Summer Job

One summer, when I was working my way through college, I tried doing some painting in order to pay for tuition. A friend of mine hooked me up with a job painting a new addition to this guys’ house. I met with Mr. Miller and we arranged for how I was to work. I would only use the door to the addition and work during the day on weekdays. I had to be done working before his wife came home. He wanted to surprise her and make her think that he had done it on his own. I didn’t care what his reasons were but the money was good. So, after getting the supplies he requested, I showed up at the house.

I came in through the outside door and got to work. It was chilly there in the morning so I had brought a thermos of coffee. Around noon, after drinking on it for a while, I realized that I had a problem. I looked around for a bathroom, but this was not an option in the addition. I thought about going outside, but it was pretty wide open there also. So, I decided to sneak into the house quickly. After all, nobody was supposed to be home.

After using the bathroom, I decided to look around the house. I was curious to see how rich this guy really was. I walked through the living room checking out his fancy paintings and plush furniture in awe. This guy was loaded. Then I walked downthe hallway to check out his bedroom. I figured it would have to be pretty nice.

When I pushed open the door, I beheld a truly wondrous site. A woman, I discovered later that it was Mrs. Miller, was lying spread-eagled on the bed, three fingers plunged into her dripping pussy and another hand tweaking her nipple. She had long dark hair spread out behind her and was extremely well fit. Her muscles were straining, her back was arched and she seemed to be very close to a climax. I didn’t know what to do so I just stood there watching as she pleasured herself. After a few seconds of this, my cock was rock hard and straining against my work jeans. I rubbed a hand slowly down my crotch imagining how good it would feel to be between those glorious legs. I didn’t know what I should do, but I knew that I wanted to fuck her. Finally, I figured to hell with this job, I was going to go for it.

I stepped forward, quickly and quietly, and dropped to my knees at the edge of the bed. Then I leaned my head forward and darted my tongue in beside her fingers. She immediately pulled her fingers out of her sopping pussy and pushed my head straight into her. “Oh Richard!” she cried. She thinks I’m her husband I thought as I licked her for all I was worth. I licked and sucked all over her pussy, getting her juices all over my face and dripping from my goatee. Then as I could feel her body tensing, I slid my tongue down to her asshole and stuck it inside her. I reamed her out until she screamed with release, her legs clenching around my head and one hand pulling my hair out. “Oh my god, who are you!?” she cried out suddenly. I looked up from my labors and smiled at her. “I’m the painter.” For a moment, she looked at me, dumbfounded, before the lust returned to her eyes and she said, “Well, Mr. Painter, let’s see how that other brush of yours works.” I stood quickly and dropped my pants, releasing my throbbing cock. She smiled wickedly at the sight of it. I reached down to her and flipped her over. She looked over her shoulder at me and said, “Be quick, lover, my lunch break is almost over.” I laughed and grabbed her ass. I reached down and guided my dick to her wet pussy and ran the tip of it down and split her pussy lips-feeling the juices slide down my cock. Then, remembering my time limit, I slid my cock partially inside of her, then rocking back I slid it out and then back in..just a little deeper. I continued on this rocking motion until I was finally all the way inside of her and my balls were slapping her ass. I gripped her hips and began ramming into her harder and faster. As my cock plunged deep inside of her, she reached back with one hand and starting rubbing my cock and her clit. This feeling was too much and after a few more strokes I exploded inside of her and I held her hips against me…enjoying the feeling of her pussy on my cock. We rested there for only a moment when she suddenly rose toher feet. “My husband isn’t paying you to stand around all day with your dick hanging out! Get back to work!” I stuffed myself back into my pants quickly and wondered what was going to happen. Would she tell her husband, would I get fired, what? Then, as I turned to walk out of the bedroom, she called out, “And I expect you to continue to paint the bedroom every day at this time.” She winked. “And don’t tell my husband, I want it to be a surprise.”

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