Strawberry’s Falling For The Green Part One: The Introduction

(True story)

Well, I guess I better start off with who I am and why I want to tell this story. You can call me Strawberry. I’ve been through a lot in my life as the beautiful smart family orientated young girl. But around the time I turned eighteen things changed drastically for me; I got older, in college, making new experiences for myself in the street. I learned about my craving for sex and the thrill I get for doing risky things and bringing myself to the edge. So it was easy for my ex boyfriend to start pimping me out on the streets, but the little street money he was trying to make from the community was not shit to me, chicken change.

It wasn’t long before I wound up getting real money with a real “go getter;” his name was E. He was the real deal from what I heard from a homeboy who knew both of us. I was hesitant at first but still decided to meet up with E. He was not what I expected when I first saw him in his nice car. When he pulled up I still decided to get in the car though. He talked to me for a second and asked how was I doing and all. But what got me about him is that he didn’t look like a pimp, or even act like one. He took me to a friend’s house and we sat and talked business. As I was talking to him, he’s talking about big money and big dreams, getting me excited and fascinated about all the things he knew about the work and all the things he could do for me. Just thinking about it was a relief; better than the lil’ hoeing I was doing with my clown ass ex.

Anyways, back to me and E; we were discussing big things…like me not having to be driven all around in the streets or getting my name out like that. While we talked I was wondering what was going on inside of his head. I’m beautiful, young, and light skin because I’m mixed. I’m 6 ft tall, beautiful banging body, everything a man could ask for…something like a mistress or best friend fantasy, maybe even wifey material. After we got done talking he started touching me and I automatically knew what he wanted. I got up and began to get naked. He got undressed too and slid on a condom and told me to get on the couch, so I did. He eased his nice sized black cock into my lil’ slit to start off from the back it eased in busting open my hole. He loved the feeling of my young coochie all on his dick and my fat red ass being a cushion when he started to pound his cock in me. I’m making noise a little but not enough for the neighbors to call law enforcement. He’s fucking hard then slows down and tells me to get on the floor so I did. He gets on top of me and starts fucking me on the floor.

“Oh my god,” I screamed.

“You like daddy’s dick, don’t you?”asked E.

“Yeah,” I said.

After he couldn’t take the juices of my tight pussy no more he groans loudly and he busted into the condom. I was exhausted and so was he. After we fucked I started putting on my clothes while he cleaned up.

After this moment I knew he had my trust and he had mine.

Later he showed me one of the other girls he was working with. She was cool but…she wasn’t me. She showed me what I had to do with answering phones and about business and all. After seeing this lil’ tutorial E said I will start working tomorrow…..

To be continued, the story gets deeper.

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  1. MixedGodess

    Thank you. Part 2 will be released soon.

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