the front to cause her tits to spill out. His mouth and hands were on the mounds in seconds, bouncing them in his fingers and biting at the nipples.

Amelia was soaked, her thighs damp from her juices. Jesus Christ, this man was vicious! Whimpers escaped from those glossy lips as the muscle man hauled her up onto the sink ledge. His hand tore her silk panties free so that they were dangling from one of her ankles, and her skirt was then bunched up around her bare hips. Fuck, she shaved her snatch. He loved shaved snatches. It made her pussy look like it was ten years old. He could not take it. He then shoved his hips forward, ramming that rock hard cock into her cunt. Amelia screamed, her head tossed back against the mirror behind her. Her fingertips and their perfectly manicured nails clung to the edges of the sink, and she lifted her hips to the piston of a cock that was impaling her. “Yesss….” She hissed, her eyes rolling back into her head. “Fuck my bald little pussy, Phil… fuck my cunt with that big, hard ramrod of yours…” She growled. The dirty talk seemed to spur him on, and in seconds, his balls slapping the sink, Phil grunted and poured a hot load into that hungry pussy. Panting, he slumped over her, then bit into her shoulder. Amelia whimpered and tried grinding against him. No, it was too fast! She wanted a longer fucking! But Phil could not contain his sperm with something as sweet as that. Pulling out, spunk spilled down her ass crack and onto the granite sink. “Don’t worry, honey. Just wait here.” He said, then tugged up his shorts. And seconds later, he was gone. Amelia whimpered. Easy for HIM to say. He just LEFT her here!

Oh, but Phil was busy lining her up some cocks. As Amelia’s husband flipped hamburgers, he leaned down to murmur to John, another of the group. John was tall and slender, but had wanted Amelia as badly as Phil. His eyes widened but he only nodded, then finished off his beer. Making an excuse that he had to take a piss, John rose and wandered into the house. The upstairs bathroom. Making a beeline for the stairs, he searched for the only open door. When he stepped into the doorway, he saw the most beautiful sight ever. Amelia, spread eagle on the sink, her bald pussy dripping wet and those massive breasts out for the world to see. Licking his lips, he stepped in and closed the door firmly behind him. His own trunks were discarded. His dick was only seven inches, but as thick as his wrist. Wrapping his fingers around his meat, he slapped the head of his cock against her clit, watching her hungrily as she whimpered and lifted her hips to him. That was all the invitation he needed. Backing up, he dra
gged her off of the sink and pushed he
r onto the floor, demanding that she get on all fours. Kneeling behind her, he immediately dove that cock into her waiting pussy and began pounding his hips into her round, firm ass. She felt amazing, and he gave her a slap on the ass, watching the cheek bounce and redden in response. Grunting, he grabbed her hips and began hunching into her like a dog in heat. Amelia, in the meantime, was squealing and fingering her soaked clit, trying to balance with only one hand on the floor. She talked dirty to him, demanding that he fuck her harder, and he complied. Just as John was about to unleash his hot wad into the whore’s pussy, Amelia’s scream erupted from her throat, her body shuddering from orgasm. John yelled out, then dumped his cum into her, giving her ass one last slap when he was empty.

Standing then, he tugged on his shorts and smirked, then left without a word. Amelia was left, covered in cum and torn clothing, lying on the linoleum. She was going to volunteer to have the barbecue here from now on.

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