Steak House Dinner

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Steak House Dinner

We were eating dinner at Steak House I was sitting in dark booth and unable to eat because I caught a glimpse of you at the bar as I was being shown to my booth. I couldn’t think of anything else but what you looked like without those nice clothes on with me on my knees sucking you right here in Public. Maybe under this table in this dark booth, driving you crazy with my tongue and lips. Or having you under the table doing the same to me, trying to not be loud and blow our pleasuring cover.

I wanting to have no obstructions to go to the bathroom remove my panties so you could do any thing you want to me. I come back my booth by way of the bar brushing against you, letting you know full well that I’m interested. Then return to my table. A few mins later your at my table asking my if I minded some company, you noticed that I was alone. I tell you I would love the company of man at my table. You are going to make my dinner more pleasurable I’m sure.

You order A nice bottle of wine, you also order me nice dinner. I love it when a man can tell what I might like ask if he can order something nice for me to eat. You all ready won my pussy as your prize, it was yours any time you wanted. I slide a little closer to you put my hand on your leg, we are drinking wine and talking. I can tell your enjoying my company because as my hand is running up your leg I feel something getting very hard in your pants. You whisper in my ear that I’m getting you so hard that if you get much harder.

That your going to make me get under the table right here take care of your hardon. I start shivering from excitement as you said in my ear I mean it Bitch Get On Your Knees Under This Table Now!! I then slide under the table wanting your cock in my mouth so much. I just get under the table when our salads are brought to the table. I start undoing your pants and start touching you while their put the food down you can hardly stay still I’m loving it. When I slide your pants down a little and get down to sucking you so good your starting to moan.

Making you shiver as I suck your cock deep down my throat moving my tongue all around it as I slide up and down on it fast and deeper. Your about to shoot hot cum down my throat and the waiter comes to the table asking if the salad is all right because we haven’t touched them you lower your eyes to the table you cant say a word. He nods, gives you this dirty grin and turns and walks away. You explode in to my throat I’m trying to swallow all you are giving me not wanting to miss a drop. Licking you clean loving every bit and then I slip back up in to my seat. Looking to you, with this smile on your face Wow. You whisper that I’m going to be your dessert.

We manage to eat a couple bites of every thing it was so hard all we both wanted to do was tell them to doggie bag it all and run to the nearest bathroom, elevator, broom closet, car or maybe if we made it that far a motel or hotel with a bed. Without even talking about it, we were both wanting the same thing as soon as possible. Oh but you promised me you were going to have your dessert here and that’s what I wanted so much. While we were waiting for dessert and more wine you all of a sudden disappeared then I felt You pulling my legs open running your fingers and your tongue, lips up my inner thigh .

Making me start to moan, Oh baby it was so hard keeping myself from screaming how good it felt. I open my legs even more put one up on the seat, letting you lick all the way to my clit. Then you stick a finger in my pussy and start to suck on my clit nibble a little. Then you put two fingers in fucking me in out. All the time sucking licking around and on my clit biting a little. Oh god I don’t know how I’m to keep from screaming when you make me cummmmm.

Then the waiter comes to the table with dessert and the wine, He’s asks if everything was okay I can’t speak he sees my face gives a dirty grin just turns walks away. You are driving my crazy at this point. Then you take your fingers out I’m thinking your going to stop. You stick your finger wet with my juices up in my ass OOOOOOOOOOoh I almost screamed from pleasure you start sucking real good on my clit and finger fucking my ass. I start cummmmmmmming and squirting you are licking me up it was so good I almost slid under the table with you.

You licked me clean I hand you a napkin to clean your face you slide up in to your seat. Then you give me a deep passionate kiss. I love tasting my own juices its so sweet. We eat dessert drink our wine very fast and out of that place to a motel real fast. There was a few little touching stops along the way.

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