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I’m Ranilla. I’m five foot six, dark skin, 44DD breast I’m a little overweight 164 lbs but I have nice curves. My boyfriend’s name is Jerry. I love my Jerry. Jerry was my first time when I was 17 he is five years my senior. He is the most handsome man I have ever laid eyes on. He looked great; black hair, blue eyes, six foot three, and 245 of all muscle. I’m now 24 and I’m still with my Jerry. He had shown me many experiences in our 7 years together. We had one weird experience I never expected to enjoy.
We were headed to a swinger’s friend of ours farm house in the country. She had been hinting to me that she had something she wanted to show us. We know she (Felicia) and Mitchell were into some strange things. They were a hot couple; Felicia was 5’3″, 102 pounds, red hair grey eyes and 36c breast. Mitchell was 6’2, 230lbs blonde hair and brown eyes.
We were going to have a weekend with them. They had invited one other couple. I was very excited to see what she had to show me.
The farm was only a thirty minutes drive outside of town. I was bent over giving Jerry a blow job. He tastes so good. He has the nicest deep pink cock; it’s not the biggest but it’s a nice size 7 ½ inches long, 2 ½ thick. I had him deep in my throat doing a trick Felicia taught me to do: hum.
Blue lights seem to be flashing up ahead. Jerry was on the breaks so I’m guessing that there were a few cars in front of us. I was trying to get up but Jerry pushed my head back down tell me he’ll tell me when were close. We were in his Dodge Challenger so I was still under the seat belt. I heard a tap on the window then a light on the side of my face.
“Licenses and insurance sir,” there were two state troopers staring at me. I sat up swallowed. I could feel their eyes on me. I didn’t leave much to the imagination; I had on a sheer brown dress that stopped maybe 2 inches below my hips.
“You two have a great time tonight,” we were on our way.
“Those troopers wanted to fuck you,” he reaches over and rub on my tits, ” Damn no wonder why the fat one was looking look at how fucking hard your nipples are,
“Oh shit look behind us blue light,” we pulled over.
It was the two cops, ” Sir we need to check your girlfriend for intoxication, we need you to step out ma’am.”
“Sir we don’t have any liquor on us or in the car you can check,” Jerry responded. We knew all they wanted to do was feel me up. I step out of the car in my three inch heels and leaned my hands against the car.
” Do I need to call my uncle he’s a lawyer,” Jerry said.
” No sir this will just take a few minutes we’ll just give her a breathalyzers test and if she’s clean she can go,” the officer answered. Then I felt the first officer hands rub my breast, he gripped them then squeezed them.
” Sir I thought I was only suppose to get a breathalyzer test,” then his hands went farther down then back up, his hands went under my dress and rubbed my freshly wax cunt this his fingers went inside me. Then he stopped and his partner came.
“Ma’am we are, I’m going to get the machine now,” he went to his cruiser.
The officer said, “Ma’am keeps your hand on the car,” It was the fat one. He began to frisk me also.
“Your partner has already frisked me,” he was a lot more bold than his partner, he stuck his hands inside of the top of my dress and began to pinch my nipples then he went down like his partner and then his finger also magically ended up in my pussy also. His partner was back then his fingers also went into my anal somehow.
“I’m calling my uncle,” Jerry got out of the car with the phone to the ear.
“Sir get back in the car, and we are almost done, ma’am blow hard.” The test said I was sober as can be. They let us go fifteen minutes later we were at the farm.
Everyone was there already. The new couple we were meeting was Kevin and Eliza. She looked to be about 5’11 and weight about 175 to 180, blonde hair; she looked to be a nice 38b with a nice ass. Kevin was the same height as his lady or maybe he was an inch taller with long hair to his shoulders, nice lean muscular body. She had on a white sheer one shoulder dress with no underwear or bra. It was not like she needed it unlike me, and the half bra I was wearing still wasn’t doing much.
Felicia was only wearing a robe with nothing on underneath. She gave us ladies a cup of red wine and asked did we all put in the spermicidal. Yes we did plus the birth control we usually take. We were taking no chances of getting pregnant; we were all having too much fun.

That’s when I saw Kane. He’s their German Sheppard. He was always trying to sniff under everyone girls dress and get on them. He ran right over to me and I rubbed his head he always enjoyed it.
Eliza and I got along great. Felicia had taken off her robe. She had also gotten naked and Felicia had already undressed me. Eliza had gone to the barn with the guy. Kane also went with them. We walked naked to the barn. Felecia had said that they had set out oil lamps in the barn.
Eliza was getting doubled teamed by Jerry and Mitchell. One Jerry was inside her cunt while Mitchell was pounding her anus. She Jerry was underneath playing with her tits.
Kevin came up behind Felicia and I. Felicia and I both went for the same part of his body but I was going for the balls. Kevin was stroking both of our heads, I heard someone say something. Felicia tapped me on the shoulder I got up.
“It’s time to show you the surprise,” Felicia look over at Eliza and smiled, ” I’ll demonstrate, you guys go sit down,” Mitchell went over to her.
Felicia got on her knees, “You are going to enjoy this,” Eliza whispered. Eliza was slipping fingers into to my cunt, while Jerry was sucking her fingering her; I was giving Kevin a hand job.
After Felicia was in position, Kevin called Kane over. I was watching wondering what was going on, I heard the animal in the barn making noises. Kane went straight to Felicia’s cunt, I was so surprise. I watched him begin to lick her. Her body began to shiver and quiver. Kevin turned on a spotlight somewhere in the barn. Eliza whispered for me to look underneath Kane’s belly, I saw something pink. Eliza told me it Kane’s cock; I had already figured that out.
Kane’s cock’s was long and it just seemed to keep getting bigger. I know that Kane had socks on his paws. He mounted Felicia; Mitchell guided his cock in. He was pounding into her so fast; she was moaning and yelling very loudly. Jerry walked over and put his cock in her mouth, “Wow Mitchell she’s taking that doggy dick like a pro!”

” Hell yeah, you should see Eliza over here with a horse, she’s a farm girl all the way,” Mitchell laughed, ” Rayie you need to try Kevin’s dick sit on,” I looked over and I saw that he had a cock ring, he was not as long as Jerry but he was thicker, I would guess his cock was around five inches long but it must have been as thick as a coke can. I had to try it.
” Sit on it facing Felicia, I want you to watch her getting fucked by Kane,” he smacked me on the ass, I slowly began to sink onto his cock, god he was stretching me, ” Damn your pussy is tight and wet.”
I almost had him completely inside me, I try to wait until my body adjust but he started forcing my body up and down his cock. It felt so good, my walls squeeze his cock. It was so hot watching Felicia getting double teamed by my Jerry and Kane.
Jerry moved his cock from Felicia mouth; she immediately began to yell she was cumming so hard. ” You enjoying the pussy?” he asked Kevin.

” Oh yeah, is her ass as good as her pussy,” he asked.
“Yes but her blow jobs are the best, make her suck you clean,” he went over and joined Mitchell and Eliza, he and slid his cock into her pussy also and both of them were the same size they were both fucking her pussy.
“Oh goodness I feel the knot oh oh oh oh oh aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Felicia was yelling. We were all fucking and yelling still. Kane was just very still, Felicia was Cumming again. Her body was trembling and shaking still.
Kevin switched me into doggy style position and started fucking my ass; thank goodness Jerry had already fucked me in the ass before we go here. I was Cuming again. I heard Felicia begin moaning loudly again.
“Yes Kane come in me be Felly good boy!” she started trembling, I watching Cumming, Kane walked off and began to lick his balls.
Felicia crawls over to Eliza where she is still getting pounded, she sits her pussy over her face and Eliza begins to suck the doggy cum out of Felicia.

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