Stag Weekend, Day 1

My buddy Rick was getting married, so as best man I felt I needed to give him a last weekend of debauchery. So I Invited him and the two other guys, Jason and Bill, to join us at a hotel downtown for a weekend of partying. I myself was engaged to a little French girl but knew that a weekend of sport fucking strangers might be a nice change of pace. Rick readily agreed as  he wanted a few last gulps of strange before settling down.

We decided on the long weekend two weeks before the wedding.  So we would check into the hotel on Friday afternoon, have a leisurely evening, and take the condemned man to a local peeler bar Saturday night. Then we check out Sunday morning and have an extra day with the holiday Monday to recover before returning to work Tuesday. We decided there would be no room sharing; we each booked a room in the hotel and only Bill and I had rooms on the same floor. Rick was a floor above us, and Jason three floors above us. But all rooms had balconies which was cool.

After we checked in Friday we went to our rooms, unpacked, and got ready to go to dinner that night. We met in the lobby about eight ‘o’ clock and went to a steak house down the street. One of the reasons we picked the hotel we did was so we could walk or cab it everywhere and not have to drive. Since the weekend was my idea, I paid for the meal at the place and we all ate and drank martinis and toasted the happy couple. At about eleven we were back at the hotel bar having a night cap when Bill decided to call it a night. Soon after Jason met a very attractive looking girl who happen to be “working” the bar, and after a few minutes of negotiations they went back to his room to do who knew what.Left to ourselves Rick and I checked out the action in the bar. Rick seemed nervous about what he was planning on doing all weekend. But I assured him that no body in the wedding party would ever breathe a word of what he did. On that note he smiled and got up to go to the bar on the cover of ordering a drink he introduced himself to a very hot looking black woman. One of the things he said to me as we drove to the hotel was he wanted more exotic women this weekend.  He had a list of types he was looking for and a black woman was near the top of his list. For me, I told him I wanted a curvy woman. I had been with a petite woman so long I was forgetting what a curvy woman felt like.

As Rick chatted up the chocolate goddess I found my mark. Not a customer but the waitress. Man, she was sexy. She had bronze or tan skin, I could not tell, but she looked Latin or Mexican maybe. She had a great round ass held tight by a pair of black dress pants and she wore a blue 3/4 sleeve collard shirt with the hotel logo on it. It looked a size too small as her giant tits looked like they were winning the fight to break loose and bounce all over the place. It was not all tits and ass either, she had a cute round face framed by long thick straight brown hair and big brown eyes. She wore make up to show off her cheek bones and full red lips. The greenish blue eye shadow she wore accented her dark eyes nicely.  She smelled like gentle soap or something and it was all I could do to keep from grabbing her ass every time she swept by.

When she came to the table I chatted her up and found out her name was Alexis.  Lexi for short.
“Mmm sexy, Lexi,” I said playfully as she took away the empty glass Rick left.
“Looks like your friend may not be leaving alone,” she said motioning her head towards the bar where Rick now had a hand on her hip. “Hope you two ain’t roomies,”  she teased with a wink.
“No; different rooms. Going to a room all to myself,” I winked at her.
After a half hour or so Rick and his new friend left and he gave me a wink as he passed. I smiled and nodded in acknowledgment at his gesture. I hung out in the bar and watched the rest of a late hockey game on the television and by late in the third period I was the only one in the bar.
Lexi brought me another bowl of peanuts as I sipped on my beer.  “If you want another, last call is now,” she said.
I told her I was fine but I would like to buy her a drink sometime, even now if she wanted, as there weren’t likely to be any more patrons this evening. With a smile she said why not and poured herself a gin and tonic. She sat at the table with me as the game wound down.
“You have a boyfriend Lex?”
“Yes, do you have a girlfriend?”
“Fiance actually,” I started running my fingers over hers as we sat at the table staring at each other.
“I see,” she said with a nod.
“But if the right offer came along I could forget about her for a night,” I said as I ran my other hand up her leg.
She finished her drink and looked at the clock. “Closing time, big boy.” She took the glasses and walked to the bar. I sat back in the chair and pushed myself up. I walked around the bar and put my hands on her hips. Then began a moist whisper in her ear.
“What would you say if I asked you to come up to my room for the evening?” I began kissing her neck as I ran a hand over her ass and snaked a hand over her stomach to pull her closer to me.
“What about my boyfriend? What about your fiance?”
“They will never know, one night of sport fucking and they never need to know,” I turned her around and kissed her. “I will make it worth your while, orgasm-wise, I assure you.”
I backed away and handed her my extra room key and told her that after she was done locking up that I would be waiting for her. I was going to go take a shower and get ready for bed if she wanted to join me.

I slipped out of the bar and up to my room where I took a shower and got cleaned up. I walked out of the bathroom toweling off in only a bath towel on my waist and a drying my hair with another when I realized Lexi was sitting on the love seat in the room with her legs crossed and leaning on the arm waiting for me. She wore only a black lace bra and white cotton briefs.
“Sorry the bra and panties don’t match, but I did not think anyone would see them tonight,” she smiled and undid my towel and she purred with delight at the sight of my growing erection.
“My my my,”  she said beginning to pull it.  “This looks like a nice sized cock; I hope you know how to use it!” I reached behind her and undid her bra letting those huge milk cannons loose.
“So what size are those sweater hogs anyway baby?”
She cupped them and bounced them.  “These bodacious tatas are h cups, you like?”
“Honey, I am going to come all over them later.”
“Mhmhm,” she licked her lips as I pushed her towards the love seat.
Sitting her back down I used my teeth to remove her panties exposing her hairy snatch. I laughed with delight at the thought of being with a natural woman again after two years with a petite, shaved girl with low sex drive.
I wasted no time in running the tip of my tongue through her pubic hair and into the folds of her labia.  She leaned back and put her heels up on the seat edge and held them at the knees as I pulled her lips apart with my thumbs and gave her a thorough and extensive licking. She began thrusting her snatch up into my face as my tongue probed inside her hitting her sweet spot.
“Oh, fuck yeah you dirty cunt licker; get right in there and taste me.”
I moved one thumb up and as I tongue fucked her I flicked her clit causing her to convulse in pleasure. “Ho god… ha, yeah, yes, ughn… I amgoing to… oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” With that she came all over my face.  Like a good boy I licked it all up and sucked the remainder out of her sweet hole. Not letting her catch her breath, I rolled her over on her stomach with her knees on the floor, knelt behind her, and entered her still throbbing hole with my full eight inches. Grabbing hands full of her hair, I pulled her head back and watched her body arch as I pumped her. The sound of our fleshy rhythm together was like hundreds of people applauding as I pounded her curvy body, loving the feel of her bouncing booty.

“Time to ride me!”  I spun her around her arms still on the seat. As I entered her, she was half on and half off and she left one arm pushing her up on the love seat and the other hand clamped behind my neck; she wrapped her legs around me as I leaned in and sucked her huge areola. First the left then the right. Back and forth. As she bucked and I thrust. Her hair clinging to the sweat forming on her face and body as she leaned forward with her arms both now around my neck.
“Fuck I am going to come so hard, Lexi.”
“Good. Coat my big thirsty tits with it.”
She stood up and went over to the bed. She laid with her head hanging over the foot of the bed and I walked over and tea bagged her for a few minutes. She began stroking my cock slowly with a tight grip until I grabbed her huge tits and put the tip of my cock in the top. She went back to sucking my balls as I tit fucked her.
“DO IT!”  She yelled, “Give me the fizz.”
“Oh its coming, sweet tits, don’t you worry.”
It took only two more strokes before I emptied into the valley of her jugs.  I came so hard I thought I might collapse on top of her.
After she cleaned herself up and came out of the bathroom she looked too spent to travel home so I let her stay the night on the condition she blow me in the morning.

She smiled and crawled into the bed and fell asleep quickly.

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