Special Delivery Fantasy Part One

I have this extremely vivid and erotic fantasy where I find myself dressed as a delivery person (mail, UPS, whatever) and I knock on the door (which is unlocked). I hear your voice from a room or two away from the door telling me to come inside and lay the package down on the table. I cautiously open the door and peek inside and do not see you, so I slowly open the door the rest of the way and step inside, closing it gently behind me. Then I walk over to the table and lay the package down. I then say to you that I need a signature from you for delivery confirmation, and from another room, you say calmly that you would be happy to sign for it but that I would have to come to the room where you were at to get it.

I would then start to walk to the partially open door of that room, and I would slowly open the door a little more and peek inside, where I would see you lying on a bed in an open bath robe, slowly, gently, yet very deliberately masturbating.  Your hands are playfully caressing your own breasts and rubbing your wet hot vagina, but not too aggressively. Neither you nor I want you to come too quickly. I step into the room and you look up at me and ask me in a very sexy way if I like what I see. I, of course, say that I very much do. You then say to me that you have seen me deliver packages in that area for a while now and were waiting for an opportunity when your husband was away on business to fulfill your own fantasy, which was to seduce a delivery man (me, obviously).

You then also tell me that what you love most is to be satisfied orally, which your husband never does (because either he is terrible at it or he finds it disgusting). I tell you that I would love to go down on you, and I slowly get down on the floor next to your bed in anticipation of that first touch, where we both are so aroused at this point that the very light initial touch of my fingertips on your legs and your thighs are like lightning bolts of pleasure, making you tingle all over with anticipation. I am still fully dressed, but that doesn’t matter. My hands are caressing you all over, moving up from your thighs, running my fingertips gently over your abdomen, then finally cupping your breasts gently in a most erotic and passionate way, never rough and never aggressive.

You are giving me yourself completely and trustingly, as if you’ve known me forever, trusting that when you let your guard down, that I will selflessly satisfy you, only ever thinking of your needs and desires. I then move my face in very close to your lovely pussy and start to tease you a little with my mouth and face, while cupping my hands around your outer thighs. The only thing that matters at this very moment is your pleasure. You find that this is something that I am very, very skilled at, all the while anticipating your every slight movement and tingling. You moan with pleasure and start to rock in rhythm and motion while I bury my face and tongue in you, never neglecting your most sacred of spots, the clitoris.

This continues slowly at first, but then intensifies, and intensifies even more in rhythm and pressure until you climax with your body quaking with waves of pleasure as you come like you have never come before. You place both of your hands on my head, as if to drive my face further into your intense pleasure. And I will not abruptly stop at this point, but rather continue to feed into your rhythm and ride through the waves with you, never taking my focus off of your pleasure and your orgasm. But wait… Is that another even more intense wave coming? Are you able to give of yourself so completely that I can bring you to a second (or even a third) earth-shattering, bombs dropping, fireworks exploding orgasm. I can do this all day, or at least until you reluctantly beg me to stop. You lie there on the bed, feeling so fully satisfied that your whole body feels numb with pleasure, almost to the point where you cannot even move.




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