Spying my neighbor

A new neighbor had moved in earlier this month. There was a group helping moving in, so I wasn’t sure who it was, and they always drove into the garage, so I never saw them.

Late one evening, I heard car backfire, I looked outside and watched it drive away. A light from my neighbor’s house grabbed my attention. Looking inside, I could see her brushing her hair, she must have just gotten out of the shower, she was sitting at a desk stroking her wet hair, sitting on her towel. As I looked I notice she is a thin clingy black nightgown, I could see her hair cascade over her back with each stroke. I imagined myself in her room rubbing her soft shoulders. She ties her hair back and stands up, looking at her own reflection.

I gazed at her ass, staring at her beautiful curves under the thin material, she has a nice round butt. My hand begins rubbing over my boxers, as I think about licking that beautiful ass, biting into it. I am unable to see her reflection, blocked from my angle, but wonder what her front looks like, wishing she would turn around.

As if answering my wish, she turns around, she pauses for a bit, her eyes looking out her window towards my house. I hold still, hoping she doesn’t see me and end the show. I stare at her chest, nice perky breasts under her nightgown, some water still against her soft skin, a nice bit of cleavage exposed. I look down, she has nice toned legs. “Oh fuck” I whisper under my breath, I look back at her face wondering why she hasn’t moved. Her eyes are looking in my direction, I am not sure if she can see me or not, but she finally begins moving again crossing the room to her bed.

She lays down on top of her bed, grabbing a bottle of moisturizer. She squeezes some into her hands and begins to rub it over her long legs. She pushes her night gown up as she does this, showing her skin almost all the way to her waist. I slide my hand under my boxers as she does this, stroking myself. She moves to the other leg, rubbing with both hands, sliding from her heel, all the way up to her inner thigh. She unties her night gown, letting it fall open. She then begins to moisturize her chest. Rubbing the lotion into her soft tits. She looks over towards my house, as her hand moves down her body, rubbing over her chest, over her flat stomach, circling closer to her pussy.

She spreads her legs and her fingers disappear between her legs, her hand sliding up and down. She leans back closing her eyes, her other hand teasing her chest, squeezing her nipples. She brings her fingers up to her lips, sliding her moist lips over them, then fondling her nipples. She arches her back, enjoying her hands exploring her body. I stroke my cock faster, in rhythm with her hand. She licks her lips, her tongue teasing around the edge as her hand slides over and into her pussy.

She leans forward, facing my house, resting on her knees, hand caressing between her legs. She takes her hand from her pussy, up to her lips and begins licking it, tonguing her fingers, then slides them back between her legs. She begins riding her hand. I push my curtain open more, to make sure she can see me. Her eyes focus on the window I am in. Watching me stroke myself. She gets into it more, rubbing herself more, squeezing her firm chest. I drop my boxers down, and brace against the window.

She lays back, legs spread, pussy fully exposed to me, her hand sliding in and out of it. She squeezes her chest, caressing it, as her fingers push into her pussy, fucking herself. I stroke my cock faster, sliding up and down my shaft, pre-cum sliding out of the tip. I rub it into the tip of my cock, lubing myself. I stroke harder, my cock ready to blow. Her body tenses up, and she holds her stand still, and gyrates her hips against her hand fucking her hand. She squeezes her chest, teasing her nipples. She holds still and pulls her hand out, and sits up then sensually licks her fingers clean, looking at me. I grab a towel and blow my load, unable to hold it anymore. She winks at me, pulls up the covers and turns out the light.



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