Sometimes its Even Better

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I know…just about everybody thinks that meeting with someone that you meet online is risky to say the least. I have heard all the horror stories. But I am here to tell you my story. This happened a little over eight years ago…
I wasn’t looking for a relationship at that time…online or up close. I am a member of a community that is based on art and all its many forms. It has all the standards…profile,uploading, comments, chat, follow ect. I am comfortable with who I am so I present myself as such. And perhaps I am a bit gullible but I tend to believe that other people do the same thing. After posting several different works of mine I began picking up followers…mostly males with typical comments like “So Hot” or “Sexy”. I was looking for creative criticism. And I was also interested in seeing what was trendy at the time. That said…
I was 26 then… I am easy on the eyes…have above average intelligence and a sense of humour.p I guess it’s safe to say that I look for people that have more than a two syllable vocabulary. I started to notice one particular individuals comments. They were engaging and often quite funny. We developed a ongoing dialogue and at one point decided to go with email
…for more privacy.
We discovered that we had a lot in common. But more to the point his intelligence and nature matched my own. We exchanged many conversations sharing hopes and dreams. We talked about who we were how we felt and what we believed in. Of course sexuality became a major topic and we shared quasi-sexual banter.
I like sex…I am open minded and uninhibited. I joked that I could thrill him with mere words alone. And to my surprise he challenged me to give it a go. Not being one to back down I did. Several days passed and I noticed he had not responded. I thought well I guess I’m not his flavor so to speak….and left it at that. I will admit that I was somewhat disappointed but such is life.
One evening there was a knock at my door. I wasn’t expecting anyone and in fact I had just returned from the gym. I was all sweaty…flushed
and a little annoyed at the intrusion. So I opened the door ready to give hell…
It was him. I felt so many different emotions at one time that I couldn’t voice any of them. The spell was broken when he said…”Are you going to invite me in?” I motioned for him to enter and as he walked passed me he stopped and said…”You look surprised. I hope you don’t mind but I just had to see you.”
Normally I would be put off by such behaviour. But this was not a typical situation. In fact I found myself unexpectedly aroused by his presence. I got ahold of my senses and said “Well I must admit that I am surprised I thought that your lack of response…” Before I could finish he held up his hand as if to stop me and said ” Please forgive me and allow me to explain.” As I nodded in affirmation I directed him to have a seat…but it was only after I sat that he came and sat next to me taking my hand. He looked directly into my eyes and his gaze never wavered…
“Up until I received that last mail…I thought of you as a rare find in a sea of average and everyday. The more I got to know you the more I liked you. Maybe a bit too much. A part of me couldn’t help but be skeptical. Would you turn out to be some 50 year old male playing head games? But when you sent me that last mail along with your address two things happened. Your words did in fact thrill me. So much so that I found myself having to take matters into my own hands. This is something that I rarely need to do. Just thinking about it excites me.”
“And the second thing?” I asked. “The second thing was to inquire into the address and info you gave me. Once it became clear that you are you. I had to see you. I am here to take you up on your invitation. That is if it is still open?”
I stood and paced as if thinking although my mind was made up as soon as I opened the door and saw him. I went to him and bade him to take my hand. I lead him to my bedroom and I proceeded to remove one article of his clothing…and he removed one of mine. No kissing or touching in a sexual manner had yet to occur. We enter the hot tub enjoying the moment. Yet it was becoming increasingly difficult to refrain from the obvious state of arousal we both felt. I took him to my bed and had him lay face down while I oiled his body…slowly. But this proved to be much more erotic than I had anticipated. I turned him over and the raw power of our sexuality overcame me. I mounted him in one smooth exquisite hungry stroke and he raised his hips to match the intensity of my desire. I sat upright upon his body our sex locked in a lovers embrace. I spun around then back to face him again and again…I raised up until I felt just his swollen head held tight by my love muscle…I worked it and stroked it fast and furious then teasingly slow until we both craved the sweetness of release…He held me as he moved to the top keeping tight inside me…he lifted my legs holding me up and back with his hands on the cheeks of my ass. His thrusts probed and he moved me at will until he found and entered the depth of all desire and my gasp gave way to the lusty sounds of a man and a woman in the throes of their orgasms in a mindblowing climax.
Our bodies played upon our senses. We felt that connection that comes from laying bare and exposed and trusting in each others care for the giving of such a beautiful gift. Him and I are kindred spirits. We have remained together ever since. We share a bond that words can not begin to do justice.
It is often said that when fantasy meets reality it never quite measures up to our expectations. Perhaps that is true. But I can tell you that sometimes you get lucky and it’s even better!

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