Stay with me tonight

He walked into my room about midnight on a friday i was laying on my bed in nothing but a blue lace bra and matching blue lace panties he laid down next to me on the bed after slipping off his jacket and setting down his brief case and started rubbing his fingers slowly up and down my arm tracing his fingers down the curves of my body looking into my eyes with that same dark passion i have always known and it lit a fire inside of me a fire that was so uncontrollable i started breathing heavily with short soft moans i looked in his eyes with that same fiery passion and started slowly taking off his pants i pulled out his soft cock out of his boxers and started licking it up and down extremly slow from top to bottom sliding my mouth over it as i reached the top and it quickly became hard inside of my mouth deepthroating his hard cock felt great and right then i knew i needed him inside me i pulled him out of my mouth and set down on his lap grinding on his long hard cock letting him slide my bra off and he started sucking on my nipples carressing each breast with his hands he laid me down on the bed sliding off my panties and gently rubbing my throbbing pussy with his hand and tongue eating me out making me thrust my lower half of my body up in the air with each lick then he stood up in front of me sliding off his boxers reavealing his complete body to me for the first time he gave me one long passionate kiss before sliding himself inside of me and gently fucking me hearing his soft moans as he penetrated my pussy made that fire inside me roar even more i set my hands on his ass pushing him deeper inside of me i licked up and down his neck has he continued to slide in and out of my throbbing wet pussy i continued to tighten it against his cock then i turned over and set on top of him riding and fucking him harder leaning in so he could lick on my nipples and suck on my huge breast leaning my upper body back i suddenly felt the urge to let go and just have the best orgasam ever and it felt so great i could feel him blowing inside me as i came all over his cock moaning loudly and biting my lip hard making it bleed he leaned up and licked my lip sucking on it tasting my fresh blood i leaned in gave him a kiss and whispered in his ear stay with me tonight.

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